• Published 2nd Aug 2019
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Wedding At The End Of The Rainbow - Thespia-Rose

Hope Hallow has a wonderful wedding.

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Sunny and Petunia Skies became the proud parents of their daughter Rainbow Skies. Sunny was attached to her. In fact when he left for work and Rainbow was left with a babysitter she cried.

“Uh oh.”

She cried all day. And nothing the babysitter did calmed her down. It was nighttime when Sunny came home.

“Oh my precious little Butterfly. Shhh. Daddy’s here.”

Rainbow Skies stopped crying.

That night Sunny took her to the nursery. He held her close to his heart.

“On nights like this my father would sing me this lullaby to me how much loves me. And that we would never truly apart from each other.”

Little one by the moon don’t you cry

I’ll wrap you in rainbows and safe till the dawn

Little lambs of blue ponds of white

Everything will alright I love you to the world and back

Hushaby my sweet one and sleep by the stars

Listen to my love with this lullaby

Sunny gently kissed his daughter on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams my little Butterfly.”

Petunia smiled at her husband.

“You big softy. I’m glad I married you.”

“Me too.”

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Comments ( 2 )


IMHO it is really worth the money - at least from my perspective :twilightsmile:

(I threw away around a million words before I posted my first fic.)

Holy hell... I pretty much jumped into it with zero practice :twilightblush:

These were a bit short.. but you pulled it off nicely enough that it falls under 'short and sweet.' Yet another great story; you have my upvote and a read again soon!

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