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Over tea and biscuits - Equestria at War - KarmaSentinal

Governess Rarity and Empress Nightmare Moon have a discussion.

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Over tea and biscuits


It was the cry heard around The Empire. Ponies of all races(including thestrals) found their ears pinning back for a split second, but none except for those in the castle knew the reason for it.

"She's supposed to be overseeing the Changeling Occupations before coming here! Why the change of plans?" the governess of the glorious Crystal Empire was mumbling to herself as she quickly paced back and forth. Only stopping to turn around and repeat her pacing.

"We're not ready..I'm not ready..."

Her advisers, assembled from all pony races (including one griffon) were briefed on some of these extreme mannerisms, but being told and seeing it were two very different matters. The eight ponies and griffon stood back watching their boss losing her mind over the announcement, and all were wondering when they should step in.

This debate among themselves ended the moment doors to the chamber opened, allowing a single guard in; his hoofsteps were drowned out by the heavy clanking of his armor and the rifle slung across his back, and with a practiced motion saluted the governess before standing at attention.

"Your governess. Councilors of the Heart. The Empress's plane just touched down."

You could hear one of Governess Rarity's needles dropping. Her head snapped quickly to the guard, turning her entire body in the process so she could trot over to him.

"NOW!?" The councilors flinched at its pitch, but credit to his training the guard didn't flinch, instead he nodded twice.

"Radio and visual confirmation is accurate. The guard and castle staff have been alerted, and preparations are being made to host. Should their highness's Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza be alerted? " His eyes lit up as he asked that question, garnering the attention of every set of eyes present.

Governess Rarity fell still as she pondered the request, her advisers held their tongues, but didn't bother hiding their interest.

Ever since their 'voluntary abdication' of the throne and her own ascension, the royal couple had retreated to a section of the city to live their lives away from the new regime of politics. They now invest their time into local projects and appearances such as openings of buildings, special events, hoofball practice, and book signings. The governess still manages to stop by for a visit at least once a month, but whether it's genuine friendship or for show nopony can say.

But, by how her ears pinned slightly back and her inability to speak it could mean either a dislike to see them, or an unwillingness to drag them back into the political world. Whatever the reason, she didn't look thrilled at the suggestion, but had to make a decision.

"You may alert them of her pending visit but nothing else. I won't bother them anymore unless absolutely necessary. Thank you kind stallion." She added before turning to address her gathered council.

The eight of them shared looks between each other until the oldest, a crystal pony of the western snow plains stepped forward to speak on their behalf, "How shall we be of service?"

The question was two sided, and Rarity knew it from her time idolizing the upper crust of society. What was asked wasn't them seeking to be useful in this matter, but how they should disappear.

"Our weekly meeting will have to be pushed back unfortunately, would you see to that?" Reshuffling the schedule would keep them occupied for at least a few hours.

The old mare turned to greet her colleagues who all quickly nodded their agreement, two even voicing it just to make their choice cleared. With a unanimous decision Rarity accepted the vote and dismissed them, watching as they all hurried out the door.

With everypony leaving, she added one last set of instructions to the guard as he hurriedly left with the group.

"And do bring on the tea! Have the maids bring a side of biscuits as well darling." He was already running down the hall, and she hoped he heard it.

"I could have stayed in Canterlot with the boutique designing a new foal's hat, but I wanted to help. I wanted to make a difference, and..." She fell to her hunches, and glanced at the window.

The mid-afternoon sun was at its pinnacle arc, showering the city in the dull rays of light that was the sun now. On a very good day a pony might be inspired to leave their home and enjoy the time, but those were few and far in between. At most, you might look outside and be tricked for a minute into thinking it was Celestia outside controlling that fireball.

It is this difference that Rarity had been trying to fight, and if she's lucky...

"...bring some light in this dark world."

Rarity heard the commotion long before any messenger arrived with the announcement.

