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I write Pony fanfics, mainly involving warfare, that's all I got to say.


This story is a sequel to Alicorns: A Star Wars Story

It is a time of extraordinary crisis. The CLONE WARS spread rampantly across the entire galaxy, with more planets aligning with the wicked SITH LORD, COUNT DOOKU. Against this threat, the newly-formed GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, led by the powerful JEDI ORDER, rises to meet their opponents. Among this new army, the potential of three troopers, much unlike the rest of their brothers, continues to grow. As the clone wars continue to escalate, their faith will be put through many trials, between their mysterious origins and a galaxy that degrades them as lesser beings...

(Description by Bouncer)

As a special treat for readers, if you want to create a Clone Trooper OC, go to this link and follow the instructions on the forum: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/1460/star-wars/thread/412028/clone-trooper-recruitment

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 406 )

This is looking good and I’m excited for new chapters!

Thank you. I'll try to keep a good update schedule. Glad you're enjoying it

Noice, please tell me I'm not the only one that read the description in the announcers voice.

I'll be honest. The first half I wrote as Yoda, the second half as the Announcer. Lol

As a bonus to readers, if you want to have your own Clone Trooper OC to be featured in the series, follow this link: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/1460/star-wars/thread/412028/clone-trooper-recruitment

Just follow the parameters set and have fun.

Not bad can't wait to see where it goes.

Something I find ironic about this is the fact that Fluttershy would be the best fit for being a jedi fighting in the army. Jedi military volunteers are collectively known throughout galactic history as the Mercy Corps or something like that.

I hope Luna will be prepared for what is to come next

I've got a bad feeling about next chapter

As do I. As I know exactly which references you were using so far. But I won't say a word about it

Being the Star Wars guru I am, I can answer all three of those questions off the top of my head 1. Asajj Ventrenss 2. A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels 3. Yes. On another note, love what ya did with Hardlight! You somehow emulated him exactly how I do when I play him on Star Wars gmod rp servers! Bravo! Encore! This was amazing and can’t wait for more!! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad I was able to get him right. Hopefully, we'll see him again soon.

A fellow Star Wars Guru, hmmm. Excellent.

Bonus points to anyone who figures out what Shabuir means.

Poor clones. May the Emperor rest their souls. I think their relationship would be a mix of the both. And Shabuir means Fucker. Have to admit tho, those deaths were horrifying and funny, especially when killjoy was flying in the air like a frisbee.

Hist caught up on the latest chapters, great read and glad to see my oc can't wait for more chapters.

I almost called Killjoy 'Boomerang', but I didn't want to add salt to the wound.

Also, here are your bonus points.


Well, at least Luna kept her life. But these injuries the alicorns are receiving. I'm worried what will happen to Celestia now.

*Sits in chair* *cackles evilly* *throws over hood*

Oh, I'm afraid the alicorns will be quite injured when this fic is over.

I wonder if by the end of this fic, that they will essentially become Warhammer 40k Dreadnoughts

I can see it now.

Luna: Die scum!
Cadence: For the Emperor! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!
Celestia: Burn in Holy Fire!!!!

YOO-HOO! Rex was always my favorite.

He was gonna be here at some point. Can't be Clone Wars without Rex.

It's true. His kill count is higher than any other clone trooper.

Alicorns: Challenge Accepted

No one beats Rex. Just for the sake of curiosity, if I followed you, would you follow me?

I would like to mention that General Krell, in the Umbara campaign, refers to Appo as Sergeant Appo and that he wasn’t made commander until late into the war. If my memory and notes serve me correct, but I may be wrong.

No, yeah. I just checked the wiki. He was a Sergeant on Umbara.

I remember that. But I needed a Commander of the 501st and he was the only listed trooper. So I just sped up the process

Nicely done. I always hated Slick.

We all hate Slick. Get me TR-8R, he'll set him straight

Hey, will you use the upcoming new season?

That depends on the episodes. Otherwise, not very likely

Including the 'Bad Batch'?

There might be an episode that takes place during the events, but not directly in the episode

Be cool, though. You going to be using Domino squad?

Fair enough. And take your time.

Hey, you still accepting custom clone OCs? I may have to get in on this when I have the time!

There is a link in the comment section that will take you to the page.

Sure. The more troopers the better

Amazing job. And to answer Question 2: there might be some systems in Hutt territory that run pass CIS territory.

Comment posted by General Jo deleted Nov 25th, 2019

1: To gain their favor and allow them access to their territories.
2: The Hutt territories make a great staging and resupply position against the Outer Rim.
3: A Hutt enslaved Anakin’s mother.

Also I just realized that there is a chance for me (Hardlight) to participate in the next battle in the monastery and still live! Hardlight is always eager for a fight, the 501st were the ones assaulting the monastery, and one clone was alive with Rex at the end of it in the courtyard!

*Laughs in Sith* Foolish Clone.

Hey! There’s a chance! Also I would just love to be part of the “We have you outnumbered!” moment! That was hilarious!

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