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Twilight Sparkle has mastered many skills: friendship, magic, diplomacy, organization, and so on. However, Princess Luna has realized that Twilight has yet to master one final skill before she can truly ascend to the throne.

And so, Luna takes it upon herself to teach Twilight THE TRADITIONAL ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE.

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This looks like it's going interesting places.

iisaw #2 · Last Sunday · · ·

There are lessons one wants and lessons one needs... then there's this. :twilightoops:

Concubinage questions from Fluttershy eh?

And this is just hilarious on a number of levels. Including Luna's inevitable dirty tricks.

So... Is Twilight or anybody else going to ask if Blueblood can use the Canterlot Royal Voice?

This could be fun.

:twilightoops:: "Just what have I gotten myself into..."

Always down for a good Luna fic. Definitely tracking this one.

I found the whole idea of Luna being so excited about teaching that to Twilight adorable


But will Pinkie ever met the pony who baked that cookie?:pinkiehappy:

Will we see Tiberius?

“Huzzah! The volume shall be TREBLED!

Well, there's a rather common fanon that Fluttershy is a serial romance novel reader, not to mention she's canonically a manga fan...

This will be hilarious. Anxious for more.

“ Huzzah!” Luna perked up, surprisingly bright for somepony typically associated with darkness. “Then prepare yourself, friend Twilight, for your training shall commence on the morrow!”

t was at this moment that Twilight knew she fucked up,

Well, you've got my Interest. Putting this in my Tracking folder. I eagerly await the chapter that will gain my Attention and move it to my Favorites folder. :trixieshiftright:

That cookie though...

I think this is the first time I've outright envied a character from the show.

That, and, uh, I've been hanging out with Fluttershy a lot lately.

"When I agreed to be her editor, I didn't realize how many of her novels were inspired by real-world experiences."

“That's ... one way to look at it. But it's not like I've got any troops to rally, or mobs to, ah ... cow.”

"You live in Ponyville, do you not? I am given to understand that mobbing is considered a recreational activity in your adopted home."
"... Only every other Thursday. Spike likes to light the torches."

That cookie though. Exquisite food porn. Woe unto the pancreata of Equestria if that baker ever meets Pinkie.

Eagerly looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

The lessons one has thrust upon them, to mangle Shakespeare?

I blame Fluttershy's questions on copious quantities of anime/manga (since her weabishness is canon, a fact that amuses me greatly).

This was a beautiful start. I was grinning enough to make my face hurt.

Leftovers from editing?

I mean, sure, I know I'll people will expect me

Indeed, the ability to make oneself heard is a valuable skill to have.

“Indeed.” Luna's horn glowed as she neatly rolled up her map and tucked it into a desk drawer. “I know your time is valuable, Twilight, so I shall get to the point forthwith. My sister has taught you well-- you are well on your way to mastering the skills necessary to come into your own as a true Princess of Equestria. Friendship. Diplomacy. Etiquette. Even your skill at battle-magic is coming along nicely.”

I'd like to see the part on battle-magic. :moustache:

“That's ... one way to look at it. But it's not like I've got any troops to rally, or mobs to, ah ... cow.”

It would be of much, much use in our world, though.

“Oh! Well, that's a pretty loaded question, right there. Although, now that I think about it, your comparatively recent return to Equestria combined with your resumption of your old duties as the Princess of Dreams does have the potential to revolutionize modern psychiatric theory. Or, your ability to raise the moon does offer some intriguing possibilities in the study of tidal physics ... “

Ah, good old Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Luna daintily sipped from a small glass of milk. She glanced up, arched a brow, and then smiled.

'Tis a trap!

This is... I'm sorry, but this is just stupid of Twilight. Not even the slightest suspicion that Luna would have an idea how to win the wager. No clue what that idea was until she was literally choking on it. And no objection to the scenario? On the grounds either of how you'd never wind up shouting across a table like that in real life or how doing so is incredibly rude, something Luna only gets away with because nobody dares object?

What's to suspect from a FRIEND? When you wager with your friend, do you expect him to CHEAT? I wouldn't expect such things from someone I knew well.

Twilight being naive as all get out is canon, for good or ill.

Most excellent.

If my best friend bet me he could convince me to - well, to do anything? You better believe I'd expect him to cheat. That said...

I can accept her naivete, but the outright idiocy bothers me. She should have figured out what Luna was aiming at well before she was re-enacting a Got Milk? commercial, and having figured it out, should have protested that she wouldn't use the Royal Canterlot Voice in that situation and that Luna would have to come up with something else.

The cookie scene could have been pushed a little more comedically, but other than that this is a fine start. I look forward to seeing where it goes. :)

You have some friends, if they are willing to cheat. Kinda forgetting one little thing about friendship, aren't we? There's this concept. Called... "honesty". I would expect my friend be honest with me, and not LIE to me, just to win a bet about teaching me something. SO, yeah, sorry. I find this story majorly out of character for Luna.

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