Surprisingly, her majesty didn't teleport or fly to the assigned greeting hall, instead finding it more practical to be escorted through the city streets. This move, while unorthodox given her nature, offered advantages - it bought her more time to prepare and by parading through the streets, Nightmare Moon was reaffirming who ruled The Empire. Seeing is believing as ponies say, more than radio broadcasts, or flyers could ever convince.

But Miss. Moon was always a showmare at heart. The display and spectacle of the performance is what drew them together after all. The only thing that really changed (besides the war) is the new stage the two found themselves in, two ponies of somewhat renown having to lead two nations through the winds of war.

Before Rarity could further reflect on every series of circumstances that lead her to this very moment, the familiar growl of her 'friend' kept her grounded to the present.

Her hoofsteps rumbled as she drew closer to the large room, the vibrations of each step did more than announce her impending arrival, it signaled the coming of a storm that couldn't be stopped by the weather teams. You could only stand your ground and hope the storm could be persuaded to hit softly.

"I should have commissioned that Crystal Serveware." Rarity lightly scolded her lack of foresight.

Her eyes glanced at the serveware in use as unhealthy fantasies of her end eroded her concentration. Would her Majesty find mercy in a 'friend' and only banish her to the other continent? Questions in this vein were asked as the white noise of approaching hoofs fell silent, leaving a void that shook Rarity awake and back to the situation at hoof.

She waited. Her breath nearly stalling as it rolled over her lips and fell into her lungs; her ears shifted forward and back desperately trying to locate any sound that might clue the governess to what was going on. The knocking on the crystallized door might provide some answers.

"Governess, permission to enter?" the voice was softer than her usual escort, telling Rarity this was another guard.

"Enter." Rarity gave the order once she was sure everything was presentable.

The door creaked open and a young mare with no blemishes on her fur or muzzle told Rarity she was not only young but never seen combat. Her uniform wasn't a mare's uniform but a modified version of a stallion's uniform, small size, given how bulky she is. A farmer perhaps? Some sort of laborer most likely as her enormous muscles contracted each time she moved.

"I'm so..sorry to bother..bother you ma." she stuttered out before remembering to stand straight and salute.

"Enough of that! Where's her Majesty?" Rarity didn't mean to frighten the mare by yelling, but the stress was starting to split the ends of her mane.

The mare showing her inexperience, flinched, her forelegs already in mid air to protect herself. The display upset Rarity so much she promised to make it up to the mare at a later date, but right the incoming storm scared her more than public opinion.

She stood up quickly provoking another reaction from the guardmare who looked ready to plead for her life, her eyelids quivered unable to hold back the tears gathering near the corner of her eyes. Governess Rarity felt the wrinkles hidden under the layering of makeup tug at her eyelids in agitation at the mare's graveling.

Since her take over of the Crystal Empire, she had made great strides to merge the two legacies together in a way to preserve the old while merging it with the new. All without threats and the excess use of force her beneficiary is known for administrating, but it seemed her connection to the alicorn still projected a sort of fear that needed to be addressed.

But not right now.

"Dear. Please refrain yourself from such a shameful display. It is unbecoming of a guard in service of the Crystal Empire, let alone a mare." the words came out harsher than Rarity would have liked, but they got the point across at the cost of furthering her already bullish reputation.

The mare caught herself before any more tears could escape, and managed to stand up to perform an acceptable salute before continuing with her report.

"Sh..uh.. Her Majesty just entered th..the castle, ma'am." Rarity's pupils nearly shrank at the statement as her heart began beating ferociously from the surge of adrenaline awoke. It took her years of discipline to keep the overworked unicorn from losing her composure once more.

"I.. thank you guardsmare for the report..."

"But your Governess! There's more to i..."

"That is enough, thank you."


"I said thank you." This time Rarity meant for the harsh tone to signal her unwillingness to continue. The mare's face and posture fought the desire to argue with the unicorn, but the training and her upbringing held her back.

"The Governess does have some fangs." Both mares flinched as a distinct and terrifying voice announced a new pony, one no proper Equestrian wouldn't know.

