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Yona and Smolder have been friends for years, but sometimes friendship blossoms into something more.

Sometimes that process is straightforward.

Sometimes that process is anything but, and involves a whole lot of wrestling.

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canon disagrees with you, now go think about your life choices

My life choices disagree with canon. I have made peace with this fact.

don't make peace with your error, fix it

Wanderer D

Yona/Smolder is an unusual pairing, it's nice to see an exploration of characters like these. :raritystarry:

Also ignore this clown: 9793656
According to them if it's "not canon" it's not okay. That's not how fan fiction works, thankfully. Someone that doesn't understand that basic premise should think about their life choices.

oh hey, mods
gonna ban me for wrongthink?

Wanderer D

9793677 You wish you were worth the effort to ban. No, I'm simply pointing out that you come across like one of those individuals who have a very fixed way of seeing things, literally provide/create/contribute nothing, but feel entitled to share their disregard and contempt for people that don't think the same way under the excuse that "canon" justifies something in a medium that directly contradicts canon by its very existence.

Perhaps rather than being here dispensing your "opinion", you could go back to canon and limit your exposure to dissenting ideas by watching the show and keep contributing nothing. :raritywink:

i only respect canon when it comes to relationships. everything else is fair game.
and the only thing keeping me from contributing is my crippling fear of failure.
also, spolder best ship, fight me.

Wanderer D

9793685 Gladly! But not here, since it's kinda rude to the author. If you really wish to chat, I'm available via PM or Discord, whichever you prefer.

9793660 I look forward to seeing where you take this!

i'm actually glad we could resolve this in a mostly peaceful fashion.
i'll be needing those discord details btw.
never know if we'll walk away from this as friends...

Oh well thank you very much! :twilightsmile: They are two of my favourite characters so figured why the hell not. As you say, this is fan fiction after all. I'll do my best to keep things fun and interesting, and not squander that unusual tag.

I will now proceed to use the word "wrongthink" completely unironically. This is what well-adjusted people do. I am very intelligent.

Seriously, I'm gonna take a look at this later. Before I do: Your short description implies a comedic tone, but I don't see the comedy tag anywhere.

Am I wrong in guessing that this will be one of them RomComs that the young folk are always talking about?

Oh, I'll have to have a look at that again in the morning then, thanks! Short summaries are not my strong point at the best of times, but I definitely don't want to mislead anybody. I mean, it'll have some comedic/offbeat chapters, but I wouldn't want to label it as an out and out comedy.

Romcom, eh? Well it might be? Though I'm now worrying that I'm too old to be writing something as youthful as a romcom. Oh dear. :twilightoops:

Why the HECK does this story have so many dislikes? It's not the greatest story ever written, but there's no way it deserves this many. I guess it's just the pairing, smh. I see that this is your first story on here, so I wanted to give my opinion on how you might improve your writing.

Here's one thing I think you're lacking somewhat. Conflict. It is vital to any good story. Not only does it hold the interest of your reader, it generally does good things for your story. If you want a fluffy, or just not that serious, kind of story, It doesn't need to be a crazy big conflict. It can even be all internal (the main character is their own worst enemy). What are the risks of confessing? They might lose their friendships? Does Yona like Smolder? Does she like dragons, females? Certainly, the chance of one of those being true is slim, so how about both? You could even have a Smolder-specific conflict involving being a dragon. They don't do that mushy stuff, right? Maybe she suppresses her emotions.

As a bit of an afterthought, the scene where everyone just accepts it no problem and they had a bet going was rather cliche. It kind of works in a story with a lot of conflict up until that point as a sort of release from the tension.

As a burgeoning author myself, I can't imagine how I'd react if my first story got such poor reception. Just know that your story is good, and your writing is good!

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