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We got the light./We're coming in stronger./We're in it together.


Celestia ascends the slopes of a mystical mountain to purify herself.

Originally written for the July 2019 Writeoff, with the prompt "Through Fire."

(2019-10-22) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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And in the sequel, Celestia's confession to Twilight? :fluttercry: please?

"Only by accepting the aid of others can we truly overcome Pride and embrace Humility."

I like how you put this.

there's that really nice spider statue to look at over there.

Love this reference.

"I hate you."


I am worthy of being loved.

Ah, Tia. We're all worthy of being loved. You didn't need to make the climb to be worthy of love, but maybe realizing your worth required the trip. Like you, most of us are terrible at understanding our worth.

It's good to see this make its way here! Loved this in the Writeoff, and loving it even more now. I especially liked the little expansions to the convos with Mighty and Chastity.

Interesting story, and I liked how you wrote Celestia and the angels. They were all charming and fun. Though I'm not particularly a fan of TwiLestia, I thought it made sense here, and I liked how you handled Celestia's concerns.

This stunned me. Bravo.

This was really good. There was something very wholesome in your characterization of Celestia, most other fics would be melodramatic or very serious but the lighter tone really makes this story.

Great job!

When I saw the words "A Divine Comedy", I knew this would be good.

One thing, though:

"Though, her habit of shooting first and asking questions later makes me think I'll be seeing more of her than you in the future."

Are we talking about the same Twilight here? Shooting first and asking questions later? A Twilight that postpones questions?! This is a grave atrocity! :pinkiegasp:


Not decasyllabic verse? A shame. Still better than Longfellow's crap. "Standard version," me arse.

Interesting and well written. Thank you for sharing.

"That is good," Humility said, making no move to help her. That would have defeated the purpose of the exercise. "Only by accepting the aid of others can we truly overcome Pride and embrace Humility."

I like this. Humility doesn't mean feeling like you're bad and worthless. It means accepting that others are just as good as you are.

Very nice inner conflict and an amazing journey. I love the resolution. Bravo.

That was interesting. Not sure if it fits with let me know if Celestia's life from the canon, but it was a good short adaptation of Purgatorio. You also did a good job of writing the romance subplot, by not actually saying that she's in love with her until near the end, which also went really well with the concepts of the story, because she has a problem that is slowly getting dragged out of her...


It might not exactly match the obviously sophisticated nature of this piece of art, but... this was awesome! Sooo much food for thought. Seeing Tia this unsure, this... vulnerable was nice. It felt right. And I thought at several points 'one of these angels might tell her to stop talking about Twilight all the time, right?' Everything fit so well together. I'm at a loss for words to convey just how impressed I am.
Thank you!

She walked over to the fire and took a deep breath before stepping through, bracing herself for the cleansing of her soul that would take place.

Nothing happened.

Really enjoyed the direction this wound up in. Liked her bantering with the different angels yet also being seen through by Mighty.

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