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Wind Scribe

The Ride may be coming to an end, but who says we can't keep on riding anyway -Says the guy straddling furniture at the Ikea store



This story is a sequel to Conduit in Equestria: Wire-fray

The human known as Samuel Reed has returned to his own world. His Equestrian friends cope with his departure as they seek to repair what was damaged in the final battle of Canterlot, and restore a sense of normalcy to their lives. One such unicorn, by the name of Twilight Sparkle, has returned to her own life and friends back in Ponyville, and pushes herself back into her old routine.

One such routine is to read the letters she occasionally receives from friends and family. It's nice that such joy can be brought about from reading something as a couple simple letters...

Or the anxiety of unknown consequences of events long past.

Credits to Regreme for, as always, being the awesome proofreader and editor I know him to be. Wanted to use as few words throughout the descriptions to lowkey set up for something new. Oh~, what might that be?

*Laughs maniacally*

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