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coffee mugs

hello! thinking about lunchables.


Inspired by 'My Little Dashie.' I live an orderly life, a simple one too. All of a sudden a car crash and a box changes my entire life, and maybe the world's existence too. A little bundle of chaos.

Let's hope I can do a good job of raising him.

Cover-art source: https://www.deviantart.com/stepandy/art/Baby-Discord-333466271

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Ah shit, here we go again...

I wasn't picky, it didn't taste bad, it just didn't taste like coffee if you know what I mean. It tasted much sweeter, colder. Perhaps I didn't...make it correctly?

Sweet baby Luna, Discord turned your black coffee into a mocha frappuccino! What degeneracy!!

I'm also very glad to see the protagonist's name is Elizabeth. I couldn't read a story where Discord is calling some guy "Daddy."

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