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Original Works. It was a good run.

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Let's go with a classic: He uses the watch to have a bit of bondage fun with Sweetie Belle.

Hmm...as enjoyable as this is, Button is plainly uncertain about what to do. For natural progression, the next one should be someone he would have reason to 'get back' at, like a bully, whether bullying him or someone he cares about.
In which case, maybe spanking Gilda or Lightning Dust?

Imagine getting a timestop ability but not using it to throw knives at people or drop road rollers on them.



I'm curious to see whether subliminal messages would work. Like just leaving a set of headphones on someone that for them would be a moment but the whole subliminal was like 8 hours.

I like where you're going but, this is Button. So maybe more someone like Diamond or, Silver seeing as closer to his age and actually ponyville residents.

My first thought too, but more often than not Michael Hudson writes ButtonxDiamond, so I wasn't sure he'd want to write Diamond as an antagonist getting punished.

9786825 Tats knows me well enough to know I wouldn't go against my otp of Daimondmash.

hey ,i thought i was the only one that supported diamondmash

Ah I see, my ignorance then =P

Road roller I'm guessing is a steam roller or some similarly heavy machinery.

Jojo reference

Also, maybe there could be a threesome between Button, Diamond Tiara, and Sweetie Belle at some point. Maybe not necessarily the bondage idea

9786850 I'm going to say this now: Tats had kind of the right idea that Button is unlikely to do much to his real, genuine friends with this for a multitude of reasons since there is so much morally grey with it. It's not impossible, but it's likely to be something sillier and cuter than outright sexual.

...huh, here's a thought.
It's been demonstrated that Button can take something other than himself into timestop with him (like he did with the arcade). What about taking Diamond into the Time Stop with him at some point once he's more comfortable with it and them having fun together?

9786890 Ooooh. I especially like this not just because of shipping preference but because DT would push Button to go even further into the extreme with his actions.

Exactly my thoughts. Not to mention Diamond might know things about his other female friends that makes the lewd timestop options with them a little more comfortable idea for him?
(One example might be encouraging him to molest - or more - Silver Spoon in time stop because she reads time stop doujinshi and gets off fantasizing about being the one stopped.)

Why not just DT, but Sweetie Belle as well, which could lead to an angel and devil situation: Sweetie Belle as the angel, DT as the devil

Welp, first next morning at school, I will stop time in the middle of classes, then wander the school to see what our next target would be, perhaps beat up flash a little for insulting my video game hobys, or give it hard to gild and lighting for always make fun of me and diamod, tempest will get her mouth full very hard for what she did, the bitch, I told her I didn't know her scars were a sensitive subject to point out, it will take me 6 months to affort another switch, anyway, perhaps going arround feeling up the teachers, but I will start just with miss cherelee while she is writing on the board and see what she has to offer.
I need to be careful not to bring the attention of sunset and her friends though, and perhaps I should bring a friend or two in? To stop me from going overboard, that would be best.

OK, wrote it like buttom's thoughs in a simple way, those are my ideas of what should come next.

So 3 targets I'd like to see are a hot for teacher set.

Cheerlee Celestia and Luna.

Hopefully we come back to Switchboard at some point though.

Nice, he’s just getting right into it. Maybe Celestia confiscates his Joyboy, and when he goes to get it back, he takes the opportunity to play with her. Maybe he does it whilst she’s in mid-announcement on the intercom so her “waking up” is broadcast to the school.

I feel like the next step would be more experimenting. As a gamer, Button would like to see just the limits of what he can and can't do, just like how any gamer would do with a new game. Groping a girl and seeing how they reacted, taking some of their clothing and see if they will either rationalize its disappearance or be shocked by it.

Maybe something he could do on his way home. He sees some Crystal Prep girls and decides to nick all of their panties, to see how they react and to his surprise, they don't notice their disappearance. It isn't until a strong breeze blows all their skirts that they realize that they are going commando and thankfully for them, only Button is around to see that reveal.

The whole group blushes and Button thinks that he'll be in trouble but instead, they just run off. After all, why would they suspect Button? He just a kid that got a real lucky view and they were embarrassed by it.

How old is Button here btw?

9787179 He is eighteen! As stated in the fic. I like the rest of the idea as well!

Huh short guy then, considering that he needed to tip toe to kiss Switch and his head was just above her chest. I like that.

Finally someone decided to write a story about what most boys wanted to do/wanted to have. The ability to stop/control time.

It'll be fun if this goes like them dating seems where button can actually use the sexual knowledge he has and thr ability to stop time to get the girl. Stopping time is nice but too much might be too repetitive, itll be nice to see button grow in both his sexual and sensual love life for character development not just pure clop.

I also read your thoughts abou button doing stuff to his friends and I agree, I mean what kind of kid would bang his friends that would be awkward out of time stop. I have no clear Idea of his age but teens usually go for revenge and/or older females they like. I know my friends who had babysitters, and most of them has a crush on theirs.

Also, cooties.

9787479 He's eighteen, a recent graduate out of high school, just to clarify.

Hmm. Maybe an...unitentional threesome? His (hot and gay) female roomate having sex?


Maybe Sunset Simmer while she's playing in the music room with the Rainbooms mid song? That'd lead to some embarrassment for sure!

His unsurness suggests experimentation. On the way home, he seems some girls, maybe the Flower Triplets at work in the stall, and tries the individual effects on each of them.

possible pregnancy later in the story? definitely adding to my watch list

He Goes to the Pool, and walks into the mares/female changing-room !

Goes to the park, and goes walking in the nude.

stops time before going to bed.

He stops time, goes to the C.M.C,'s place, hides in the closet, and watch then have a 3-way

9786890 9786893
and the have sex in a poblick place

and maybe he also puts a toy in... you know

Welp, same logic am running here.

Are you set on that? It takes the teachers out of the picture.

9787933 Not technically, they would just be in town rather than at school.

Comment posted by Gaming Le9end deleted Aug 18th, 2019

i say do a few more OC then move on to People/ponys the main Know E.G Celestia,Luna,Twilight if you are going to do a Twilight have it play out as he is going to College/uni and need a private tutor to help him get in. Twilight you could even do a classic stop time grope her/remove clothing restart time and act like nothing is wrong getting her very horny till she jumps him.... after learning that trick he could go from sudo rape to consensual sex using hornyness (is that a word?) as the way to go

P.S you could use the UNI/college strategy to still have him fuck all his teaches as you said "He's eighteen, a recent graduate out of high school, just to clarify." College and Uni are thing you could even have him "Hate fuck people like Ms. Harshwhinny"

Ctrl-F "mare"

I really want to see a public lewd scene between him and one of his female friends.

Like, he discovers one has an exhibitionism fetish and lets her fulfill her fantasy by letting her walk around naked and then flashing people by quick-stopping time to let them catch just enough of a glimpse to thrill her, but it happens so fast that they just brush it off as their imagination.

Or maybe a revenge scene where he replaces a pastry's "creamy filling," like that scene in the Van Wilder movie?

Just hoping Button Mash won't go for Twilight...

Anyway, this was a fun read!

Just that Button Mash won't go for her.

My soft spot for her has been growing even wider lately.

9788842 Ah, okay. I misread the comment from me being tired, so I feel a little dumb, but I'll keep it in mind when considering who to bring in for chapters.

Well, that's all I can ask.


gonna second this. If your story includes noncon, you need to tag it. A spoilered content warning is not enough.

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