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Every princess except Twilight Sparkle has been captured and taken hostage. And some even believe they're dead. It's up to Twilight and her friends to stop the Changeling Invasion. But exactly how can they stop the changelings if one of them is just that?

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Okay...uploaded and canceled...makes sense

Why does it make sense lol I'm confused because it has so many dislikes vs likes?

That was meant as a joke/ironic, as you just uploaded the story and marked it as canceled, get what I mean?

Actually I didn't mark it as cancelled so I'm confused, is it because there's not many likes? Because I changed it back to complete but earlier it switched to cancelled without my doing.

I see. Normally when a new created story is automatically set to incomplete, I could only imagine you accidentally set it to canceled instead of complete before uploading.

Accidents do happens, it makes us human and we learn from them

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