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Some say fate can be unkind. The loss of his father at an early age has left Shadow emotionally scarred and unable to interact with anyone but his twin sister Trixie. Bord of school Shadow bides his time at home as a game designer until he is forced to go back. On the day of, Shadow has an argument with his twin which leads to a tragic accident and an ancient entity possesing Trixie. With the help of Sunset Shimmer Shadow must travel from the human world to Equestria, seeking advice from Princess Twilight Sparkle. Along the way Shadow meets Flurry Heart, Zany and Twinkle Sparkle, who are from an alternate future. Will Shadow and his companions save Trixie and all of reality or will fate remain unkind?

Daughter of discord characters are used with permission from their creator DisneyFanatic23.

Special shout out and thanks to DisneyFanatic23 for creating a fantastic world and characters to draw ideas from.

Another shout out and thanks to Lunajack for giving life and personality to Twinkle Sparkle and Zany.

They were the my inspiration to write this story.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 3 )

Who is the lone figure?? Great job with the descriptions of sets, like "The moonlight danced across the crystal walls creating tiny glinting motes on the floor, reminiscent of a clear star filled sky"

Thanks i am trying. The shadowy figure will be known next chapter 😄

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