"Empress Moon." Rarity's former despotic tone reduced to a whisper as the dark alicorn pushed open the double doors to the minor study. Her head shifted toward the terrified guardsmare.

"You're excused." The mare quickly left, nearly stumbling over her hooves as she ran leaving Rarity alone with the single most powerful creature in the world. Nightmare watched with a wicked amusement before turning to laugh at the unicorn's face.

"Forgive her, your Majesty. She's new."

"She would better serve working the fields or tending the soldier's needs. The Changelings..." Nightmare paused to release the growl from the back of her throat before continuing. "...they could fight at least."

"Indeed." Rarity agreed, remembering how it affected her..her friends, especially Twilight who still hasn't come back.

"SERVANT!" Nightmare Moon's voice bellowed "Refreshments for us, NOW!"

Rarity could feel the wrinkles on her young face multiplying as her liege's laughter filled the air of the CourtRoom, and the adjacent halls.

The meeting between Empress and loyal servant was formally moved from the old throne to the personal study of the governess shortly after. No creature would fully know what would happen in the study as various spells cast by the Alicorn Empress herself prevented any sort of eavesdropping upon the two.

The only certainty was behind those closed doors, the history of the Equis Continent would either be shaped with delicate hooves like Celestia or Iron Shoes wielded by The Nightmare.

Rarity watched from her seat as Nightmare Moon's magic frolicked in the air with a deadly purpose. The magical embers floating high above the alicorn would twist, bend, and split as each particle pulsed with the instructions they needed to carry out before fading away to carry out its duty.

She watched this display of casting from two different angles, as a unicorn and a fashionista wondering if the act could be mimicked for her own career turned hobby.

"No pony but us will know of this conversation." Nightmare turned around to show off her signature eyes , leaving the poor Element turned elected official trying not to incur her ire.

Rarity kept her composure in check as she straightened her back to appear taller, and more disciplined in posture as the frightful alicorn returned to the large table. The unicorn cursed her lack of foresight at not commissioning a larger chair for such an outcome as the one being lived right now.

She felt what little saliva in her mouth slowly sliding down the back of her throat as every possible punishment she could experience assaulted her mind. This only intensified as Nightmare Moon's face peeled back in a near snarl at the simple blue, and silk pillow offered as her seat.

"Your hospitality is severely lacking Governess..."

"It's fashioned from his bedsheets her majesty." Rarity revealed knowing it wouldn't be enough to fully sate the alicorn's displeasure, but gambled it would be enough to inflate her ego just enough to make it through this meeting.

To an extent it did work for Nightmare Moon’'s snarl cease as she lifted up the offending cushion to better examine it. She refused to scan it with her magic to validate the legitimacy of the claim, instead taking her subordinate's word for the moment if to add another insult to an old foe.

"Very well, we shall accept this for the remainder of our stay, but don't do it again."

"Understood, your majesty." Rarity nodded too thankful for the great mood Nightmare was in.

Rarity watched Nightmare fluff the pillow until she felt it was an acceptable level of comfort before placing it by the table and taking a seat. Even sitting down the alicorn towered above her in a way that left the primed unicorn feeling just as small if they were standing, and this was all a tactic to further establish dominance over the proceeding talks.

Since being appointed Governess of this Empire, it was a tactic she used very well to push her own legislation with the threat of ' personally knowing' her majesty. So, to be the one receiving this treatment left her struggling to keep still under those slitted pupils.

"Lady Rarity." Nightmare Moon began leading the talks as was her right. "Are you aware of the reasons for my visit?"

"I am aware of your majesty." Rarity kept her eyes locked onto the alicorn's as she spoke, understanding she needed to present a strong appearance.

"Good. We shall proceed with the agenda leaving the miscellaneous items for the end."

"Agreed. No questions from the table." Rarity nodded her confirmation this time to signal she was ready to begin.

