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Writing wrongs.

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But what if he uses it in someone?

nbq #2 · Dec 6th, 2019 · · ·

That mostly happened in the mornings and when he thought of Rarity.

I'm not into watersports but it was fun to read :pinkiecrazy:

Bro, I love you, but your family and I are definitely gonna stage an intervention soon.

I love this so much. Spike needs to hold it more often.hehe

If it's because I posted two toilet stories in a row, I swear it's just coincidence. I can still write wholesome garbage too, I promise!

Why so many down votes?
It wasn't poorly written, and lets face it we all knew what this was going to be before we read it.
Y'all just Kink shaming at this point.

I'd love to see another one where maybe Starlight makes it into the bathroom while Spike is having a bath, but she doesn't quite make it to the toilet~? Maybe on purpose, and she shows off to the little dragon who's "not looking"?

Yeah but I'm a dirty pervert and and that's why I'm here

I'm giving a thumb's up! This was so hot omg, you did a great job!

Thanks! That's a nice compliment to hear. I'm glad the intended audience has liked it.

This was really I love how stubborn Spike was being and I really loved it when he couldn't hold it any more. I hope there's more.

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