• Published 30th Oct 2019
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Fallout Equestria ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland - Doomande

Surviving in the Wasteland is as easy as ABC... or is it?

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Q is for Quiet, fall silent when you see violet

In the old gem Mine the former home to the ferocious hellhounds, that alone would scare away normal ponies. But according to reports hellhounds have abandoned the mines as of recently causing many more attacks on nearby towns, so the NCR has decided to conduct an investigation into why the hounds abandoned their territory. When the soldiers arrived they found something that can only be described as a nightmare.

The Raptor swayed slightly as it soared through the sky heading toward the mine, the loud sound of its engine drowns out the sounds of the soldiers talking in the back. Among the soldiers sat a small unicorn who was looking out one of the windows, this unicorn is Captain Hickory.

Hickory ignored the others as she thought about what could cause the Hounds to abandon their precious gems. As the Captain thought she also remembers the intel she gathered from old records about the mine, it was the main source of gemstones used in making magic cells for anything requiring them to function from weapons to technology.

Hickory suspected there might be an ulterior motive for this investigation but it was not her place to question orders. Soon Hickory spotted the mine and turned her gaze away from the window to ready herself for the mission, making sure her uniform was on correctly. Unlike the other soldiers who were decked out in heavy magic armor, she has dressed in a simple NCR uniform with body armor underneath for protection if need be. The lieutenant also double-checked her Magic Rifle making sure it has a decent charge just in case they run into some trouble.

As the chariot began its descent to land near the southern end of the mine, the others began their own equipment checks. Hickory looked at them, her golden gaze landed upon a smaller earth pony named Ripple. Ripple is the new mare who joined the squad a month ago, she has a habit of freezing up in tense situations but the NCR is running low on soldiers due to a battle being held in the western badlands. Ripple is also Hickory's Niece who keeps an eye out for the young earth pony.

"You ok Rip?" the aged unicorn asked her anxious niece who had a terrified look in her eyes.

"I am just nervous, we are about to enter Hellhound territory to figure out what caused them to leave their home. It must have been something that is scarier than the hounds themselves," The uneasy pony replied giving a visible shutter.

"I highly doubt that, " the Captain says trying to calm the anxious pony. "And if there is I'll keep you safe ok. Plus they would have to get through the entirety of the Zeta Squad we protect our own." she then raises her voice. "Ain't that right Squad!"

"SIR YES, SIR!" The squad agreed loudly.

"See, " The unicorn stood up and placed her hoof on Ripple's shoulder. "We protect each other, so no need to be scared, just keep an eye out for your fellow soldier."

"Ok aun- I mean Captain Hickory, " Ripple acknowledged with a smile.

"Alright Zeta Squad as you all know we are here to investigate why the hounds abandoned their mine and remove it so the hounds can return home and stop attacking our towns." The Captain informed the squad. "And hopefully we can use this as a stepping stone to becoming allies with the hounds."

"Zat is ridiculous, " A soldier commented and from the accent, Hickory identify him as corporal Blizzard Wing a pegasus. "Hounds and Ponies are not supposed to get along."

"And the higher-ups want us to at least get them to return home, " Hickory resumed, ignoring the pegasus. "Now we are going into tight and confined tunnels so watch your shots, we don't need any friendly fire." The Sky chariot landed with a solid thud. "Alright let's get moving."

At the order, the soldiers marched out and took up defensive positions their guns pointed in all directions in case of ambush.

"Area secure, " Blizzard announced. "No signs of an ambush."

"Good that means those filthy mutts weren't lying, " a soldier muttered under her breath.

"Save the comments for later Wasp, " Hickory said approaching the opening. "Apricot and butter, stay by the sky chariot and make sure nothing follows us inside."

"Yes sir, " A small unicorn mare confirmed and a nod from a large earth pony stallion stood next to her. "We got it, boss.”

