• Published 18th Aug 2019
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Live By The Sword... - redandready45

Sunset learns what it is like to feel helpless and under someone's thumb. Will she stay in Canterlot High?

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Back to School (Edited 07/21/20)

"You want Shimmer to sit at our table?!" Rainbow Dash bellowed.

"Things are not working out", Applejack thought with frustration.

It was Saturday afternoon. Applejack had invited her friends over for a lunch. Together with Pinkie Pie, they had prepared a delicious spread of apple dishes and other forms of home cooking for their friends. The two hoped the food could make the difficult question easier.

To their dismay, it had not.

Rainbow was shaking with rage at the mere mention of Sunset's name. Rarity wasn't as livid as Rainbow, but she looked annoyed and disappointed at Applejack's question. Fluttershy looked scared and distressed.

"Guys!" Pinkie Pie said with some frustration. "Sunset isn't a meanie-weenie anymore! She deserves another chance!" Rarity rolled her eyes at Pinkie's remarks.

"Sunset sabotaged my prom dresses, spread slander about me, and stole my E-mail passwords just to win Fall Formal and Spring Fling," Rarity said with refined contempt to Pinkie Pie. "Someone who does those things is more than merely a 'meanie-weenie'. They can described in words that a proper lady...cannot in public use," Rarity grumbled. She then looked at Applejack. "Darling, please tell me you didn't already invite her to our table without asking us?" the purple-haired asked Applejack with serious eyes.

"No girls. I didn't do that," Applejack said uneasily. "I...got no right to make those choices for y'all."

"Good!" Rainbow said happily, "because the answer's NO!" Applejack faced palmed.

"Sugar cube," Applejack said pleadingly, "just give this a little more-,"

"No," Rainbow repeated, clenching her fists under the table.

"Come on, Fluttershy," Pinkie Pie said with puppy-dog eyes. "Don't you want to give Shimmy one more chance?" Fluttershy looked down at her lap and then looked at Pinkie with solemn eyes.

"Well...yes," Fluttershy said softly. "But then I...remember all the times Sunset shoved me...pushed me...told me that liking animals made me a...freak-" Fluttershy looked down at her lap, her eyes on the verge of tears. If she wasn't sitting at a table, she would've been hugging her knees. Rainbow Dash's anger faded as she put a comforting hand on Fluttershy's shoulder. The animal lover gave the athlete a smile of appreciation.

"I know how you feel Fluttershy," Applejack said. "But then Sunset told me about how magic made her see herself doing horrible-,"

"Oh yeah, you told us this story before," Rainbow said with mockery. "Sunset saw some magical slideshow after we kicked her butt and then she went home and started petting puppies and helping old people across the street!"

"I don't believe it because she said so," Applejack said with frustration. "She put in several days of hard work at the farm to make up for what she did. She could make it up to you if you just-,"

"I do not want that...girl," Rarity said with restrained frustration, clearly thinking about saying something even less polite, "near my dresses."

"Or anywhere near the track," Rainbow Dash said with a lot more vitriol. Fluttershy didn't say anything, but let out a scared whimper.

"But guys," Pinkie Pie said pleadingly. "Just give Shimmy-," Pinkie let out a whimper as Rainbow angrily banged her fist on the table.

"I SAID NO!" Rainbow Dash roared. Pinkie Pie whimpered in fright at Rainbow's outburst. Applejack put her hand to her forehead, trying to think of anything.

"Darlings," Rarity said sympathetically to Applejack and Pinkie Pie. "I have no problem with you two being friends with Sunset." Rarity looked down at her lap. "But whenever I think of all the horrible things she did," she paused, trying to control her temper. "I just get so...angry."

"Do you guys trust me?" Applejack asked in a serious tone to the three girls in front of her.

"Of course, darling," Rarity said.

"Then why don't y'all trust me when I say Sunset's changed?" Applejack asked the three girls with sad frustration.

"Well...um," Rarity uttered before looking down sadly. Fluttershy also was stunned by Applejack's question. Only Rainbow Dash's face remained defiant.

"Consider this," Applejack said. "Sunset's on thin ice. If she acts out once, y'all can report her, and she'll be out of the school faster then y'all can say 'Pony Express'." Rarity and Fluttershy both softened up at that, while Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. "The burden of proof is on her now. Even if she was planning somethin', she's got every teacher watchin' her. So I doubt she could ruin our lives if she tried."

"Well, when you put it that way," Rarity said, tapping her chin with her finger. Applejack smirked as she prepared to deliver the closing argument.

"She owes y'all a favor," Applejack said. "Anything you want, she'll have to give you. And if she complains, you can kick her out." Rarity and Fluttershy perked up at that. "But considering she dug into the ground with her bare hands, I have a feeling she'll deliver."

"I guess I could give Sunset another chance," Fluttershy said meekly.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt," Rarity said reluctantly.

"YAY!" Pinkie Pie said, confetti flying around her. "Now only Dashie has to say 'yes'!" She looked at Rainbow, who remained livid.

