• Published 1st Aug 2019
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I'm Fine, Ok? - Twilight Star

Twilight knows very well that she must understand why Celestia and Luna want to retire. So why a part of her is sad that mostly Luna retires?

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Chapter 4

When morning came, Luna went to the dining room to talk to Celestia, “Good morning, Luna”, greeted Celestia.

“Good morning, sister,” said Luna. “We need to talk”

“About what?” asked Celestia.

“Twilight Sparkle has been so sad lately. I don’t know why. Could you go talk to her since Twilight isn’t in the mood to talk to me?” said Luna.

“Of course, Luna”, said Celestia.

At the castle, Twilight Sparkle already deactivated the shield and she was training how to talk to Luna. She already put the illusion spell on Spike, “Luna… I… I’d like to say that I can’t accept it… I can’t be without you. If you leave, take me along. I... I love you. Since I helped you at Nightmare Night… I… I… ” tears started to flow. She canceled the illusion spell.

“You’re doing great, Twilight”, said Spike.

Twilight Sparkle smiled, though she still has tears, “Thank you, Spike”

Suddenly they heard a sound of hooves pounding on the door, “I’ll answer it”, said Spike.

When Spike was surprised, “p-princess Celestia! What are you doing here?”

“I’ve heard that Twilight Sparkle has been sad lately. Can I come in and talk to her?” said Celestia.

“Wait here. I’ll see with Twilight”, said Spike, before entering.

Twilight Sparkle was in her room, waiting for Spike. The door was closed. Spike entered the room, “So, Spike? Who was?”

“Princess Celestia,” replied Spike. “Should I let her in?”

Twilight Sparkle got nervous. What if Celestia came because Luna asked her sister to come? As much as Twilight liked Celestia’s company, she couldn’t accept, “sorry, Spike. But, no. I can’t fall for Luna’s trick”

“Twilight, she came alone. Luna is in the castle”, Spike tried to convince Twilight Sparkle.

“I know. But what if she tells Luna? I won’t risk it”, said Twilight Sparkle.

“Okay, Twilight…” said Spike, before leaving and going to the castle’s front door.

“She said no. So, I think you better get going”, said Spike, before wiggling his paws as if he told her to leave.

Celestia was surprised. She hoped Twilight would want to see her. But it seemed the problem was more serious than she thought, “ok, Spike. I am going”

Spike watched Celestia fly off. He let out a breath.

In a little while, Twilight won’t even want to leave home.

When the moon rose on the horizon, Luna looked at her sister, “so? Got?”

“No, Luna. The problem is more serious than we imagined”, replied Celestia.

Luna was surprised. Whatever the reason why Twilight Sparkle was sad, possibly Twilight didn’t want the others to know. Luna didn’t understand why Twilight didn’t want help. She could help her. But Twilight Sparkle refused. Whatever the reason, she intended to find out tonight.

Twilight Sparkle was staring at the night sky while crying. She should stop crying and act. But her sadness was greater than any other feeling she felt.

Luna, please. Tell me you won’t go to a faraway land. If you are going away, please take me along with you and Celestia. I don’t want to be alone forever…

Twilight Sparkle got up and started singing.

Ever since I saw you at Nightmare Night, I’ve seen a princess who was misunderstood. I knew i was the right pony to help you…

When I saw you, I fell in love. But I was so shy that I didn’t even have the courage to tell you. Thinking I had my whole life to confess to you.

Whenever I saw you, I felt nothing but joy. Your smile, always catching the others around you. And always making me happy when you smile at me. But now that you will retire, I don’t think I can confess that… Luna, I love you.

When Twilight Sparkle finished singing she started crying again. What she didn’t know was that Luna listened to the song Twilight Sparkle sang. And she felt something new in her heart: Passion.

Luna stepped out of the cloud and was thinking about Twilight.

She loves Me. So this is why she’s crying? So this is why is she sad? Twilight, if I knew you loved me since my first Nightmare Night… I would have… I would have… Twilight, I’ll talk to Celestia. Don’t worry, Twilight. This is for us!

Twilight Sparkle was now in her bed. Crying. There were tissues on a side table next to the lamp. She wanted nothing more than Luna to stay in Equestria with her. She heard the door open, “Twilight, are you there? Let’s practice?”

“Ok, Spike…” replied Twilight Sparkle.

They went into the living room, Twilight Sparkle used the illusion spell on Spike. And now, who was in place was Luna.

“It can start”, said Luna.

“Okay, Luna,” Twilight Sparkle took a deep breath before starting. “Luna, I… I love you. Since our first Nightmare Night together, I’ve developed feelings of love for you. I always loved your night. I always watch the night sky quite often. You can’t leave, Luna. Not for far from Equestria. Luna, please stay with me. For me. If you’re going away, take me along, please. I don’t want to be alone”

Luna cheered, “Very well, Twilight. I see you have improved. You didn’t even cry”

Twilight Sparkle blushed, “thanks, Spike. I think I’m ready to confess to Luna”

When morning came, Luna went to Celestia, who was eating pancakes, “Sister, I found out why Twilight Sparkle is sad”

Celestia swallowed the piece of pancake before saying, “Really? Which is?”

“She’s sad that we, especially me, have to retire. She loves me, sister. I can’t just let Equestria”, replied Luna.

Celestia was surprised. She didn’t expect Twilight Sparkle to love Luna, “since when did she feel that about you?”

“Since my first Nightmare Night”, replied Luna.

“Wow. She must have been feeling this way for years”, said Celestia.

“Yes Sister. Please let me stay. I can’t leave Twilight”, asked Luna. But it sounded more like begging.

“Of course Luna”, said Celestia.

“Thank you, Celestia!” Luna went to Celestia and hugged.