• Published 1st Aug 2019
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I'm Fine, Ok? - Twilight Star

Twilight knows very well that she must understand why Celestia and Luna want to retire. So why a part of her is sad that mostly Luna retires?

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Chapter 2

When morning came, Twilight Sparkle was very sleepy. Yes, she didn’t sleep. It was hard to sleep being very sad. She was very sleepy and ended up falling into bed and sleeping.

Spike had already prepared the pancakes. He wondered if Twilight Sparkle had already woken up. He decided to go to the bedroom and saw Twilight Sparkle sleeping with abdomen down. He let out a breath. Spike didn’t understand why Twilight was hiding something from him. Was it that bad for Twilight to be hiding something from him?

When Twilight Sparkle woke up, it was already dusk. Wow, she was really sleepy. She decided to eat something. Luckily, the pancakes were still on the table.

Thank you, Spike.

Twilight Sparkle started eating the pancake. She already knew what to do after eating, watching the night sky. But she knew it was going to hurt. Because it will remind her of Luna and she would cry, possibly.

When Twilight Sparkle finished eating, she went to the balcony and stared at the night sky. And what she thought about remembering Luna’s night sky was true. Because she started to cry.

Luna, why? Why are you wanting to retire? Who gave you this ridiculous idea?

Twilight Sparkle began to cry. Again. If anypony saw her cry, they would probably think she was still a foal. When she rules Equestria, she knows she can get help from her friends. But she knows that her friends aren’t immortal like her. Being alicorn was good, but it had a disadvantage. You’re bound to see who you love to die. And that was one of the reasons she didn’t want to rule Equestria. She never wanted that. First of all, she never wanted to be an alicorn princess, because of immortality. She just wanted to be a student of Celestia. But it all went so fast. When Luna confessed to her, Spike and her friends about the retirement it made Twilight’s heart break. But she still loved Luna.

“Twilight, are you alright?”

Twilight Sparkle wiped her tears with her hoof before looking at Spike, “yes, Spike”

“Please, Twilight. Let me help you. You aren't like that. You know you can trust me, ”said Spike.

“Spike, you wouldn’t understand!”

Spike was surprised by the tone of Twilight, “Of course I would understand”

“No, Spike. You don’t know what it means to love another mare”


Damn it.

“Love another mare? Are you liking a mare?” asked Spike.

Twilight Sparkle blew out a breath before confessing, “Yes, Spike. I’m liking a mare”

“Is it somepony That I know?”

“Yes, Spike”

“Could you tell me?” asked Spike.

“Do you promise not to tell to anypony?” asked Twilight Sparkle, almost desperate.

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye”, Spike made the Pinkie Promise

“Okay, Spike. I’ll tell you,” Twilight Sparkle took a deep breath before confessing. “I’m liking Luna”

“Wow. I didn’t expect that”, said Spike.

“See, Spike? You don’t understand. I don’t know why I decided to tell”, said Twilight Sparkle, almost about to cry.

“No, Twilight. I understand. Because I’m in love with Rarity”, said Spike.

“But she’s a mare and you’re a dragon”, pointed out Twilight Sparkle.

“Yes. But what matters is that I like her ”, said Spike.

Twilight started crying again.

What if Luna don’t like me? And if she wants to leave because she doesn’t like me?

“Twilight, why are you crying again?” asked Spike.

“I’m afraid Luna wants to leave because she doesn’t like me”, replied Twilight Sparkle, still crying.

“Twilight, she and Celestia are ruling Equestria for over a thousand years. They deserve a break”, said Spike.

“I know. But I don’t want Celestia and especially Luna going to a faraway land”, Twilight Sparkle began to cry even more. She knew this was childish of her, but she didn’t want to be away from Luna.

“Why don’t you confess to Luna?” asked Spike.

“But, but, I don’t know how to confess….” said Twilight Sparkle, still with tears in her eyes.

“I can help you. We can do a roleplay. I can be Luna and you can be yourself”, said Spike.

Twilight Sparkle smiled, though tears still remain in her eyes, “It’s a good idea, Spike”

When the morning came, Twilight Sparkle went into the kitchen, grabbed a jar of ice cream and lay in bed while crying. Spike entered the room, “Twilight”

Twilight Sparkle looked at Spike, still with tears in his eyes, “What’s up, Spike?”

“Shall we play roleplay?” asked Spike.

“Spike, I’m not in the right moment for this”, replied Twilight Sparkle.

“Twilight, if you don’t act, you can never confess to Luna how you feel. You can’t just be whining”, said Spike.

Twilight Sparkle thought before answering, “yes. You’re right, Spike... ”

Spike smiled.

“... I’m too childish to cry for nothing!!” Twilight Sparkle grabbed a pillow and lay on her back.

Spike didn’t expect that answer. He thought she would compliment him. He went to the bed, “Twilight, that’s not what I meant”

“But deep down you could mean that. I don’t know how you put up with an alicorn that is a whining foal!”

“I don’t mean that you're a foal. You need to act, not whine. If you just mourn, you can never tell Luna how you feel”, said Spike.

“Okay, Spike. Lets do this”, said Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle got out of bed and walked into the living room, “Now, imagine I’m Princess Luna”, said Spike.

Twilight had an idea, “I already know! I’ll use an illusion spell on you”

“That’s a good idea, Twilight”, agreed Spike.

Twilight Sparkle made magic come out of its horn and caused a smoke to appear on Spike. When the smoke disappeared, Luna was there.

Twilight Sparkle took a deep breath, “Luna, I would like to confess that… That…”

Twilight Sparkle remembered Celestia and Luna talking about their retirements. She ran off while she had tears in her eyes.

When Twilight Sparkle came out, Luna disappeared and Spike was in place. Spike took a deep breath.

It will be harder than I thought.