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I mainly write smut and some occasional PG-13 stuff.

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D'aww, that was cute.

Not the kind of first reply I was expecting, but thanks!

You're welcome! It was a little rushed but I thought it was sweet. Considering doing more?


Gave her the cookie without mentioning it's type.

Yeah, he just slipped her a date rape drug. And Rarity too.

It was absolutely rushed. It was the second story I ever wrote on /mlp/. And nah, it's been 6 years, I'm not gonna do a sequel to something that old.

Oh ok then. Still enjoyed it!

You give the leash another tug. "No, what?"

"N-no, M-master."

"That's a good pony."

Me: (in George takei voice) Ohhhhh Myyyy

She gives and extra tight squeeze and goes with Bon-Bon. You wave at her and her eyes go all wide again. S.he keeps waving until they turn a corner. What a successful conversation. At least you've got the next hour off to do what you please.

S.he ?

Reading the short details an saw the “Lyra meets a human and gives him a job”, my mind automatically thought a hoof job

Thank you. I was formatting from greentext rather quickly. I'll fix it.

"What's the 'super special' cookies?"

Pinkie laughs. "Silly Anon! They wouldn't be special if I told you!"

(Pauses story, addresses audience)

Now, you see, this right here... is what we call a red flag.

That's pretty much what my brain thinks whenever I hear the word "proprietary", which Pinkie may as well have said. Never buy, sell, use, or consume anything that's proprietary unless you have to! That includes ponies, anon, and any real-life human who reads this.


The Pine64 people and Pandora/Pyra people and Raspberry Pi Foundation are doing god's work. To hell with Android and OEM cunts who lock bootloaders and prevent rooting.

Should add a fetish tag, and maybe romance as well.

Good idea. I forgot what the tag limits are, but I'll add them.

Wasn't a big fan of the pet/slave part, but it was pretty good otherwise.

2nd person eh?
Hm. Not mine.

"Be there in a jiffy!" you hear from the back. (——

She levitates a mirror to you. Hot damn she transformed you into a solid 9/10. You look damn good!


"Oh... Wow... Anon. (——"

"Thank you, (——" she whispers. (——

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