Three hours into their meeting, and were now pausing to take a much needed break. Nightmare Moon excused herself almost immediately after the declaration before departing the room with instruction not to leave. That was nearly twenty minutes ago, and thank Celestia... Yes. Thank Celestia that a servant had decided to check in on them, allowing the unicorn a chance to finally get the ordered some refreshments- tea and biscuits.

Nearly five hours have passed since Nightmare Moon's arrival and scheduled meeting with Governess Rarity, who felt the individual strains of her own mane losing their royal purple color in favor of the aged white she had fought most of her life. She could do nothing to stop this rapid aging without sacrificing her image as the Appointed Royal Governess of the Crystal Province by her Imperial Empress, and this projected image was all she had left to cling to since postponing her dress making.

Most of her life she had portrayed herself as a mare of providence and influence, and only after achieving that dream did the unicorn realize how badly she had bucked up.

No other political figure, governor or advisor with exception from the Royal Council, had the clout, nor the charismatic reputation as an Element of Harmony bearer to push the reforms the unicorn had in half the time. It was this combination that had allowed the Crystal Empire to effectively remain a sovereign state in this new age of Equestria, and she desperately sought to keep it that way.

It was these thoughts that occupied Rarity's thoughts until the Empress' could return.

Almost a full hour after their break had started, and no Empress Moon.

The tea and biscuits Rarity had requested arrived nearly 25 minutes ago, left untouched on the newly commissioned crystal serving trays. She refused to touch them on the grounds it was rude to eat before a guest had the chance, and for fear of her Empress catching her more worried about stuffing her mouth as some common animal.

She had dignity, not a lot, but enough to stop the unbridle fear keeping her rooted to the chair no matter how numb her flank became. An unfortunate reality of the world now, but a necessary one if she wanted to remain in a position of power to make a difference.

Rarity took another glance at the magical display- 5: 47pm.

'Damn.' She exclaimed to herself, before turning her attention to the doors, the trepidation becoming too much.

The Governess felt her head gaining mass as the weight of her hectic life continued to accumulate in her head, providing a nulling pain just under the base of her horn. Rarity slumped toward the table as the pressure became too much, and sought to nurse her headache on the cooling surface of the wooden table, allowing a small grunt of her frustration to escape.

To stem this increasing emotional turmoil, she tried counting each throb of pain in an effort to distract her from her own fears, and plethora of other little nuances that simply wouldn't leave the unicorn alone. How much longer could she be expected to function under the ever increasing requirements being placed upon her?

The seamstress turned Governess already had to turn over her stores to capable managers just to free up a meager few weeks of valuable time to perform her new duties. And then, there's the constant political maneuvering needed to actually push the policies forward.

Life in Ponyville was simple, and looking back, Rarity really missed it.

"That's all in the past now." she told herself, trying to avoid the past, else she digs up old memories again.

To distract herself from the what if's of the past, Rarity stood up and walked the few hoofsteps to a single hutch nestled in the corner of the room close to the doors. One of the only pieces of furniture she had brought with her to the Crystal Empire, she treasured the hutch nearly as much as the two other items she had brought from Ponyville, one she wore at all times and the other sat undisturbed in one of the hutch's drawers.

To leave a personal effect lying around in the near open where wandering maids or guards could stumble upon it would be unthinkable to another pony, but not for the governess. Her reputation alone was enough to keep curious hooves from digging through her property, and this level of respect selfishly spurred the unicorn to continually tout this line of trust and betrayal. This degree of flirting with 'danger' excited the governess because it felt like the only variable she could fully control.

Rarity's magic hummed as the middle drawer above the writing station opened to reveal a single, colored photograph. The magical hum of her magic faltered before she could attempt to grab it...

"I'm sorry." she whispered to the five smiling faces before shutting the drawer again.

There would be time later to mourn.

