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Thanks to several events that all happen at once. Several different universes all suddenly merged into one. And several people who found themselves alone come together in the town of Gravity Falls. The last place on their new world where magic can still be found.

This story is commission by The Cowardly Christian. As part of Shake up the falls challenge.

Chapters (9)
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Just to clarify on why I responded that way about The Cowardly Christian.

It’s not his name. I’ve seen his fics over at Fanfiction and they were...weird. The one where Gravity Falls was a nudist colony was amusing at first since that was the first of his fics I read. But then I read more and...he has this weird obsession with clarifying that Dipper Pines has a very tiny dick.

Weird that he has some kind of love-hate relationship with a 12 year old’s penis.

The Mr. Handy's are from the Robco company that makes them along with Protectrons.

Roboc built the protectrons, assaultrons, and Sentry Bots. General atomics built the mr. Handy, Miss nanny, and Mister Gusty robots.

wow awesome

Rainbow Dash did manage to get a job at the resort and became a Wonderbolt but it's just an empty title now.

Um, unless you go far enough into the show's past they didn't do enough to really even call it a empty title

As for Sunset's family, I am SO having flashbacks to Samurai Jack and the Scotsman and HIS FAMILY

Why are Bits useless aren't they gold? Also what with the hate to Walkadan sure spelled it wrong, at the end fo the movie they were going to share the tech with the world.
Or thsi marvel version the comic i mean.

The bits are gold but there is a reason why gold coins aren’t used anymore.

As for the African country it’s not the marvel one, it’s a stand in for it that is like it.

Will there be a crossover with Outlast? I don't know maybe figured the patients of that place, the ones not killed get some real help!

On the tv was a commercial for the Mr. series of collectible toys from Wondertainment, which are sole in Happy Meals.

"Can't believe that guy from Korra's world, Varrick went and partner up with Wonka to start a toy company of all things," Twilight said.

If those two aren't a WINNING combination.

5 - In almost all fiction you either can't cook to the point where you can burn soup or when you pour milk into a bowl of cereal it burst in flames. Or so good that people will fight to the death for it. Can't really think of any who are just normal.

Lady across the street one place I lived couldn't figure out how to make vegetable soup from scratch. Didn't know what kind of vegetables that were used, how much salt and pepper was to taste, yada, yada, yada and then she burned the water.

Well crap, Bill's gone after Spinel, someone get Lord Beerus or someone to Hakai him before something worse happens than Weirdmageddon.


You do know it’s possible to burn soup in real life right?:duck: used to work at Denny’s, had to clean a big pot of burnt vegetable beef. :pinkiesick::twilightoops: you don’t want to know how that looked, nor what it was like to clean it.:twilightoops::twilightangry2:

Okay. Here's why I do that:

1. There's too many fics already where the guy is given a HUGE honker, I'm trying to do something different.

2. I'm trying to go for a not the 'size of your wick, it's the size of your heart that makes a man' Aesop.(I'll admit that's been a bit 'hit and miss' but I'm TRYING. Why do you think I have so many unfinished Fics? Many of them were 'experiments' to improve my writing)

3.....I'm starting to realize I MIGHT be a bit of a sadist who loves making his characters broken, maimed, tortured and humiliated...so...yeah...make of that what you will...

Thank you for adding this song!

Hey everyone reading this, like this guy's story if you agree the song matches the story!

(cricket chirp)

Oh, nuts to all of you! I like this song and the chapter!

Never get tired of that song , still have my fingers crossed for bringing back Lum eventually though...

The fight and conversation between dexter/dee dee and Celestia/Sunset is still inspired!

Katz swearing vengance on stump, Mrs. Bitters in gravity Falls, Scottish Sunset...what's not to love?

Before you I never realized how much fun pounishing morons like Jake could be...for that I thank you.

p.s. you forgot to give this chapter the intro song.

I literally didn't know about that SCP until you introduced it, it's perfect for this!

I have a feeling you won't be saying 'ewww' for much longer Pacifica...

Loved it! Especially that first part regarding dumbeldore and the last part regarding Mable and Dipper. Can't wait for the next one!

Again, my compliments on the worldbuilding.

Have a good night and a good week!

Another winner! It was even better then I hoped for!

Question: You talked about the greek gods...but what about their roman counterparts? Or will that be discussed in a later chapter?


Glad to see twilight looking up.:pinkiesmile:

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