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Luna has dated before, but it has always ended badly. So when she asks Twilight out of their first date she can't help but fret and worry. About her own feelings, about Twilight's feelings, and about whether or not she deserves a relationship at all.

(Sex tag for suggestive themes)
(Cover art by: Magnaluna)

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that was a Great little story

Cute and well written.

Lovely, fluffy, and enjoyable,

This was almost perfect, apart from the occasional odd changes of tense where you have "would soon return" and "would soon place" instead of just "soon returned" and "soon placed".

"Once," Twilight said. "After the first invasion of Canterlot, they have very good shawarma here and we thought it was the perfect way to unwind."

"I understood that reference!"

Tuna Fluff. Always great to read. I appreciate you having written and published this, thank you.
Lots of little moments that I enjoyed there. But then it came to an end very soon.

I want more! This is great stuff. But it's too short. :twilightsmile:

More I say!!!!!


Still good on a second read.

Well that was adorable :twilightblush:

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