Another twenty minutes passed before Nightmare Moon returned, briefly bringing another pony in tow who Rarity recognized the senior guard as Shining and Cadence's friend , a Sargent Hooves. After a quick reintroduction, the guard gave the Empress, and Rarity a salute before dismissing himself allowing the two ponies to continue their formal meeting.

As they took their previous spots on the cushions, the alicorn took notice of the cold refreshments, and levitated one of the cookie biscuits giving it a good sniff. Rarity used this time to cast a lite heating spell on the tea kettle while the empress took her first bite of the treat.

There was a slight bewilderment crossing her face before inhaling the biscuit too quickly for a mare of her importance, even giving her lips two loud smacks as if to signal the treat was no more.

Delight coursed through the alicorn as her magic levitated two more of the disc shape treats off the plate, setting them on a small serving dish her tea would go. The tea cup was carelessly placed on the pristine wooden table without a cloth or second dish to go underneath it much to Rarity's astonishment.

"These biscuits are delectable Governess Rarity. This pleases us greatly."

"I..I am pleased they are to your liking your Highness, but the credit isn't mine alone to take. That honor should go to the castle chief, Chef Piping Hot." Rarity's excitement fell harshly when an uncharacteristic yelp came from Nightmare Moon.

"Piping Hot.. a unicorn with a maroon coat, and white mane with boiling pot for a cutiemark?" The accurate description of the chef left Rarity surprised, and wondering if the alicorn had possibly trotted in on a few dreams of hers.

Rarity didn't even properly answer as she tried fighting her rising embarrassment, hoping her charge had not seen those dreams. If Nightmare Moon knew of the Governess's personal dreams, the alicorn didn't acknowledge the fact, but instead grew more recluse during the silence which made the unicorn more paranoid. When Nightmare Moon spoke, it became clear why.

"He made these very treats for us our first night back. Unsolicited we might add."

"Piping Hot mentioned his love for the culinary arts when he first approached us two years ago, but refused to mention his past employment." Rarity took one of the baked treats off the serving platter, and brought it right in front of her eyes to examine the delectable golden brown treat.

"We belittled his dishes when he refused to swear fealty after our victory over si..Celestia. After that, the arguments grew worse until he was ordered to leave the castle or face a firing squad. The anger from the war still clouded our motives when we issued that ultimatum."

Nightmare Moon appeared lost as she recounted her connection to the chef. Rarity wanted to change the topic for posterity sake, but that old noble pastime of gossiping kept the seamstress turned governess from interrupting her ruler. In fact, the unicorn encouraged it by asking her own question.

"Why did you banish him?" A brave question to ask her highness in a proper setting, but during a formal visit quickly going south was daring.

The question was caught by the alicorn's ears which rotated up with interest, before her slitted gaze shifted away from the window to the near trembling unicorn at the other end of the table. There was no immediate response, but the cold calculating stare of Nightmare Moon examining her subordinate for signs of disingenuous intent before the muscles around her eyes relaxed.

Rarity would live to serve another day.

"To say the chef disliked our reign would be calling the cauldron black. The stallion openly hated us while the entire castle was groveling over each other to curry favors, and it was his defiance that greatly intrigued us."

"Oh, my majesty..."

"Save thy concerns Rarity, we hear it enough from the common pony." Nightmare silenced her subordinate by raising her left foreleg. "Despite our demeanor, we do miss thy companionship."

The admittance was a surprise to the governess enough to kill the very words she wanted to say before they could even leave her mouth. Rarity couldn't mask her surprise as she studied her liege and friend in the dimmed lighting of the setting sun, the electric lighting from the few bulbs above could only do so much.

Their 'friendship' was the whole reason for moving to the Crystal Empire to assume the role of governess, but not since that initial meeting had Nightmare Moon express anything resembling friendship. Not to say, the immortal ruler was solely responsible for the lack of communication given her new duties had completely consumed all aspects of her social, and private life for the first few months. After that, the time and energy needed to draft a letter when radio lines worked far better practically eliminated the intimacy of these interactions until they were little more than political dealings.

