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This was a good story.

Wonderful. ^_^ This needs a sequel. Perhaps with the results of the other five growing and dealing with it eventually resulting in Celestia and Luna being called in. Maybe Cadance and Shining Armor even stop by and get roped into such a lifestyle as well.


A nice read. While not very long, you put in some very nice detail and descriptions of her gain. I know this sounds a little selfish, but a sequel would be very good, especially if you keep similar themes present.

It was then she turned and locked eyes with Twilight, a light laugh coming from her as a deep grin crossed her lips.
“Let me show you~” Rarity said softly, her horn flickering with light.

I swear that if there isn't a sequel to this, I will feel permantly empty inside

Thanks. ^^ I'm glad you liked it.

It does seem like it's popular enough that I might try writing some sequels once I get some free time on my hands. ^^

I'm definitely thinking about it. ^^

Well, let's just say that some brainstorming has started now. ^^

Nice story :twilightsmile: would like to see a sequel

That seems to be the general consensus. lol Thank you!

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