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Seems interesting, but I would've liked something where Cadence found out. Even just a one off of her discovering Shining's secret and babying him, or joining in on the fun herself would be really cute. :rainbowkiss:


This had gone on between them for some time, and eventually his wife had found out. He’d been utterly terrified when she’d found his bag of foalish items, but she had surprised him with her acceptance. She’d thought it was cute, and took odd comfort in the idea that he wasn’t all the way grown up. She had wanted to marry a kid at heart for a reason. With her knowledge, he’d been able to do it more.

Cadence was more than a bit shocked by his outburst of tears. She’d seen him upset before, even seen him upset in this mindset before, but this was unprecedented. It was more than a bit concerning to her. However, she had her hooves full with Flurry right now so she couldn’t go to comfort him as she had done a few times in the past. Still, she was confident in her mother-in-law being able to handle things.

9797889 It would've still been nice to see an actual fic about it.

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