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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.


Earth and Equestria have opened diplomatic relations with each other, and Twilight couldn't be more excited. But somepony seems lost over something they saw in the human world: Pinkie Pie. What could Pinkie have seen that could drive her to lock herself in her room for days?

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Well that turned out to be much more funnier than I thought it would be. Have a upvote sir!

Just don't get her started on what people would do for a klondike bar.


I did this as a child, I made it past nine hundred!

~Tips Over A Glass Of Chocolate Milk And Dashes Out.~

FYI, funny fic!

i was half expecting something like a human ask pinkie How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? or how is a raven like a writing desk

Given Pinkie's tongue, I'm surprised she didn't get fewer licks than any of the human studies.

Dang, I should've thought of that.


I feel like those would just make Pinkie angry.

Yeah, but I thought it'd be funnier if it took more licks.

i imagine she take it seriously and spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to solve it like she does with the Tootsie Pop

I was very bored after Soft ball practice., Lol.

I licked one like 923 times that I counted and was nearing the end kinda...just got distracted and stopped.

Quite the accomplishment, but....

Compare the size of your tongue to Pinkie's, and ask why it took her even that many licks? :P

Just wolf it down.

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