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This story is a sequel to To Try For the Sun

Princess Celestia!

What is it, Twilight?

I found this piece of paper. But... it's not in any language I recognize! Do you know what it is?

Oh... I had forgotten this. I'm surprised that this poem had even survived through the millenia.

It's a poem! What is it about?

I suppose it's about tragedy and coldness.


Let me finish, Twilight. It's about tragedy and coldness but also about hope and trying one more time.

Oh! Can I hear it?

Hehe. Very well, Twilight. Just let me prepare some tea before I read it to you, okay?

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Comments ( 2 )

There, group hug. Let it all out. All out.

To try for a hug.:heart:

As I said on your blog, this poem was a great act of kindness towards me, and I remain grateful.

Your story inspired me to write something like this

Thanks for that

Feel free to let people know about it on a blog though

I’d like this poem and the original to get more publicity

Also... thanks your story came at a time when a lot of things were going to pay Tibet for me

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