Rarity almost felt a ping of guilt for not trying harder to write a letter earlier if it meant saving both Nightmare Moon and herself some stress, but saying that now only lessens the impact of the act. She should have written because she wanted to, and not because of the selfishness boons it would have brought.

The unicorn studied her liege for a few seconds longer before summoning up that long suppressed selflessness she had buried when taking this position, and asked a question.

"Would you..would you want to talk about it?"

An innocent question to ask in normal conversations between friends and various acquaintances, but in this setting the context became something greater.

The humming of electricity racing into the oversized bulbs above became the only noise in the room after asking that question, and the lite crunching of Nightmare Moon eating one of the exceptional little biscuits ceased after the alicorn finished her latest conquest. She emphasized this with a loud gulp (sound effect included), a quick dab of her mouth with a cloth before turning to look at her friend, the methodical slowness added to the distress Rarity was beginning to feel.

"Ye wish to chatter about our personal afflictions, Governess?"

'Oh Celestia.' the unicorn thought as the slitted eyes of a great and terrible power bore down onto her mortal soul. It was years of self induced practicing for the Canterlot life, and her experience as Governess of the Crystal Empire that kept the unicorn from looking away.

"I would very much like to hear about my Empress's trials, if that is at all possible." Rarity managed to state without stuttering from her own nervousness, and it felt good being able to talk like that again. To spend time with a friend and ' catch up' once again.

The Nightmare said nothing as her ears became erect with interest, before her signature fanged smile carved itself onto her muzzle leaving the alicorn's friend feeling less confident in her request.

"Then let us speak into the early hours of the morning my dear vassal, but only if the previous bounties are refilled."

"I uh.. ex..."

"THE BISCUITS RARITY!" the Empress shouted with drastically reduced volume, but enough force to startle the worried unicorn into action.

Her delicate magic pulsed to life, and retrieved a small ruby fashioned into a necklace from under her self designed governess's coat. It's heart shape immediately began glowing with a warming red light when Rarity brought the enchanted ruby next to her muzzle.

"Hello darlings, would you be so kind to refill our refreshments?" There some hushed whispers from the other side, when Nightmare Moon voiced her own desires.


"Could you bring another two plates of biscuits as well?" the unicorn quickly added before replacing the necklace under her coat.

With their new order placed, Rarity turned her attention back to her guest whose gaze had yet to cease their startling inspection of herself. By some show of personal strength, she managed to match the slitted gaze with one of her own until the alicorn finally blinked. The question that came afterward might have been worse than the impromptu staring contest.

"How do the other Elements fair, Lady Rarity?"

It was a question she had considered, but never truly expected to be asked within the remainder of her lifetime. Her thoughts drifted to her favorite photo of the others before flashing back to the present to fight the rising hurt pinching the edges of her heart; she shifted slightly, favoring the left flank to wake the right one up before reversing the motion to wake the left one, but the stall tactic did nothing to avert Nightmare Moon's expecting gaze.

"I..I haven't seen them in years Lu..I mean..."

"Luna is fine." Rarity couldn't hide her surprise, but nodded her understanding and continued on.

"The Civil War was hard on everypony, yet we survived and carried on because we were the Elements." She averted her gaze this time toward the window "What happened afterward... I fear our friendship will never reach the heights from before."

"Celestia's abdication." NIghtmare answered, and after a momentary struggle Rarity nodded.

"Her resignation planted the seeds, but the following reconquest wars, and differing ideologies are what ultimately caused our fallout."

"Twilight Sparkle's departure with Celestia to Marelane had nothing do with it than?" the unicorn shook her head, finally turning back to meet the Empress's gaze.

"That came afterward, but her timing was pretty terrible. After that, Rainbow Dash joined the Shadowbolts, Applejack and Fluttershy stayed in Ponyville, while Pinkie Pie joined Trixie and Starlight to travel Equestria. Last I heard, their shows have been really popular."

