• Published 26th Aug 2019
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Fire and Steel (Mature) - shirotora

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Nice~ :eeyup:
I would have waited for after the Gauntlet of Fire.
Dont want to have to risk a damaged offspring.

Impressive storyline. Reality re-writing magic. I guess resurrection is a possibel thing.

Waiting would mean waiting another year. Besides, the egg won't be participating in the gauntlet of fire.

The mother will... Pretty sure a good kick to the eggs position will not be in favor of the offsprings future...

Egg laying species typically only hold an egg for a couple weeks at most before laying. She'll have laid it long before the Gauntlet of Fire.

Did mew just show up!?

Or it's just a pink cat. There are purple dogs, after all.

Meanwhile, I was looking at the jewelry. In particular, a very beautiful necklace with a large, dark blue and black gemstone pendant.

That's totally Lucarionite

Is it, though?

and egg'y makes three.

Except it isn't, unless Shiro has no idea what Lucarionite looks like (which I highly doubt). Lucarionite is mostly orange, with a blue and a red swoosh thing in the middle. However, Luke COULD have a unique mega stone, with the whole "blessing" thing.

Oh, I know what it looks like. Of course, we've also established that the games aren't 100% accurate. So, it could be Lucarionite, it could not be. It could be the keys to Bigfoot's flying saucer. Who knows?

If it is Bigfoot's flying saucer, can it do barrel rolls?

Your story is featured 'popular now' . Congratulations ones more.

It was featured, both versions at the same time. I'm kinda proud of that :rainbowdetermined2:

All I could see was a couple sleeping birds, a squirrel running around, and a cat... a light pink cat looking down at me from a tree branch with a friendly smile.


I found something endearing about a pony in a children's show having an interest in a mythical race, that happened to be the audience.

I know, right? It seems like the kind of thing that should be creepy, but... it's a cute, colorful pony doing it so it's cool. :rainbowwild:

To be fair... I wasnt clear enough... Also... Ouch...

I mean his load in her mouth. And vise versa

What does my pfp have to do with any of my comments so far?

Do you know what ahegao is?
It’s the face that character is making, typically signifying the fact that one is being fucked silly, losing control of their facial expression. I find it kind of odd that you’re taking that stance, while having your pfp essentially being mid-orgasm 24/7.

I know exactly what ahegao is. My point is that you seem to be under the impression that somehow affects anything in the previous comments I've left. There is literally no correlation between my pfp and my opinion that the author should have just added the mature scenes to the original fanfic rather than make a separate story just so he could add said mature scenes.

Uh, sure, why not. Also, he already explained why he did that, but if you want me to repeat it, here’s the general idea: It’s because having the option is nice. Not everyone wants to read that stuff, or wants to navigate around it in an otherwise non-adult-rated story. Besides, if the writer felt like doing so, and no one else has any problems, and the choice isn’t hurting anyone, then surely it’s not worth this much of your time and energy? :twilightsmile: You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion, and that’s fine, but i think past a certain point, you’re better off just accepting the author’s choices, and moving on.

It wasn't, until you brought up my profile picture. I had completely forgotten about this story and honestly had no interest in returning. Still don't. I'm perfectly happy with dropping this now. As to your insistence on repeating information I already know without actually bothering to learn the context: At the time of writing my first comment, there was no reference to the fact this story was an optional side story. I remember looking, at the time, and seeing nothing of the sort there. That is why I continued with the comment chain. As of right now, that disclaimer is there. Next time, let a multi-month old comment lie. Nobody needs you digging up old topics that were previously resolved.

I’d say people would dislike a sour pickle just as much, but that’s not my distinction to make. Either way, i hope you find more satisfaction somewhere else, and that it brings some positivity with it.

You're literally the one who started all this by bringing up a profile pic in a months dead topic.

So after the newest chapter Ember laying. Its very calming to know there Offspring is safely out of her body.

I guess the Changelings use the stolen Data to create the absolute magic negation? Always wondered how they archived it :raritystarry:


I raised an eyebrow. "What kind of scan?"

Pretty sure she check out his special Bone :trollestia:

O...k... That dont fit the headcanon i just enjoyed :fluttercry: But i guess it kinda fits Discords randomized world...

Luke would have recognized it if it was a mew. Remember, he was into it through gen 2. Hell, he even knew Yomega was going to be an Espeon. He isn't completely ignorant of Pokemon, just unfamiliar with the newer stuff.

Very good point. Still :applejackunsure: Its so... Random... :derpyderp1::derpytongue2: Kinda hoped for a hidden detail for a later plot... I enjoy a story currently in good and active development that enjoys doing it. Here the link if your 'Read later' list need refilling :raritywink:

This was a sweet and spicy chapter I'm happy he is ready to be a dad.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo more

So will there ever be more mature chapters?

Yes. I'm writing one that takes place between chapter 32 and 33. Then there might be a couple more. They won't be as common, though.

I wish it was more common. I see little hints to sexy times and yet no chapters about it here. So sad :applecry:

Extremely slow

You should've said that it was "hard" :ajsmug:

In true tour guide fashion, Lyra lectured as she lead us inside. "Casual wear isn't very common in smaller towns, like Ponyville, but in cities it's quite common. After all, with so many ponies in one place, you need something to help you stand out."

Huh, this explains AJ's hat considering she grew up in Manehattan.

This might sound strange but your story might have helped me Had a alt ending idea with mature and was wondering about title and discription

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