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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....


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You've marked this "E".

Excuse me but why is the rating E?

Not to sound like a broken record, but yeah, accidental E rating,

Hilariously appropriated. Approved!

>blowing one’s back out
Never in my WILDEST dreams did I expect to read that phrase in printed form.

Simply loved it great work


Rated E for Ejaculation.

This comment made me laugh really really really hard. Probably harder than it should have but I don't care.

This is a good thing. 'Tis a small thing, but a good thing. More of this good thing would not go awry, if you are feeling so inspired. :)

I also like RarityEQM

Now we just need the full details of Rarity getting herself her own Human...


I can quite litterally see Rainbow doing something like this with Fluttershy.

Example: Fluttershy gets a colt-friend, but she's WAY to shy to even KISS him. So she goes to her friend, Rainbow Dash, for help, and brings her colt-friend. Rainbow, always eager to help Fluttershy and eager for a challenge, agrees whole quickly. So, to warm up, she starts with Fluttershy. Licking, sucking, nipping and biting, she works Flutters into a lather. Then the colt-friend, Fluttershy's human. He's harder to please. His cock is so much bigger than a stallions, but Rainbow is up to the challenge, and she'll get Fluttershy there too. So she starts in with her mouth. Licking, sucking on the tip, taking as much of it as she can. She's surprised at how flexible her jaw is as he grabs her head and pulls, pushing with his hips at the same time. Tears flood her eyes as the head of his cock bulges out her throat. She can't really see, but she can make out the watery image of Fluttershy covering her mouth with her hooves while her human face fucks Rainbow Dash. Sure enough, mere minutes later, Rainbow is forced to swallow as he spills load after load down her throat. When he's done, he pops free of Rainbow, going slack, while Rainbow collapses back, human cum dribbling from her mouth. Fluttershy is thoroughly ready, but still some what scared. So... Rainbow helps her relax. With a human cum laced kiss, complete with tongue. The display of the two mares gets the human ready and raring again, his shaft growing hard for them once again. This time, however, Rainbow expects him. When he goes for her, she kicks her legs out, rolls onto her back, and hikes Fluttershy up.

I went off on a tangent there, didn't I?

This comment is beautiful

The cock wasn’t the thickest amongst the modest number of males that she had taken, but it was remarkably long; just shy of hitting her deepest depths.

I would assume that a human wang would be shorter and girthier than an average pony's, but ponies do have those crazy wide hooves, if you take their character design at face value.

i think we need more of this... mature but not "clop" you can say, better use of words than the normal fic
the pinkie extra bit is a nice addition and might be worth exploring in another fic :raritywink: :raritywink:

A creature of culture I see.

See now you got me wanting a sequel hell even a prequel why not both

Surprisingly hot human-on-pony action!

No oral from the human while Dash has her friend pinned down and distracted?

Will there be a sequel?:raritystarry:

Pinkie, her friend, had asked her if she was interested in a ménage à trois. Rarity had always thought that out of her friends Applejack might have been the bi-curious one, or maybe Twilight if she had gotten enough cider in her, but never Pinkie. The mare might have been a quirky ball of energy, but she never seemed the type.

Uhhh Aj is more straight. Pp ofc more open.
C'mon rares... Obviously

I liked this enough to download & keep it so don’t get me wrong, but...
If I was a good writer (instead of barely adequate), I’d write about a REAL encounter.

In the first place, humans vs horses (or even ponies)….let’s just say, Rarity has probably sucked on bigger soda straws. :raritycry:
Secondly, body temperature. Ponies are maybe 2 degrees warmer. Ever get in bed with someone with cold hands/feet? :twilightoops:

Now imagine that their whole body is that way. Toss in limited body hair & it’s probably like screwing a popsicle. :fluttershysad:
A *SMALL* popsicle. :facehoof:

One area that humans do have an advantage. We’re not in the same league as rats, but we probably are in the top 1-2% in endurance.

Eh, but probably no one would want to read it, so nobody will ever write it :applecry:

I can imagine the reaction of someone being told “I prefer humans. It’s small enough that it doesn’t hurt. Stallions always look so large it’s threatening. I tense up & that just makes it worse. You always look so safe.”

Well, this was different. And... I had no idea how much I missed stories with reordered structure (main, introduction, conclusion). You know, the ones that begin in the middle of the action (or, towards the end, here) and then take a step back to explain how in the sweet fuck the plot ended up here of all places. It's a really fine literary device that gets your interest peaked (no pun intended) when executed properly. Now, I kind of knew what I was walking into, so it didn't have that much of an effect on me... but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Now I don't know which Rarity to believe. Them, you or me.

This story? It's good. It's darn good!


Short, sweet, hot.

And now theres a sequel ^^

Basically 'Colby Covington in Equestria'?

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