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When confronted by Sunset, Wallflower Blush realizes that absolutely nothing she does matters. Rather than lash out at Sunset's friends, she turns the Memory Stone on herself and completely erases her own mind.

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Ooh, okay. This is already an interesting alternate take on the end of Forgotten Friendship, doing what fanfic does best⁠—exploring places the source material can't and won't go. That Wallflower would turn her frustration inward rather than out makes a lot of sense, based on what little characterisation we have of her in the special, and it's a familiar feeling as well. The real question now is what Sunset can do about it, if anything; I assume at least something will come of breaking the memory stone, but I look forward to seeing just what.

Shhheeeee-it. You really like flooring it right off the bat, don't you?

Scampy you've done it again. Another good start

A great start to this story, and I'm really curious where it will go.

I'm really curious to see the consequences of this. I'm thinking that even if Wallflower's memory is wholly restored, something about having taken it away so completely will have damaged or warped Wallflower in a way that won't be obvious until we can see the cracks via her actions. Or maybe she'll be mostly fine but will still have to deal with the fact she felt so insignificant and loathed that feeling so much and felt so helpless to do anything about it that she chose to literally erase her self. Liked and tracked, Scampy.

Wow, that is a pretty scary idea: that the stone could not only erase memories but your entire consciousness.

It is a GOOD thing that Wallflower wasn't more vengeful and ruthless then she was canon. She could've done far more damage to Sunset if she wanted too, rather then just leave her without friends.

I'd like to see what comes next. Also, I want to explore that past relationship between Wallflower and Sunset.

Wow, we jumped straight to critical intensity.

This turn of events has me hooked. There is a ton of territory that could be explored here. There's Wally's wipe, Sunset with her potential point of view as being the cause of the event, the other girls as witnesses who might not have even realized how serious the situation was--there's just so much!

I'm hooked. I look forward to seeing where this story takes me.

I love alternate endings to Forgotten Friendship, and I bet this is going to be one of my favorites!

Oh gosh, I wonder what's going to happen now...?


This, dear author, is getting liked and followed

First and hopefully last fic with the Self-harm tag I'll ever upvote. An interesting take, despite being way too dark for canon mlp.

Please don't make us wait too long for an update. This is some scary stuff.

May I request more?
I really want to see more of this :twilightsmile:

Woo, what a doozy. Thank goodness, for Wallflower's sake.

Oh, and congrats on getting featured!


Holy shit, that's some straight-up art right there!

Oh, by the way? Congrats on hitting the feature box again. :pinkiehappy:

Okay, the formatting here is really good; the opening itself works really well, but the way the little comments are interspersed throughout the text of the rest just works super well, creating this sense of an inner voice or dialogue that's faded, that's just lingering at the back of the mind. And it goes along great with the Wallflower at the front of her mind, too, the way things are slowly coming back to her and the strange disconnect between her before the memory wipe and the her that's manifesting here. Honestly the characterisation is reminiscent of another fic, and I mean that in a really good way.

Yeah, that formatting and use of shading is art and pushes this from 'I'm interested to see where this goes' into favorites right away.

I am on a Tablet (light is just a touch over dark) and the opening hit me hard. It's 1:30 a.m., which makes the hit even harder. It's kinda like somebody waken up from a coma, or somebody just go through surgery and is waking up, in words.

So, is Wallflower amnesiac now? Or is her self gone? Leaning towards the second one.

This is really good. Like just... woah.

Love the use of formatting. I assume the lack of immediate return is probably due in part to how many memories Wallflower lost, as well as that little voice she still harbors that led to her doing it in the first place.

Damn, very impressive here. Was confused at first (yes, on phone :twilightsheepish: ) but realized quickly what was going on.

Nice work :pinkiehappy:

Came to this story because of the comments and stayed for the material. This was great stuff! I'm not a fan of suicide/self-harm fics at all, but the way you penned this chapter and the previous one was brilliant.

Ooof. That was rough. So, something went wrong with the memory stone, and Wallflower's memories didn't go back. Maybe because she emptied herself completely, there was nothing for the memories to latch onto and use as a anchor to return.


Art is the best way to describe it.

Using the faint text hinted at the state of Wallflower's psyche.

As much as I like the effect of the faded text, it's a little too faded. I'm not on a mobile device, either. I was still able to read it, but just barely. Even changing the color themes didn't help.

So first off, your really heckin' clever use of formatting blew me away (I'm using my phone). I figured you'd like to know. T'is art, Scampy. Art.

So there are a million questions running through my head right now. Where will she go? Was there something that demanded her constant attention? Will she ever hear herself clearly? Would she hear herself as herself? Wait, is Sunny gonna have to be her mom?

Hoooooooh you've got me hooked. I love the way that Wally (Wallies?) was written. It feels like everything is confusing and maybe overwhelming. You clearly provide what information is present, but also seamlessly define what she actually undertands. It's great.

I also have a soft spot for characters that have to start from nothing (like that wasn't obvious).

