• Published 30th Oct 2019
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Fallout Equestria ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland - Doomande

Surviving in the Wasteland is as easy as ABC... or is it?

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N is for Nightstalker, They have a terrible bite. One dose of venom, And you are in for a night.

"No pony truly knows where the Nightstalkers came from. Some think they're a transmutation spell went wrong, similar to the creatures of Stable 24. Others think that they're an experimentation of some mad pony playing god by using Discord's blood. Then some believe Nightstalkers to be the spawn of some ancient snake god. Using their venom in weird rituals to brainwash followers.

"Never the less, Nightstalkers are cunning creatures. They hunt in packs and are highly poisonous. If you find yourself in Nightstalker territory; keep your gun loaded, pray that you packed some anti-venom, and listen for the rattle. For that is the only warning you'll receive before a Nightstalker strikes."
-Prof. Parchy Mustment, Ghoul Explorer Extraordinaire.

A bead of sweat traveled down the face of the tan stallion as he looked through his scope. He scanned the buildings of Manehattan from his hunting blind on top of a half-demolished skyscraper. Within his field of vision, he looked for his mark. There was a small caravan traveling down the railway, most likely heading to Tenpony tower. There was also a Molerat den within the nearby pet store, judging by all the branches and junk gathered there. However, the Hunter continued to scan for his prey.

A few minutes later, the hunter's wings twitched as he spotted a Manticore walking down the main street. He licked his lips in anticipation as he removed his explorer's hardhat and placed it on a rock. Brushing his two-toned green mane out of his face, he braced himself to fire his rifle on his battle-saddle. A scrap of cloth he tied to a pole fluttered in the wind.

The Hunter slowed his breath, lined up his shot, tongue on the trigger, and... Bang! The Manticore was down for the count. "Hell, yeah!" He gave a celebratory shout as he kicked up his hat and landed it on his head in midair. He then glided down to claim his prize.

However, when the Hunter made his approach, he found that the Manticore was weirdly disfigured. Its right foreleg and up its neck was swollen as if it had an allergic reaction to something. Upon closer inspection, the Hunter discovered that it was poisoned from another creature's bite. The bite wound resembled one from a canine except for two deep puncture wounds that resembled snake bite.

Suddenly the sound of a tin can being kicked over resounded off the buildings. The Hunter instinctively spun to the noise, aiming his rifle. It was only for an instant, but he caught a glimpse of something disappearing around the corner, down a street. A moment later, rubble fell from a nearby building with animal noises echoing away. It sounded like a pack of wild dogs retreating.

The Hunter scanned his surroundings for a moment longer before producing a knife to harvest the poison sack off the Manticore. He stared at that sack in deep thought. "Weird..." He scanned his surroundings once more. "Predators don't usually scare so easy." A mare's scream then echoed in the distance as well as gunshots of a small caliber. "Unless They found easier prey!" Upon this revelation, he launched himself into the air toward the gunfire.

As the Hunter sored through the air, he finally came across the metro station where the attack is happening. The sound of rattling echoed in the air. He then swooped in and instantly saw a few creatures nipping at the Unicorn with the gun as another one dragged a helpless colt away.

Without hesitation, the Hunter fired at the one on the colt, killing it. That drew the attention of the other creatures, causing them to scatter and spread out. Except for one, that was keeping the Unicorn at bay, who were between it and his pack Brahmin. the hunter landed next to the colt. He was starting to swell from the creature's bite and was breathing heavily.

The Hunter took a good look at the dead creature and was shocked. "Nightstalkers!? What are they doing outside of Hoofington?" Rattling and growls surrounded the Hunter, as three Nightstalkers flanked around him. One Nightstalker lunged at him from behind.

The Hunter bucked it out of the air, but then the other two used the distraction to attack as well. Swiftly and skillfully, he twisted his body to block one 's bite with his gun. Then, he kicked off the ground flapping his wings to dodge the other. The Nightstalker continued to bite down on the Hunter's gun, as he did his flip, with fangs dripping of venom. As a result, the Nightstalker was flung into a pile of rubble with the air knocked out of it.