"Come on Rainbow, what do you say?" Pinkie Pie asked her with enthusiasm. The other girls at the table also looked at Rainbow with anticipatory eyes. Rainbow Dash still scowled.

"Please," Pinkie Pie said with a quivering lip. "Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Plea-,"

"Fine!" Rainbow bellowed, annoyed with Pinkie's antics. "I'll..I won't bother...her," Rainbow Dash said reluctantly.

"Alright then," Applejack said excitedly. "Now that that's settled, let's head to the mall." The girls all got up from their chairs and hurried out of the farmhouse, except for Rainbow Dash, who dragged her feet as she walked out of the farmhouse.

"Pony Express," the athlete said to herself.

Sunset pulled her motorcycle into the student parking lot. The chill that went through her body had nothing to do with the early November weather. Even though the CHS entrance was only a couple of minutes away, to Sunset it felt like she was walking a 1000 mile chasm using a rope bridge.

Sunset stared at the entrance with apprehension. She then looked down at her phone, and saw a picture of herself and Applejack working on a barn. This small bit of hope was enough to get Sunset to march into the entrance.

As soon as Sunset entered, however, all the gossip and chatter ceased as everyone noticed the former bully was here. The students all gave her looks that combined fury and apprehension. It was like they were antibodies and they were treating her like a viral infection. The wall of angry glares continued all the way to the principal's office.

As she walked by Flash, her ex-boyfriend slammed the locker he was emptying in and gave her once last brutal look before he walked away. Sunset flinched at the gesture. She knew she deserved Flash's cold wrath, but it still stung.

As she opened the door to the main office, she gave one last hopeful look toward the student body. Everyone continued to stare at her without an ounce of pity. With a sad sigh, she walked in.

Sunset approached the desk of Raven Inkwell, Principal Celestia's secretary. The woman, dressed in some odd red tie and a sharp business suit, usually treated students with professional courtesy. But even this stoic woman couldn't fully mask her contempt for Sunset. She, like all of Canterlot's teachers, probably faced a pay cut due to the damage Sunset inflicted.

"Miss...Shimmer," the secretary said, almost gritting her teeth. "The Vice Principal will see...you now."

"Thanks," Sunset croaked. The secretary immediately turned away from the fire-haired girl to face her computer, as if seeing Sunset for one second longer would make her explode. Sunset walked into the office, facing a particularly stoic Vice Principal Luna.

"Sit," the blue woman said calmly but firmly. Sunset sat in the leather chair reserved for students. The chair was normally comfortable, but Sunset felt like she was sitting on rusty nails.

"Miss Shimmer," the Vice Principal said calmly. "Can you begin to understand my...anger with you?" Sunset reeled back.

"No," Sunset said simply.

"First, you damage a part of the school," Luna said, sounding like a volcano trying not to erupt. "Then, after your suspension, I hear about dozens of accounts of blackmail, identity theft, invasion of privacy, stealing private information, physical threats-" Luna paused, and let out a breath through her nostrils. If she was a dragon, smoke would probably be coming out of them. "Many of these accusations go all the way to freshman year. Are these true?"

"All of them," Sunset simply said. Vice Principal Luna let out a deep breath, as if trying to control her anger.

"If you were a couple of years older, you would have gotten five years in prison for these charges," the blue woman said in an icily tranquil voice. "Do you know why I don't expel you?"


"Because Princess Twilight begged me to give you another chance despite the fact that you attempted to kill her," Vice Principal Luna said. "I did this more for her then for you. Also, your supervisor, Mr. Mason, said that during your community service you behaved appropriately, always arrived on time, and put in an honest effort." The woman's cold fury died down, but didn't vanish. "Now my sister and I are patient people. But if you ever test our patience...well, you know what will happen, don't you?"


"Yes," Principal Luna said, letting out a small blink. "Now we have chosen to give you another chance, but that doesn't mean you get to act as you did before. For the rest of semester, you must follow these rules: you must leave your cellphone and laptop at this office when you arrive at school, and can only collect them at the end of the class, or need them for a specific emergency. You cannot stay past the end of class at 3:30 PM or arrive before class at 8:00 AM, not even for clubs or other extracurriculars. You cannot use any computer in the school, except for the one in my office and only when you are being supervised. Also, you can't be around Snips and Snails. If you break any of these rules, you will be expelled." She let out a deep breath. "Do you want me to repeat these rules?"


"Do you understand that you must follow them to the letter?"


"Do you consider yourself to be above the law?"


"Good." Vice Principal Luna gave Sunset a small smile. "You've shown a good amount of maturity and acceptance during this meeting. Which proves to me you want to change. But this only the first step, and you must do more to fully earn back not only my trust, but the trust of the faculty and student body. Do you understand?"


"OK," Principal Luna said. "Now please go to class." Sunset got up and left the office, feeling cautiously optimistic. She didn't notice that behind her, angry yellow eyes were glaring at her.