Rarity fell silent after that. More to collect her thoughts, and suppress resurging emotions than to allow the alicorn time to process what had been said. In an effort to distract herself, began collecting three of the cooled biscuits as her empress/friend did nothing but watch her eat what was left of the wonderful tasting treats. One..two.. three. Then there were no more.

Nightmare Moon seized the moment to include her own grief into the kettle.

"We, Nightmare and I, were angry when Celestia and her followers left for the colony." Her harsh eyes softened as she spoke. "We watched them depart, and haven't spoken to her since that night."

"I still write to Spike from time to time, but the strain is becoming too much." Rarity's magic made a brief return, and only by Nightmare Moon's vast experience did she detect its signature gathering around the necklace.

The silence came once more as the two mares reflected on what had been said, and left unsaid. Again. The two knew it, but couldn't bring themselves to admit it on the notion it meant acknowledging their old bonds have changed, for better or worse. To admit it, was to accept that the great upheaval of the last five years had ruined everything so utterly that nothing of the old world was left. Their lives were no longer a single, untampered string, but a muddled mess of different strings and rope all tied together.

It was why the two rulers often ignored the other outside of official business- to not accept the end. The complete end of their old lives, and everything associated with it, friends included. This knowing was what drew the Nightmare and Luna to seek out the seamstress for the job, and why the unicorn said yes at all; they needed each other to fill the missing void left by their loved ones.

"Do the burdens of your duties still your hoof?"

"No..he just doesn't write as often."

Her admittance left both ponies feeling a little worse than before. The governess's head dropping lower as the Empress raised her head, both in thought about their current state of affairs. On the battlefield, Luna had little time to think of other matters than winning the wars, but her brief chat with Rarity had removed the curtain on a matter she didn't even know was affecting her as well.

In another rare display of empathy, the empress made a suggestion.

"Then perhaps, I shall take up his slack methinks."

Rarity's hold over the ruby necklace faltered as she processed the implication behind the Empress's statement. A thin smile found her lips, one she had not felt in many years.

"I think I would like that very much."

The alicorn didn't speak more than give a slight nod to show her approval. She turned her gaze from her friend toward the set of doors, watching them for a few seconds before returning to her previous position of watching the unicorn.

"We would have made amends with our sister before the refreshments arrive."

Even if the off hoof comment had a serious undertone, Rarity couldn't stop the playful snort from escaping her muzzle.

"Darling, you can't rush perfection." The casual slip back from governess to dressmaker didn't go unnoticed by the alicorn, and even with a thin smile gracing her lips the words rang loud in her head.

'All good things take their time...' she thought, and while her immortality gave her an advantage of being able to wait for centuries to make a move, or repair her relationship with Celestia. Yet, her friend across from did not, and that was enough to spur the alicorn's decision to make amends sooner.

"Then let us make use of the time we have, Rarity." Luna declared as she raised her empty cup, motioning for the unicorn to do the same.

Eyes widening in realization, Rarity did as suggested, and floated her cup next to alicorn's cup before adding her own words to the impromptu speech.

"To make the lives and world around just a little bit better."

The two cups clang together marking the end of the speech but the beginning of a new personal goal for the two ponies.

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Wonderful story. It intrigues me how Nightmare Moon can be so cold, calculated and violent on the outside but on the inside she also just wants a normal relationship (in a friendship way, not a romantic one) with others.

awesome chapter mate keep it up:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Thank you! in the Equestria at War mod, there is an event where Nightmare Moon seeks out Rarity to ask if she would govern the Crystal Empire and eventually accepts. During this scene Rarity doesn't believe NMM at first, but she switches back to Luna who almost begs for her help. It's implied both personalities share rulership, but never confirmed if its a ploy by NMM or not.

I found the idea fascinating that Luna and Nightmare Moon could, and might be working together, playing off each other's strengths to rule Equestria. Its why in the story she acts one way, and than another before flipping back; the two are still learning to work with one another while Rarity is the only real pony they actually trust.

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