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When the USA and all of her fleets, people and servicemen are suddenly and mysteriously transported into the middle of the ocean on the planet of Equis no one and nopony has any idea of what could possibly happen next.

(Port from my Fanfiction.net account, I plan on finishing this story in Fimfiction.)

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well let see how this story goes

Hopefully it won't end up being an ultranationalist Ameriwank fic.

And the plot thickens... wait, no- NOT like that! Get your mind outta the gutter.

does trump finally build a wall in this

This story is good. But you need to work on grammar.

I'm sorry, but this is set during 2007 America, President Bush is still in office so we won't be seeing Trump for a very, very long time. If we even see him at all.

If you would like to be an editor or know anyone who would I'd gladly take the assistance! English isn't my first language after all


Sorry, I don't have time.

Definitely got me hooked, can't wait for more!

I sure love Murica.

This is pretty good.

I certainly hope it doesn't, given the fact that I am German lol.

Damn this better have some American Nationalism in it. Either way, this is a pretty good start.

Can u tell us how regularly you plan on posting and how much chapters you will add to the story

An exact political border cut along with all of the military service people? What about people overseas on vacation? Seems VERY suspicious to me.

Well, I'll say I am looking forward to see what happens next

I don't know what the reasoning is behind it happening, but if you are powerful enough to completely move half a continent onto another world, you're powerful enough to use a targeted mass teleportation for a few million tiny humans and vehicles as well.

Dude, you gotta somehow work in 4th of July Hotdog eating contests, where people train and eat tens of pounds of food in one sitting, in physical agony, while over 10% of their own population can't even be certain that they will eat at all on any given night.

Dont cut yourself on all that edge, bro.

Over 10% of the population isn't sure they'll eat? What?

Dost thou have sources to back up thine claims?

This was so absurd I just had to respond.

I hope you get to finish this, it seems pretty good, and it's not everyday that the Changelings aren't viewed as 100% evil

Yep I'm totally seething right know. How could you tell?

It wasn't like I was just messing with you or anything.


Food insecure households, are what they're called. A bit different from living "below the poverty line," which they both seem to be about 12% currently. Check out the link.


So actually, I was UNDERSTATING it.

Comment posted by anonyummy deleted Last Wednesday

Oh yeah, it's totally noticeable. All that seething and stomping around cant be good for your stress levels, completely serious and not messing with me person.



Yeah, I'm just gonna ignore everything you say from now on.

no, i may love america, but im not sexually attracted to nations, my love is purely platonic. just because you are doesn't mean everyone else is

Team America plays in the distance

Wait im a editor available!

Well, if Celestia would put down the cake for five seconds, it would stop thickening.

USA first contact protocol:
1. Kill everyone
2. Tell the next of kin that it was an accident and it was really the dead guy's fault.
3. Kill everyone again.

Trump is a blessing in disguise. He's ruining the USA faster than he is ruining the rest of the world.

Really enjoying this story so far don’t see many good ones of USA being placed on Equis that’s decent in my opinion so hope to see more soon!

And I bet all Americans are shit slinging autists who love their confederate flags and massive burgers.
Get real though, I only see gross over exaggerations.

I do not believe this is true at all. I have been in America for a few years now and have met many good people, I think you are misinformed.

9781343 We'll be invading your country soon enough! AND ZHEN ZHE VURLD!!! MUWAH HA HA HA!!

(If I'm gonna be accused of imperialism, I'LL MAKE IT COME TRUE!! Then you'll know real fear...) :pinkiecrazy:

9781038 How many are 'food-insecure' due to choices? I've seen many 'poor' people manage to have smart phones and have cable TV and go to movies and waste a huge amount of money they constantly complain they don't have. Food, by comparison, is damned cheap.

Face it, the REAL poor people look at the poor in the USA and think how rich those whiners are. A panhandler on the street in the USA actually makes more money a day than many people working themselves to death in impoverished nations with wicked leaders who rob them all blind and steal even aid supplies.

so i guess you have a problem with the british as well? and french? and dutch?

9781018 Joo vill be first for zhe camps! Ve cannot be stopped now! 95% of the USA is now alt-right, including Bill Maher and Obama! MUWAH HA HA HA!! (But serious, stop watching MSNBC. They're all insane.)

9781009 They're only 99.99% evil. :rainbowlaugh:

9780915 I'll bet you can't even run a mile.

A German... wow, I can't even figure out where to start. I can basically go from present day aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to the 19th century in an unbroken string of satire.

But I'm just going to wager no one would ever DARE write a story about, say, Iran suddenly being transported to Equestria. How about China? Or Mexico? Or Brazil (the Everfree Forest wouldn't be a problem after they clear-cut it!).

Japan in Equestria would be rather dull... until the hentai. :rainbowwild:

Uhm… ok this is nigh-unreadable.

You really need, at the very least, an editor exceedingly competent in the English language.

Aside from that, structurally, it's a poorly-paced, thinly-characterized mess.

If you want to edit or know someone who would assist I'd greatly appreciate it, until then I will keep writing unprofessionally on a fan-fiction site, because I enjoy doing so. :)

and there is a story about Mexico being transported to Equestria, it is a good story I would recommend checking it out.

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