In short, 11+1 out of 10, three thumbs up, all hands firmly on deck hell yeah gamer.

those are some pretty hot formatting tricks there

Wallflower is by far the most relatable character. Your fanfics like these make her even more relatable! I would definitely erase my own memories if it makes me a better person than the disgusting spoiled jerk I am

I demand MOAR! Which is to say, I loved it, and if you are to keep writing I will be very pleased. Though I can not actually demand anything of anyone, and now I am rambling to try to explain my bad joke. Hurray anxiety. But like yeah loved this so far. I will say that on dark mode this is particularly hard to read the small dimmed text.

Okay it is hard to read in any form. Maybe try a shade or too more intense next time, just enough that it is easier for us with bad vision, cause trying to read that stuff gives me headaches.

So, she got her memories back, but they're shattered and fragmented, because she ripped everything out? Oh crap…

I'm so confused. Is Wallflower suffering from some kind of multiple personality disorder? I'll just have to wait and see...

Oh, and if you end up making a third story with Wallflower trying to bash her head in, I'm telling.

...I have no idea where I was going with that last bit.

“No y-you can’t.”

Before Sunset could even respond, Wallflower reared her head back and smashed it into the wall, her horrid scream echoing in the tiny space of Sunset’s apartment.

“Wallflower!” Sunset shot up, immediately grabbing Wallflower by the waist. “S-stop it! What are you—?”

“Rrrrhhhhhh-aaaagghhh!” Wallflower struggled in Sunset’s grasp, twisting and fighting. Sunset could barely see through Wallflower’s tangled hair, but even still she held on as tight as she could, pulling Wallflower backwards.

“Get away f-from her!” Wallflower thrashed wildly, clawing desperately forward at some invisible threat. Sunset at last managed to get her off the couch, and the two of them tumbled to the floor. Wallflower fell silent the second they hit the ground, and as Sunset scrambled out from beneath her, she saw Wallflower’s face had fallen back into an empty, aimless stare.

Jesus, that scared the hell out of me.

It seems like some part of Wallflower still exists that wants to end her life. Without the other parts of her consciousness, Wallflower is far less restrained in wanting to do herself in.

Yeeeah this isn't going to be that easy, is it. And jeez Wallflower what is it with you and banging your head into—wait, I get it. I guess what I'm really appreciating at this point in the story, as with other stories of yours, is that I really don't know what's going to happen at this point, looking forward. Will Wallflower recover more "fully"? Will she be stuck in a state like this? Is Sunset going to force herself to try to help Wallflower all by herself, since she thinks this whole thing is her fault? I look forward to finding out.

“Not me, n-no,”

Hooooooooooh, heck! You've got me at the edge of my seat right now. There's a clear distinction between characters, and knowing that any of them is capable of exerting their influence at seemingly any time is ooooooooh I can't wait for the next one.

Quite the gripping chapter here. Sunset realizes things aren't going to be easy, but not even really knowing what's going on is going to make it even worse. From a few particular bits of word choice, and the last chapter, it seems like Wallflower's personality/psyche are split into pieces, and not all of them know everything, or have good intentions in regards to Sunset.

This is really interesting. I have no idea where this is going but I'm loving every second of it.

Also what's with wallflower's fetish for bashing her head against walls?

C'mon, don't kink-shame her.

“D-darker th-than dark,”

Oof, this is terrifying. In a good way! Sunset's sure got her hands full on this one...

This fic is really good!!

So many bashing head things.. Is this a cry for help? Scampy? U good mate?

I too am worried for you. I have written things to get my own demons out of me. If you need someone to talk to, I am always willing to. if you would prefer I will respond via DM/PM as well, and if you would rather I can talk via email or whatever you feel comfortable with. If you don't feel comfortable with talking then just know I am still here for you. I understand.

The story was wonderful again, well wonderfully written. The content is very much so not wonderful but still beautiful. I hope that you continue to write, even if it isn't this.

The strange inner monologue(? dialogue?) within Wallflower is just so enthralling, the way that the faded words address her directly and yet she never directly interacts with them, just reacts with her thoughts. It's very interesting that the way the other voice gets Wallflower's attention, gets her to take it seriously, is through saying that Sunset wants to kill her, especially in the face of what Wallflower just did and the entire notion here, as represented in the title, of being safe. How in the nothingness she felt safe, and in Sunset's arms feels the same way; it's a striking choice of words.

At least Wallflower's not listening to that voice in her head. However, I have a feeling that's probably going to change...

I really enjoy what you've done with Wally's inner voice. It's a pretty great touch.

“Get away f-from her!” Wallflower thrashed wildly, clawing desperately forward at some invisible threat.

Oh dear. Multiple Wallflowers should be fun.

Man, beyond the obvious "Wow, look at all this suicide" stuff, your stories have some pretty great characterization. Wallflower and her inner voices are sweet. Sunset is great. You're really good at writing characters and crafting the story around them.


That bruse doesn’t look too bad, but better safe than sorry.”

this is a Trixie just for you :trixieshiftleft:

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