"Alright team let's get moving, " Hickory ordered before taking the first step into the mine. It was abandoned and dusty scarcely illuminated by small dim lanterns hanging from the ceiling, as Hickory walked further into the mine a dense smell of rotting flesh hit her like a train.

"God it smells terrible in here, " Ripple commented covering her nose. "How do hounds deal with it?"

"I don't think they do Rip, " Wasp said shining a light on a large corpse of a hound brood mother. "I think we are dealing with something more dangerous than anything we were expecting." Wasp took a closer look at the large corpse seeing it had large lacerations across its body as if by a blade of some kind. "Either it's a mutant creature with blades for limbs or we are dealing with a sentient creature most likely one that can swing a blade hard enough to kill a large hellhound like this one."

"Damn it I don't like this one sec, " Hickory muttered to herself, "It looked like this body was left here on purpose but I don't know if by the hounds as a warning or by the thing that killed it as if to taunt any creature who step into its territory."

"What was that Boss, " Ripple inquired having heard the captain muttering.

"Hey i see move movement in Dis direction, " Blizzard yells pointing his rifle into a tunnel, at a dim violet light moving in the dark that immediately changed direction it was heading and rushed towards the pegasus. "What the F-" he didn't finish what he was about to say as a violet light glowed intensely as a harpoon lanced itself into his chest before he was jerked into the darkness by an unseen enemy.

Hickory and Wasp ran to the tunnel with guns raised to help blizzard but only saw darkness and in the distance, they heard Blizzard scream only to get cut off sudden which was followed by a roar that sounded like a hound but was distorted and sounded anguished.

"Oh my gods that thing killed Blizzard, " Ripple said covering her mouth.

"Damn it, " Wasp cursed slamming her hoof against the stone wall.

"Ok we need more soldiers for this mission, let's get out of here, " The captain said motioning for the others to follow her. "Whatever this thing is it's too much for us to handle by ourselves."

As they return to the entrance to the tunnel they hear gunfire coming from outside where the raptor landed. The trio ran to the opening just in time to see the raptor explode and sending Apricot flying into heavy machinery that collapsed from the sudden impact crushing the small pony under the immense weight of the machine killing her.

Butter was firing at something but what it was was obscured by the wreckage of the raptor before a large hound jumped on him before crushing his windpipe. The hound looked off to Hickory, the veteran soldier has fought many Hellhounds but this one had a faint greenish glow to several markings that traced his body, his mouth opens slightly as eerie green haze flows down his open jaw.

"Quick back into the cave, " Hickory ordered as the enormous hound looked at the three witnesses to his kill and lets out a loud unnatural roar. "Run now!"

The others didn't hesitate as they ran back inside, Hickory stood her ground her Magic Rifle drawn. I have to find a way to slow that thing down to buy them some time to get away, she thought as the hound grew closer. Her horn ignited as the aura surrounded the burning wreckage of the raptor. The hound pounced and was slammed into the side of the mountain, Hickory Let out a scream of pain grabbing her head. Damn, I ain't as young as I use to be Celestia's mercy that hurt, she turned and follows the others into the cave

Ripple ran until her lungs hurt she stopped to catch her breath, soon Wasp turned to the earth pony with a look of concern.

"Hey Rip, you ok you not freaking out or anything like that?" Ripple asked, trying her best to hide the fear in her voice. “Cuz I am.”

“You would have to be insane to not freak out,” Wasp answered between breaths, looking around at the tunnels they ran into noting a soft dim red light coming from the end of the tunnel. ”We need to find Hickory and get out of here I think that hound isn't the only thing in here with us.”

”What? You mean there is something else that could attack us at any moment?” the Earth pony said her voice squeaked in fear.

”Yes, that mutt didn't attack us in the cave that had to be something else, ” Wasp clarified for the Earth pony. ”and it means we need to keep moving we don't have time to freak out.”

”R-Right!” Ripple agreed, her voice shaking as she turned toward the red light in the tunnel. ”What is that over there?”

