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Time changes us all, and Twilight and her friends are no exception. They have been through many trials and troubles in their day, but they've also grown, become more than what they used to be. But even with all the momentous things that have happened, there's always time to pause, to reflect, and to look back on the lives they've led.

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A lovely little story, both on a meta level and on its own. :twilightsmile:

Bye bye Fim i watch you grow old and now its time to say goodbye i will remember you forever and Thanks for the memories.:heart::twilightsmile:

Oh the memories

though fim may pass, brethren, know this
it passed at the right time
it didn't go too soon, as was originally intended(s3 was supposed to be the finale)
nor did it pass only after any and all goodwill for the show was ground out of us(think family guy or simpsons)

This was beautiful, a bit saddened that FIM is ending tomorrow but at least it's going on a high note.💖

Thank you for all the memories MLPFIM!☺

This show has probably been one of the best things to experience in my life. Through it, I've met some of the best people I've ever known, fell in love, pulled me from a deep depression, and got the chance to feel proud of being open. I've got other paths to pursue after this is over, but deep down, I'll always be a Brony. HAIL TO THE MLP FANDOM!!! :twilightsmile:

FIM you have been a fantastic show to me but why didn’t you release a trailer of the first season back in 2010? As well I really enjoyed the specials when they first aired like seeing the canterlot wedding that was so beautiful and emotional, also twilight becoming the princess of friendship and seeing mrs America. Just because mlp is ending it doesn’t mean this site is ending knighty has said that this is not shutting down soon.I will miss this as well it’s been a favorite of mine for a long time but it had to end at some time but we can still watch the reruns of them and watch it online :twilightsmile::raritywink::heart::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Farwell MLP:FiM. We will never forget you.

the show taught us many lessons....but not one
how..to say

good bye..

beautiful story by the way

Ah, but you forget.

When one story ends, another can begin.

Beautiful,beautiful story. Now THAT is how a good story should end.

That was a beautifully bittersweet one-shot. Yeah, I could VERY easily see the group reflecting on all this after the final battle, but before Twilight moves back to Canterlot to officially rule Equestria.

All in all, the exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up were all quite well done.

god tier beautiful
just no words can say how great this is

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