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It's stupid o'clock in the morning.

There's a batpony eating cereal in the kitchen.

Ain't no Twilight got time for that.

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this image is physically painful to look at

Author Interviewer

Isn't it just? :D

Did you hear about the robot sheikh who was going around beating people up to use their outlets?
He needed a charge of a sultan battery.

Just seen on my feed, looks at picture and now you have put me off my lunch.

Also a feghoot, I note.

This is magnificent!

Also, minor point of contention, the batpony DID keep you safe every night from her perch by the vodka bottle.

Kratz #7 · 1 week ago · · ·

I love the new G5 looks.

Author Interviewer


I had to do one eventually!

Then why did I wake up at 7 AM every single morning? D:<


Thank you, NOW I'M BLIND! My friend is writing this for me (you really fucked him up man)

Too soon, man, too soon!

That was awfully bad! im not sure to up vote, because it s good silly story, or downvote it because of the pun!!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This reads like something from botnik. Also the part with rainbow dash and the sink, was that a reference to a trollfic from some time ago?

t' gk

I lost it at the ending. You didn't tell me this would be a feghoot!!

There's a story where Rainbow Dash falls in love with a kitchen sink.

*stares at cover art*

From now on, you should probably just assume every story is going to be a feghoot. That way, you'll either be prepared, or pleasantly disappointed. :derpytongue2:

Author Interviewer

Yes! Good eye! :D

The contest was for the weak. The strong expect feghoots wherever they go.

More people need to use "morningest" :raritystarry:

Just to confirm, our top #1 best ever favourite canon lesbian couple are Lyra and Bon Bon?

Author Interviewer

That's for the fans to debate. :3

Blessed image, and blessed be the 7th Anthology which gave us the real Shimmer.

Aye... Ye have a point there.

I don't think I would be able to handle that, going in to read a story by Admiral Biscuit, or Aragon hoping for a terrible pun...

I feel this accurately summarizes the experience of attending BC ‘19.

She could have asked where the box of cereal came from, as Twilight had never before purchased Cheerileeos, due in no small part to disapproving of the town's schoolteacher selling out like that.

How she managed to sell out could probably be a story in itself. :V

"I'm somepony smart!" shouted Rainbow Dash as she zipped into the room. The audience went wild.
Twilight gaped at her. "Rainbow Dash?"

That's what she said, anyway. What she meant was, "No you aren't!" <.<

You really packed a lot in there.

You should be ashamed.

Thank you for pre-including my review of your story, PP. You da bes

Author Interviewer

I aim to please! :V

This is my favorite fever-dream

What did I just read?

Author Interviewer

I dunno, but jakkid166's Twilight Sparkle and the Rock Monster is in the Also Liked for this fic, so I've obviously done something right. :D

Thanks to Sixes_And_Sevens for suggesting the terrible pun!

No! It is wrong to reward that kind of behavior!

I don't know what I just read (probably because I wasn't at BronyCon), but I laughed, which I believe means you succeeded.


Then why did I wake up at 7 AM every single morning? D:<

Because that’s when the batpony went off duty.

Author Interviewer

Or that sold ice cold water on the sidewalk for only one Equestrian dollar a bottle, in what was assuredly the truest definition of service to other ponies.

Let us never forget the Sacred Brotherhood of Wun Dolla Waddah.

I am tremendously glad that I don't drink orange juice.

"Now I'm gonna bridal carry you because you're so smol!" said Pinkie Pie, enunciating her meme clearly.

And now I'm imagining Sunset writing an Aragon story. The mind, it boggles.

Lovely sentiment before the heinous crime, and a delightful Bronycon digest overall. Thank you for it.

Hasbro needs to fix the G5 designs.

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