The Hunter landed and glanced at the Unicorn. The Caravanner was struggling on the ground pinned, with his varmint rifle in the jaws of the creature. Seeing this, the Hunter aimed his rifle for a kill shot and... Bang! "ARGH!" The Hunter screamed in pain as the Nightstalker he dodged before lunged its fangs in his shoulder. His shot was slightly off, it struck the Nightstalker in the body, but it wasn't a killing blow. it ran off whimpering in pain

The hunter fell to the ground with the Nightstalker tugging and pulling, trying to tear flesh. However, it was denied that flesh when a varmint rifle smacked into it like a club. The Unicorn swung his rifle wildly getting in a few good hits before the whole hunting party retreated yelping.

Once they were gone the Caravanner assisted the Hunter to his hooves. "Are ya ah-right?" The Unicorn said with a thick accent.

"Bucky!" A mare came running out from behind the Brahmin straight to the colt on the ground. She tried to shake him awake to no avail. "Max-a-Million! Bucky won't open his eyes!" She panicked.

The Hunter hobbled as quick as he could to the dead Nightstalker. He took a jar from his bag and collected its venom. He then held it out to the Unicorn. "Take this and you boy to Tenpony Tower. Have them synthesize an anti-venom."

The Unicorn took the jar with his magic. He looked between it and the Hunter who was taking out a knife, scrap cloth, a bandage, and a healing potion. "Whatta bout ya? Ya were bitten too."

The Hunter took the knife and grunted painfully as he cut into the bite, forcing it to bleed. He then switched it with the bandage. "There's not enough for two doses. My only hope is to track the injured one down." He soaked the bandage with the healing potion then tried to wrap the wound with one hoof. Max-a Million saw him struggling and proceeded to wrap the wound for him. "...Thanks."

The Unicorn continued to help the Hunter put his leg in a tourniquet. "Its the least ah can do, fer savin' me boy."

The Hunter nodded. "I'm sure you would've done the same." He then started to hover off the ground with his wings. "You should hurry along, your boy doesn't have much time!" He yelled as he flew off after to blood trail.

After a few minutes of flying, the Hunter found himself sweating profusely. The swelling started to push against the bandages. He briefly checked the wound while flying. Despite what he did to keep the poison from spreading, the venom still got rooted in his blood which caused some discoloration around the wound.

About ten minutes later he landed and continued on hoof. The trail led through a park with a pond in the center. The grounds were overgrown with razor grain and bushes that looked like they had mutated fruit growing on them. Which took the Hunter by surprise. Not long ago, before the Gardens of Equestria was activated, this area was barren.

The Hunter then came across a dilapidated dwelling with a long-dead pony inside. He decided to take a short break, staring at the skeleton with labored breaths. Sweat dripped down his face as he sat onto his haunches. The skeleton was lying on a half-decayed mattress with a destroyed box and an old barrel next to it. Old rusted Farming tools were neatly placed in the barrel. "How Ironic." The breathlessly talked to the skeleton. "You toiled in vain to make this land fertile to your last breath. Only for your crops to flourish after you're dead." Due to the extra movements, the poison took a deeper hold in the Hunter. It started to sap his strength which caused his legs to shake.

The Hunter sat there in silence until he heard a soft whine. Upon investigation, while using the foliage for cover, he found his quarry. The injured Nightstalker was licking its wound with its forked tongue. The hunter licked his dry lips and gingerly grabbed his battle saddle mouthpiece. As he tried to aim he took a deep breath in an attempt to steady his muscles. His eyes squinted and blinked as his vision became blurry. However, the Hunter Recognized his target within the crosshairs. His Tongue on the trigger, he slowly exhaled, and... rattling and growls came from right behind him...

The Hunter had become the Prey...

Author's Note:

By DeadEndtheDullahan