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What is mob to a king, what is a king to a god, and what is a god to non believer?


Sunset Shimmer has a bounty on her head for 6 million dollars, and nine assassins are under her tail as she trying to clear her name and save her skin.

cover by Crimsonroe97

Chapters (2)
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Mare-Do-Well: Balkham Origins. And that's before I read.

Hello Arkham Origins. What are you doing here? Seriously it reads like it's straight from the game. Just replace Batman with Sunset, who is nowhere near as cool as the Dark Knight.

Unless the assassins are the same Batman faced, they won't be as interesting as Sunset. So she has the for her.

Hey hey relax, there is a change that would be in the next chapter, one that would put the difference

Well does it look like arkham?

You had my curiosety now you have intrest.

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