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brony female favs are R.D. and Rarity


Colorlove and her best friends Star Light and Fireball go to a bar for no reason. After seeing Colorlove's behavior around alcohol her friends start to think Color has a problem. Here are the links for the picture of my pony. I don't have a picture of Fireball.

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Before I read, you're Colorlove, from My Little Pony: OCs are Magic!? Hi there, I'm Bronze!

...Alrighty then. I always thought Kool-Aid was headache medicine...? :rainbowderp:


No! No! Bad writer! You never make stories about your OCs. Ever.


Don't say that, stories on OC's can be good! Don't be close minded Snapple. :pinkiesmile:


I haven't read this story, so I don't know if I think it's good or not. But i'm just saying, OC stories CAN be good.

Saying OC stories are bad feels like i'm being attacked, due to my stories both being OC.


Technically it is canon. Pinkie Pie made that "Spiked Punch" joke, that would only make sense if alcohol existed in their world.

That's pretty much all i'm saying on the subject, as for your picture.

:trixieshiftleft: Would you like to meet me upstairs, Rainbow Dash? :trixieshiftright:


1160161 Nope. I refuse to believe this. Fuck your cannon. :pinkiecrazy:


Anyway! Since you're such a critic on OC stories, read mine(non-trollfic)? I'm always looking for feedback.

1160085 OCs stories can be fine you are just blind. Like the ancient one said take a look at my stories (preferablly OCs are Magic, P-RPG isn't the best)

1161314 Hmm... well, since you so kindly asked maybe I will take a look at your- NO.


You need a pony with a alcoholic beverage. That always makes me feel better.

1160085 that really hurt. Please don't do that again.:fluttershysad:

1158525 Yeah, she is my main oc. But my oc thats supposed to represent me is Flying Colors. Pretty similar to the name colorlove.

Hey, bud...Don'.....Don't bash it 'till you've....NNTRIED IT.
Playing in the background:

YES, this is the music I get drunk to, because, in MY fantasy world....It's...TEXAS....*belch*...IN TH' SUMMER...OF 19SITTY.....*Falls over*

Hell, this was ALRIGHT!

1174698 Yeah, if it was written right, which I'mma help her do, it could be a pretty good story.

1174707 Its nice of you to help her, and i cant wait till the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Here you go. Sorry for the late chapter. School and laziness have overcome me. Thanks Fleetwood for helping me out. Hope you guys enjoy. Please restrain from any negative comments. Thanks:pinkiehappy:

Hm, i do not see why this had so meny neg votes but ok then

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