Sunset Shimmer arrived at Mr. Cranky's class. The rest of the class gave her angry looks, which Sunset could almost bear. But Mr. Cranky, rather then looking at Sunset with pride, looked at her with disgust. Even when she was a bully, Sunset respected Mr. Cranky as a teacher. The sight of her him such a foreboding look made her feel sick to her stomach.

"Miss..Shimmer," Cranky said, "today, you will be sitting in front of my desk and facing the class, so I can...keep an eye on you." Sunset flinched at his tone and suspicious look. "Also, you may not raise your hand in my class for the rest of the semester." Sunset let out an annoyed sigh. She timidly walked over toward the row of desks, feeling the angry looks the other students were giving her like a gun pointed to her head. She slowly pulled the desk over, dragging it across the worn out floor. She sat down, facing the students who she treated with contempt.

"Alright class," Mr. Cranky said. "Today we will be learning about polynomials. Let us turn...."

Sunset couldn't pay attention to the lesson, despite Mr. Cranky being directly behind her. All the students were still glaring at her, with only some of them giving small attention to Mr. Cranky's lesson. Sunset nervously rubbed the back of her head, and sighed when she felt something inside her hair.

A spitball.

Sunset let out a small whimper and nervously looked down at her textbook so she wouldn't face other students.

Applejack and her friends sat at the lunch table with differing expressions. Applejack and Pinkie Pie had expressions of anticipation, while Rarity and Fluttershy waited with trepidation.

"So what are y'all going to do when Sunset gets here?" Applejack asked.

"Give her the benefit of the doubt," Rarity said.

"Think about how nice she is, not how mean she was," Fluttershy said.

"See, once you put your mind to it, we can all be friends," Pinkie Pie said. "Where's Rainbow Dash?"

"She said she was sick and couldn't eat," Fluttershy said with concern. "Oh poor thing. I hope she gets better."

Pinkie Pie looked toward one of the cafeteria entrances and smiled with joy at who was arriving.

"Look, Sunset is here and-," Pinkie Pie paused with a frown. Everyone else looked at Pinkie with concern.

"Pinkie," Rarity asked with concern ,"what's-," she paused and looked at Sunset with horror.

Sunset's long fiery locks had been shaved off. The amber-skinned girl's hair only went down to her ears. This was clearly not a conscious choice, as Sunset looked utterly miserable. And the glares of everyone else weren't helping. Rarity and Fluttershy's cautious expressions were replaced with pity and concern.

"Act natural," Applejack said through gritted teeth. The girls put on happy faces as Sunset sat down, looking utterly drained.

"Hello Sunset," Rarity said, trying to break the ice. "Welcome back to CHS. You look...lovely today."

"Nice...eyes you've got there," Fluttershy said.

"Cool hair," Pinkie Pie said. The others looked at her in anger.

"Thanks," Sunset said with false cheer. "Someone put a backpack full of glue on my head. The nurse had to cut it off." Sunset let out a brittle smile. The other girls looked upset at Sunset's expression.

"So," Rarity said. "Seen any...good movies?" Just before Sunset could answer, a creamy plate of chocolate cake fell onto her lap.

"Ow, I'm sorry," a voice that clearly wasn't said. Sunset and the others looked up and saw Micro Chips looking at Sunset with a vicious smile that didn't seem to fit his normally geeky face. "Did I...do that?" Micro Chips walked away from Sunset with a nasty grin. Sunset's expression got even more bleak. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy looked deeply upset while Applejack looked livid.

"Don't worry Sunset," Applejack said, rising to her feet. "I'll give that little nerd-"

"Don't," Sunset said meekly. Applejack sat down. "Let him...let him have his pound of flesh." Rarity and Fluttershy looked aghast, while Pinkie looked upset.

"Sunset," Pinkie Pie said sadly, "don't let people treat you like this."

"It's fine, let them get their rage out," Sunset said. She got up from her seat, staring with distaste at her chocolate stained skirt. "I'll...I'll clean this off. It is no big deal." Sunset said in a tired voice.

"Darling," Rarity said in a sympathetic tone. "Let me go..."

"No its fine," Sunset said on the verge of tears. She walked out of the lunchroom at a fast pace, ignoring the concerned looks of her friends, and trying to block out the darkly amused expressions of everyone else.

Sunset ran toward the bathroom, and began taking water from the sink and rubbing the chocolate stains off of her skirt with a paper towel. To her frustration, her scrubbing only made the stain worse. She barely noticed the stall door open.

"Can this day get any worse?" Sunset muttered to herself, trying to hold back tears. Sunset was about to leave when she felt on a strong hand clasp her shoulder.

"Hey Sunny," a gruff voice asked her cheerfully. Sunset slowly looked up at the mirror, and felt her veins turn to ice.

Gilda Griffon was in the mirror, looking at her with a happy grin.

"Haven't seen you in a while," Gilda continued with false cheer. "I thought you were gone for good, but like an annoying telemarketer, you just can't stay gone can you." Sunset began breathing heavily. "We've got...a lot to discuss," Gilda finished, her smile becoming outright predatory.

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