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The Avalanche Post

Check out this TAP OC pic of Star Chaser on Derpibooru, and other TAP art+edits while you're there!

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Ooo That is neat! I look forward to seeing it. As of now, I have only seen through season 7, due to where I live with limited data and streaming abilities. (But I do not mind spoilers as other people do.)

I understand Hasbro being cautious in those ways and it can be a drag when you are into the ship and it would be neat to see in canon, but the suggestive and avoidance styles they use do open many doors for fan work and interpretation.

No, I haven't, I looked it up and marked it to read later though. Sounds like a cool story I look forward to reading it.

I have never tried writing a story inspired by another's fanfic or anything before. It could be neat to try.

Eh, "heavily implied" is a bit of a stretch, I would say. Especially with how well he and Gabby got along. Also... Rarity had just dropped a gem in Spike's basket when Pinkie commented on it. How on earth is that 'invalid'? It came AFTER the moment.

When he looked to where she was looking he saw a sight he was not prepared for. Before his very eyes were his biggest crush covered in oil with a butt-plug and a gag. Beside her on both sides and rubbing her all over while making out was Rose and Daisy, Lily's fellow flower Pony friends. Lily turned to him and giggled.
"She's getting ready for you Spike," whispered Lily.

:moustache:: "I'm okay with that."

"Spike here is going to take care of you tonight," said Rose.
"Mmahhh?" Rarity tried to form a word with the gag in her mouth.
Rose let go of Rarity's mane and smacked her hard on her ass. "He deserves a nice reward don't you think!" she laughed.

Yes, he does!

Nice story so far!
I look forwards to see where it goes.

Edit: fixed.

Also: Earlier you mentioned he spied on "Rarity and Starlight Glimmer when they thought they were alone", but did you mean Trixie instead of Rarity? I believe that would make a bit more sense.

I'm liking this a lot!

Thanks! Should have a new chapter soon. :raritywink:

Thanks, I did not notice my typo, glad you like it so far.

The part about him spying was supposed to be him spying on them masturbating etc. Rarity because she is his obsession, and Starlight because she is an easily available mare to spy on (her living in the castle with him and Twilight.)

Then that is an misunderstatement on my part.
I thought he saw Starlight and Trixie having fun together.
Because it is canon those two are close friends and all three are living in the same building (which had lots of unmarked doors).

"Do you want this little Dragon?" asked Rose seductively. "Lily and Daisy will help you get ready."

:moustache:: "I'm okay with this!"

Spike grabbed Daisy and Lily by the mane and moved them away from his engorged member and then started towards Rarity.

Daisy and Lily are probably both proud and slightly disappointed from this.

Suddenly things started to feel different, as though the bumps and his member were both getting larger. Rarity's eyes grew wide as she felt Spike reach his peak.

:raritystarry:: "Yes!"
:moustache:: "I agree!"

Good chapter!
I look forward for the next part (whenever it is ready; don't feel stressed).

More I must have MORE!

Glad you like it, thanks for reading, :moustache:
I'll have more out soon.

Lily watched Spike as he came for the first time inside a mare. Watching the little Dragon and Rarity Unicorn was an actual fantasy of hers that was being fulfilled before her eyes. The experience was incredible for her. Many times she had masturbated to thoughts of Spike and often times they included Rarity. Seeing Spike immediately continue to screw Rarity's sopping wet pussy fast and hard after cumming drove her wild.

We can hardly blame her, can we?

As she had hoped, she found an impressive amount of Dragon cum flowing from the Rarity's marehood.
Without much thought Lily dove in and cupped her mouth over Rarity and began to suck the sticky white prize from her pussy.

:raritycry:: "You ruffian! This cum is meant for me!"
:moustache:: "Don't worry girls, there is enough for all of you..."

The flower Ponies have no idea what they have unleashed on themselves.
Will Spike be satisfied after he takes Lily too? Or will he also set his sights on Daisy and Rose?

:moustache:: "Spike want!"

For years now Rose, Daisy, and Lily have watched from their flower stand as Spike did everything in his power to please Rarity Unicorn.

But... Rarity's last name isn't Unicorn. She's one of the characters in the show with a one-word name.

