• Published 12th Sep 2019
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One Sunset, One Lemon, One End - Marwile

Sunset and Lemon are faced with the potential end of their relationship.

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Bonus: Tea with the Shadowbolts

Author's Note:

Barely related bonus chapter, because I just enjoy writing the Shadowbolts.

With Sunset and Lemon gone (four out of five ponies in the room suspected to the bedroom) and an hour left until normal human-Twilight came over the remaining four Shadowbolts were left to drink tea in pony-Twilight’s throne room (yes, they were very confused) with said Princess.

“Wait, wait, slow down,” Indigo said while fumbling with her tea cup. “Let me get this straight. Celestia, who in this world is also a princess and ruler of all ponies, but somehow not a queen, gave you this spell, you messed it up, then fixed your own mess and for that you became a princess and got turned into a… pegacorn? Unisus?”

“Alicorn,” Twilight corrected her. “But yes, that’s the gist of it.”

“That’s total crap,” Sour spoke up while balancing a cup on her hoof.


“And this castle grew out of a chest that grew out of a crystal tree and required six random objects to open.” Sunny was the only one of them that still managed to look graceful while drinking tea as a pony.

“Well, if you put it that way…” Twilight nervously tipped her hooves together. “B-But with the power of our friendship we accomplished so much–”

“As it kept you calm until the next magical deus ex machina would save you all,” Sugarcoat interrupted her. She lowered her head to slurp the tea out of the cup.

“I can’t understand what the other Twilight is seeing in you,” Twilight mumbled under her breath. Then she gasped. “Starlight! There were no magical solutions with Starlight. I stopped her completely on my own by convincing her that friendship is the better way.”

“From what I heard, that wom– sorry, mare comes with her own set of issues,” Sunny said. “She enslaved a village, nearly destroyed the timeline and you just let her live in your castle and now she’s teaching at your school.”

“Starlight learned the error of her ways and massively improved since then,” Twilight replied indignantly.

“Lemon told me she blasted two classrooms away last month,” Sugarcoat added.

“Rainbow provoked her first.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, princess,” Indigo said. “But I wouldn’t trust minors into the care of someone who’s only slightly more stable than Sour Sweet here.”

“Yeah,” Sour Sweet agreed. “Hey! What do you mean ‘slightly more stable’?”

“The road trip, for example,” Sugarcoat offered.

“Nobody was hurt and his parents were nice enough to drive me back home.”

“Speaking of road trip,” Sunny Flare took a sip of tea. “Something I wanted to ask for a while. Why did you leave me out?”

“Because you were waving these concert tickets into our faces like an overgrown peacock,” Indigo answered. “Also, I brought Sugarcoat and Twilight together, so everything’s fine.”

“Still can’t believe she chose pigtails,” Sour muttered sourly.

“Because I happen to be her intellectual equal,” pigtails responded.

“If I remember correctly our final’s scores are only slightly apart,” Indigo spoke up.

“At least Sugarcoat and mine scores are in subjects that matter,” Sunny said.

“Aw, if our dear host would be so kind to lend me a bow and arrows,” Sour said sweetly. Then she turned sour. “I will show you how much they matter... In. Your! FACE!”

It was at this point that Princess Twilight completely tuned out her guests, whose argument became more heated by the word. “I’m starting to see how that whole Midnight Sparkle-fiasco came to be,” she sighed.

When human-Twilight finally came she found four tea-drenched Shadowbolts wrestling on the map table pulling at each other's manes.

“They started it,” they all shouted while pointing at each other.

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Comments ( 2 )

:rainbowlaugh: I wasn't expecting a clip show and a new beginning, but I love both. Thank you for a fantastic conclusion to the trilogy, and best of luck in the judging.

Caught up on the trilogy... i really liked these stories. glad it turns out like this.

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