• Published 30th Oct 2019
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Fallout Equestria ABC: Dangers of the Wasteland - Doomande

Surviving in the Wasteland is as easy as ABC... or is it?

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I looked over my class, a feigned smile across my lips looking out over them, barely out of foalhood none of them having a mark on their flank, years ago the wastes had gotten just a bit better, but that’s a story we all know, and they were still as dangerous as ever, “Alright class,” I finally started, Celestia knew it did my heart no good to discuss this with them, but things had to be learned and sooner was always better than later.

“Now, this may be a bit difficult, but you must learn, Equestria… it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, they’re more common than when I was your age but it’s still a rarity, today I will teach you all just a minor amount of the dangers you may face one day, twenty six of them one for each letter,” I continue taking a bit of chalk in a shaky telekinetic aura.

“We start of course, A…”

Author's Note:

By G-man64