”I dunno, but we need to find a way out of here, maybe it's an emergency exit, ” the Pegasus said as she walked toward the light source. ”Ripple keep an eye out we don't need to run into another Nasty critter.”

”Yes, ma’am, ” the other pony acknowledged raising her rifle as she followed the Pegasus.

Where are they, Hickory thought as she stumbled through the tunnels grabbing her head, Celestia, that was stupid for me to do. Hickory trembled as a wave of pain surged through her horn, the dim lights flickered as she walked. What the hell was wrong with that hound, she thought back to the encounter from earlier and how unnatural that hound seemed like it was something else entirely.

As the unicorn walk aimlessly through the tunnel she soon finds a strange purple light, curious she approached it. As she drew closer the light moved erratically toward her. She unarmed, having dropped her magic rifle during her stupid magic stunt, jumped into a nearby tunnel and hid inside. The light slowed as it draws closer, Hickory held her breath praying to Celestia it didn't see her. The light stopped in front of the tunnel the unicorn was hiding in.

Hickory got a good look at the light or more accurately the creature. It was grotesque with a gorilla-like body with purple stones growing out of it's back, it's paws we're sharp, pointed and coated in a glowing purple substance that smelled of decay, and it lacked eyes. The massive creature sniffed the air and grunted before turning away.

Hickory let out a sigh of relief and immediately a spear hit the cave wall next to her face cutting her cheek. The Beast walked towards Hickory, who fell silent. As the violet beast approached it reached for its spear, hickory seeing this as an opportunity to catch the creature off guard she slowly pulled a knife out of her coat.

Suddenly a loud noise like that of a stable door opening filled the tunnels, the beast suddenly turned and left the unicorn to chase the noise. Hickory held her breath until she felt positive that the beast was out of ear shot, slowly she got up and looked at the spear embedded into the rock wall. It was easily two meters long, with her magic she yanked the spear from the wall and looked at the tip it was one of the glowing crystals coated with the violet substance that was on its claws.

Why would it coat the spear it makes it visible, the veteran unicorn thought as she studied the tip. Suddenly her cheek began to burn where she was cut by the spear and her eyes widen with realization, It's poison or something like that, but why would something like that need poison?

I need to find the others before that beast finds them she ran off in the direction of the beast certain that sound was them.

”Who knew there was a Stable down here, ” Ripple remarked as she stepped inside following Wasp.

”Yeah, but it doesn't surprise me, ” Wasp said as she stopped noting one of the doors was smashed in a way something was coming out. ”but this might not be your typical Stable, it doesn't even have a number meaning this was off the record.”

”Why would it be off the record? I thought they were made to help ponies,” Ripple asked looking back at the open door.

”I dunno, but if I was a betting mare I would say our current predicament has something to do with it, ” the pegasus mare replied as she walked further into the Stable with her earth pony companion following close behind.

As the two of them explored the Stable they found the orchard where the stable inhabitants grew and harvested apples, but something was strange about the apples.

”Are those apples glowing?” The pegasus soldier asked no one in particular.

”I think so, but why?” Ripple asked just as confused.

”I don't know but I am definitely not eating those apples, ” Wasp uttered as she looked around the area only finding weird glowing rocks scattered about the orchard. ”What kinda rocks are these?”

Ripple didn't move from her spot under the tree but her eyes wandered off when she saw movement in the hallway they walked down to get to the orchard and a faint sound of claws clicking against the metal floor.

”Wasp there is something in here with us, ” Ripple said pointing her rifle at the door as wasp stepped near her.

”What do you see Rip?” Wasp asked her gun pointed at the door as well.

”I-, ” Ripple was cut off by a spear flying through the opening and hitting the earth pony in the chest with enough force to pin her to a tree.

”No!” Wasp yelled as she opened fire on the opening she heard a screech that was followed by a roar as the Beast charged into the room, wasp spread her wings and took to the sky to stay out of the reach of the beast's claws.

This, however, didn't deter the beast as it began climbing a tree and leaped at the pegasus who dodged it but barely.

