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After a decade of protecting Equestria with the Elements of Harmony, Ponyville is a very different place. Or maybe it's exactly the same. Either way, the Bearers of the eight Elements of Harmony better get to the bottom of it.

A slightly more mind screwy adventure story than my usual, that will be updated irregularly.

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So yeah, this one's going to be a weird ride, no getting around that. A story that grew from a challenge to turn one of my own wise-ass comment about retcons in the Season 2 finale into an actual serious story. I have a few more chapters already written but I need to go back to them and do some rewrites. Given the themes of this story that's either a brilliant example of meta-textual irony or me being an indecisive twat.

Lack of the Alternate Universe tag was intentional, by the way.

Intrigued yet?

You have my full and undivided attention. This is amazingly well written, and I cannot wait to see where you go with this.

verry much. Started reading right now. Peewee isn't Philomina's son, though.
I like how there are now 2 suns and 3 moons.


Thanks. As my description mentioned I can't promise how often this'll get updated, but when it does it should be a mind f^$k

Or IS he?

You know it will probably be more efficient if we consolidate all your freaking out to one comment and I can just respond to that.

maybe, but there is time between exiting discovories, and I need to point them out as soon as posible.
Anyway, LOVE it, faved, and liked.:pinkiehappy:

Well played :moustache:
I always suspected Rarity's mother of being a seapony.

Pony mindscrews are best mindscrews. :derpytongue2:

I just... I have no idea how to respond my mind has exploded.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_future.png

And now I wonder:
- Did Discord get turned to stone at all?
- Does Luna have a foal as well?
- Will we ever find out if Twilight's split memories (like about Rarity's mother) are caused by a villain trying to mentally unhinge her, or the result of her memory being overwritten as history changes around her?

Edit: yes, Luna has foals of her own. also, I think I spotted the first hint that things are fundamentally wrong: 10 years is about 3650 days, so how can there have been 3437 incidents going at a rate of one incident per week?

"Yes" to the first two questions, "next chapter" to the third. And your observation re: the frequency of disasters is spot on, I don't just think Equestrian years are 10 times the length of Earth years or anything like that it's related to why ponyville is messed up as it is

I feel...so confused! Such subtle yet noticeable changes... and Twilight's picking up on them...

Personally, I'd call having a twin sister, the parents of your best friend changing species and your previously practically mute pet speaking anything but subtle, but that is my view as an outside observer.

Also, scary thought: which memories are fake? Those of Rarity's mother being a Unicorn, or those of her being a Sea pony? Given the evidence, the first sounds the least plausible...

Would you believe this is actually LESS dialogue than the first version I wrote? Anyway, I hope that the central idea and premise for the rest of the story comes through clearly enough and you'll forgive the expodump chapter.

1085637 Well yeah they are but I mean... actually you're right... what was I thinking :facehoof:

Well, this is going to be confusing as all get out...

And hilariously entertaining as we see the rest of the chaos Equestria is currently in, no doubt...!

I'm so confused, but at the same time I understand perfectly.

Everything is so clear now! :pinkiegasp:
I had Philosophy last semester so this converging realities thing has me quite intrigued. You have my full and undivided attention. :twilightsmile:

This explains where Shining Armour and Cadance came from.

1085637 To quote Discord in the ballad of Echo the diamond dog. 'Why does one have to be fake? Who says their not both fake?' Sue me if I am wrong and I will tell you I pointed you to a great story.

And that is exactly the reverse of the point I was trying to make: both the "new" and the "old" memories are equally valid and real, given how they just originated from different timelines but got woven into the current one while retaining whatever details confirm them.

I'll give that story a shot sometime. got a ton of stories I'm already following.

So the elements of harmony act likea surgeon running on coffee, damn near perfect but not a substitute for sleep. The elements need some rest.

But honestly, this problem is like critics, complain about something without thinking about the problems of fixing it. Less monsters, Ended lives.
Celestia should just research a new way to stop these problems.

Poor Twilight, she will be missed:ajsleepy:

Also, you made Dawn an exact replica, even down to her cutiemark. What is her element, and Twilights?


I dropped it in at the end of chapter 3 but you might have missed it.

Pinkemena is the element of Pragmatism
The Mane 6 have the same elements as in canon, Twilight's still Element of Magic
Dawn is the Element of Friendship

1202877 I don't know how I missed it.

This has been a wonderful story, and I'm sorry to see it on hiatus. But it's a big project, big worldbuilding, and big stakes. The drama is subtle and worth all my feels.

As for where it is on the Hero's Journey, I'd say it's only 1/6 complete. Your storytelling instincts will strangle you if you try to tell it in a shorter time.

Not gonna lie, I really, REALLY want to come back to this story at some point. Even have a bittersweet ending for it. The middle is the tough part. Thanks for reading anyway.


I hope you figure it out, I quite interested to see where this goes.:eeyup:

This is pretty interesting. I hope you come back to this.:pinkiehappy:

1967850 Add another vote for "yes, return to it when you can". This is sheer worldbuilding porn, and you're setting up for some extremely interesting conflicts as the ponies try to disentangle the timelines. Hell, even the horseshoe dropping of untangling R63!Dash x Everypony could be a story in itself.

Possibly not intentional, but the weird, maybe fake memories and the sister named Dawn kind of reminded me of Buffy. :P

:twilightangry2:I commandeth thee, CONTINUE THIS STORY!!!!:twilightangry2:

Aw man, I just found this and it's already cancelled? It's so good! Could you at least switch it to on hiatus? :fluttercry: I mean, it's only been a year since you updated it..there's still hope.. :pinkiehappy:

this is brilliant!
I love all the little differences
you really are an amazing author

I've noticed that you seem to have a theme--at least through this story and the Hard Reset trilogy.

The elements being a force against the natural order.

Now, I'm not going to pretend to understand everything that went on in that story or this one, but it is a fun idea to toss around.

I'm curious, though, what brought this idea about? Or, at least, what are your thoughts on it? Is it something you've invested a lot of time in--barring the effort you've put into these incredible stories.

Your faithful reader,
Golden Script

P.S. Do you think you'll ever come back to this story, or is it truly and fully dead, like the Canceled tag makes me think? Either way, it was a fun story. I'm glad to have read it.

I would say dead. Anything of value was cannibalized and folded into You Can Fight Fate, in a way this was a practice run at some of the ideas I ended up using there.

As for where the Elements being a force against goodness comes from, I guess having artifacts be that powerful and as unambiguously good as they seem in canon didn't sit right with me. More dramatically interesting if they have either a cost/side effect like they do here, or a sinister agenda of their own as in Fate

And now all of the similarities make sense. :rainbowderp:

We'll, it was a blast to read. And there's still so much more to read! I'm looking forward to all of it! :pinkiehappy:

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