I just said it that way since they refer to her as such from time to time and I capitalize Unicorn for the same reason I capitalize things like Pony, Japanese, and Human, etc. :)

Hot! I can't wait see what happens to rose lol

It has a "Hallmark Channel" feel about it lol. Probably cause all the flowers. :moustache:

Better read more than the 1st chapter. ;)

Lol I will... it's a process of mine is all lol. Also i should have an intro posted to a O.C. concept I have in the works:unsuresweetie:.

"Fuck me please!" begged Lily.

:moustache:: "Careful, you might wake the beast in me, Lily."
Lily: "Good, because that is exactly my intention..."

"Yes, yes, yes, I fucking love Dragons!" screamed Lily as Spike increased his thrusting.

:moustache:: "You meant being fucked by dragons, right? Because that will happen now. A lot."

Rose grinned her devilish grin and pushed Daisy in front of her. "Daisy here thought you'd get cold feet tonight, time to show her how wrong she was," she said.
"W-what, me r-really?" asked Daisy.

But of course!

Spike is quite the gardener.


Well then, let's see what Rose will get herself into.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it and look forwards for the next part.

What if his pen-pal Gabby wants to be Spike's personal maid?

:twilightoops: HE WHAT?
:facehoof: All known contraceptives are ineffective with dragons short of removal of ovaries through surgery
:raritystarry: I'm now pollinated
:moustache: as with the rest of the flowers

"It's time for dominator to be dominated," said Lily happily.

Oh yeah, it is!

Lily recalled the feeling when he came inside her. The hot sensation that poured inside her and caused an extremely pleasurable feeling through her body. Lily was hoping her plan would work and that Spike was still able to go on; any stallion would have been worn down by now with the number of orgasms he'd had.

:moustache:: "Don't worry, I'm not any stallion..."

Lily smiled and turned to Spike. "You still have one more mare to conquer tonight," she said hinting at Rose.
Spike's animalistic mating urge made him zone in on Rose like a predator. Lily was right Rose was the only mare he had not mated with, and he wanted her.

Go for it, Spike!
The audience is counting on you!

With Spike's natural and seemingly endless sex drive and two Ponies lost in sexual highs, things could get... messy...

Only could?
Either way, I certainly look forwards for it.
Good work!

Doesn't Spike has to be somewhere with his pen-pal for plans?

Don't worry I have an idea for Gabby, Ember, and several other Ponies, in the sequel :moustache:

>Oh yes Spike, I think your a sexy little Dragon


"You made me cum," she told Daisy with a wink.
"W-what about me!" complained Rarity.

Lily: "I regret neither!"

Now with Rarity and Rose under the effects of the Flower of Fertility and Spike willing to screw anything they pointed to, Lily and Daisy got to be the doms.

This is where things get really started!

'These mares are so hot! I can fuck Rarity and these three all night!' thought Spike.

Rarity, Lily, Rose + Daisy: "We won't forget this promise. And you better don't disappoint us... :heart:"

That was when Spike realized that each of the mares had three holes to enjoy, and his work was not yet through.

Go Spike, go! Show those mares how it's done, dragon style!

"Good boy Spike!" said Rarity while she watched him screw Lily's plot with pride in her eyes.

By the way, this is (probably) Rarity talking here, not the Flower of Fertility.

They had expected Spike to at least be done after that but to their surprise, the little Dragon simply moved to Rarity's mouth, and once done there he moved to Rose's mouth, and when done there he rolled the still connected mares over and worked on Rarity's plot again.

:moustache:: "The only surprise here is the fact you are surprised at all."

Good story!
It's good to see Spike not only finally gets Rarity, but even three mares as a bonus.

Also, the new cover art looks good!

If y'all enjoyed this story please look for the sequel, to be published in November!

I look forward for it.

Haha, Thanks! I have enjoyed your comments as it went as well. Glad you like the cover, I was browsing images and could not pass that one up for this story :moustache:

I'm glad you liked it, the ending is a hard point for me so I was concerned about the last chapter(s).

Hope you'll revisit Spike and Rarity, that was an interesting take on them.

Is the sequel where Spike was summoned by the Map telling it to go on a getting laid quest with his sexlover pen-pal?

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