• Published 15th Aug 2019
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The Blind Princess - n3k1dsk1llz

An earth pony discovers that a certain legend is true.

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There once was a princess of exceeding beauty. She was a friend to everypony and had kind words for anyone she spoke to. She was known as the Princess of Friendship. She was much beloved across the whole of Equestria.

Along with her circle of close friends, she had saved Equestria from countless enemies wishing to take over the land. Her achievements were legendary and known far and wide.

Then, one day, she was stricken with a horrible spell. A spell that would change the entirety of Equestria. A spell that took from this princess her greatest strength. A spell that took from her the thing she treasured most in the world.

Her friends.

She was alive, but she saw no one.
She heard no one.
She felt no one.

She was now, The Blind Princess.

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