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Just your average british lad. I write things for a living. It’s the strangest living you’ll ever find, second only to my inability to take myself off of the grid.


Ponyville. A wonderful place where Equestria’s greatest heroes live. A place where everypony is free to be themselves and enjoy their lives.

And then we get to the tanks rolling down the streets and the aeroplanes roaring over the heads of every non-pegasus pony.

What in the world did Twilight Sparkle wake up to?

(And what in the world have I just created for you all?)

(Cover art came from Ponies: The Anthology 7. Namely, a clip in said anthology.)

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Death is a preferable alternative

Comment posted by NeoKun deleted Sep 4th, 2019

*salutes in honour of the best national anthem ever created*

Truly blyatiful.

Stalin and the USSR saved the world from Nazis.


our friendship's not enough to keep Ponyville safe.

The Magic of Friendship isn't just gonna work all the time


(Great job, man!)

William Holland: No. No no, NO!! NOT AGAIN!? GREEEAAAAT, NOW I HAVE THREE COMMIE DASHS' TO DEAL WITH!! *Presses head set* Get me Genreal Kowalska, General Törni, General Häyhä, and Field Marshal Von Roon. The new White army goes to war.

*speaker* Right away sir!


This is about the fanfic I'm writing. Which will be out soon. I hope.

Oh no, why did you do this?!
Don't get me wrong, it's good writing, and a good piece, it's just the whole idea of this hurts my democratic head.

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