”Damn it's fast, ” Wasp said as she tried to position herself to shoot at the beast.

Hickory wasn't far behind the beast as she heard somepony scream no and the sound of gunfire, without thinking she ran into the stable only armed with the spear the creature threw at her. As she ran the sting in her cheek was replaced by a warm feeling that started to spread across her skin, the poison is acting quicker I need to get Ripple and Wasp out of the mine before the poison kills me.

As she ran the gunfire grew louder, soon she found herself in the orchard and saw the pegasus and the Beast fighting. Well seems Wasp has the beast distracted, But where is-? She froze when her eyes landed on Ripple pinned to the tree. No! I was too late, her eyes welled up with tears, I am sorry Ripple I couldn't keep my promise.

The Beast roared in anger as it tried to catch the pegasus again. Wasp wings started to grow heavy she was getting tired from the quick maneuvers she had to do to keep out of reach. She couldn't keep this up much longer as the beast prepared another leap, she prepared for the eventual pounce but it never came as a loud bang from the other side of the orchard distracted the beast long enough so the exhausted pegasus could fly further away from the beast.

The beast was confused by the new sound it sniffed the air before abandoning the elusive pegasus and hoped the new prey would be easier to catch. The banging was being made by Hickory who was hitting the metal wall with the butt of the spear.

Hickory stood there her eyes red from crying and a feeling of rage overcome her, she was going to kill this beast for what it did to her niece and rid its existence from Equestria. The beast stepped closer its putrid scent filling her nose, she readied the spear, her magic aiming the blade at the beasts head, as the beast got closer the veteran soldier's rage grew as soon as the beast was only two steps away did the unicorn shot the spear with all her magical power at the Beast's head the blade shot through its skull killing the creature.

"That's for Ripple," The unicorn said as the dead creature collapsed, soon after the intense warm feeling in her skin increased to painful levels and the feeling of being burned alive. "Damn it burns," she places a hoof on her cheek and is surprised to feel wetness there, removing her hoof and looking at it she was shocked to see the glowing purple substance leaking from the cut.

Wasp landed next to the unicorn, a look of worry on her face. She first looked at the beast and at the fact that half its head was almost cleaved in two by the massive spear. She then looked Hickory.

"I'm so sorry captain that thing caught us off guard," The pegasus said her head hanging low. "I wish it was me instead of her."

"Don't Say That!" Hickory snapped at the pegasus. "Ripple wouldn't want that, if she was in your place she would say the same thing," the elder pony said looking at Wasp. "We need to focus on getting out of here and we can mourn the dead and feel sorry for ourselves when we get back home."

"Yes Captain," the pegasus uttered quietly.

"Good, now since that thing is dead, we should be able to return to the surface and use the radio to request an evac." the Captain said pulling the spear out of the beasts skull.

"Ok captain lead the way." As they walked Wasp noted the staggering of the captain who seemed to have trouble breathing, concern for the unicorn the pegasus leaned against her to help stabilize the unicorn.

"Thanks, Wasp." the captain muttered. the rest of the walk out of the mine was silent only the wheezing of the captain as her condition worsened. Once outside the mine Wasp's heart sank the radio was aboard the Raptor they arrived on and not it was crushed like a paper ball.

"What now we need a radio so we can get you some help captain." Wasp questioned the sick captain.

"Even if you did find a radio i will most likely be dead before help arrived," Hickory informed the pegasus. "I knew this before we even left the Stable," The captain smiled at the pegasus. "It was my last mission to make sure you the last member of Zeta Squad got out safe before I died."

"Don't talk like that captain your going to be fine," Wasp said hysterically.

"Don't worry Wasp its my time, hell I cheated death long enough," Hickory coughed. "Make sure to tell the NCR about what we found down there and what happened to us ok."

"I promise captain," Wasp promised her voice trembling.

With a smile on her face, Hickory faded away, leaving Wasp as the last survivor.

Author's Note:

By Chaotic Flier