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It was safe to say that the CMC had been through a turbulent time recently, but thankfully they now have a chance to relax and think about what happened. And they won't do so alone, as they're today joined by perhaps the one person in all Equestria who knows exactly what they went through.

Will contain some spoilers for "Growing Up is Hard to Do"

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I'm surprised Spike didn't bring up when he got his wings. And it seems that maybe Sweetie Belle is Spike's type after all.

One thing confuses me though. I get that Apple Bloom had a lot of extra chores and Sweetie Belle had to help Rarity, but what's Scootaloo exhausted for?

You sure his 'Pen-Pal' doesn't mind?

How come the rest of the Mane Gang didn't show up at the wedding?

Oh my....... I smell shipping material......

SpikeBelle, SpikeBloom or Spikaloo... I approve of either one

This was very enjoyable, was waiting for a CMC/Spike story after the *Growing Up* episode. :pinkiehappy:

Spike is going ahead, as he can't get Rarity, because Sweetie is going to look like Rarity when she grow up, he is going to take it... Maybe that should not make Sweetie happy...

Unmarked spoilers in the short description? Which is then broadcast to the entire site from the feature box? Classy.

No, Spike! What will Gabby say? :fluttercry:

But seriously, this was a nice little character piece.

While I like Spike x Gabby, I'll always be a Spike x CMC shipper. so this was a fun treat and its always nice to see more of Spike being a voice of wisdom and comfort.


"Yep. Back then, before a lot of the bigger things in my life, I was always 'the baby dragon', or 'the little kid', and there were a few times...okay, a lot of times, when I'd secretly wish to be bigger or older just so I wouldn't have everypony think of me like that."

Subtlety is an art form. Not everything needs to be explicitly laid out for you.

"Kind of a big thing to forget about, Scoots."

To other cities the day a dragon appear and smash around the buildings is the most memorabile day in a long time
For Ponyville, it a tuesday.

"Heck, a lot of the time, you seem like more of a grownup than some of the actual grownups in this town!"

Spike paused, blinking a couple of times, then smirking.

"Well...okay, no arguing that one."

Except in Spike centered episodes, where oddly he suddenly loses all his maturity and common sense for the sake of moving the plot.

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