• Published 22nd Aug 2019
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Technically, not terrible - Admiral Biscuit

There are times in a pony's life where she has to admit that as bad as things are, they're technically not terrible.

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Chapter 4: 5k nap

Technically, not terrible
Chapter 4: 5k nap

Miss Harshwhinney eyed the bed, a regulation mattress where the 5k nap was nearing completion. The competitors were sacked out in varying positions—many were opting for the belly, a few were on their sides, and a rarer few sprawled out on their backs. A pegasus had her head tucked beneath her wing—bold, although wing-moves risked points being docked. That was in the rules.

And then there was Lyra.

Her position was an affront to Equinity. Ponies just shouldn't bend that way, and if they did, they shouldn’t be able to sleep that way. Kinematics practically prohibited it, to the point where there had not been a rule prohibiting it.

As much as duration earned points, so too did form, and Lyra was very much off-form. The nap guide rulebook was quite clear on that.

And yet . . . it was working for her. She was completely out, a faint smile on her muzzle as she dreamed, and that kind of dedication counted for something, even if the something was ‘technically not terrible.’

Which was actually an award, because of course it was.

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