• Published 1st Aug 2019
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I'm Fine, Ok? - Twilight Star

Twilight knows very well that she must understand why Celestia and Luna want to retire. So why a part of her is sad that mostly Luna retires?

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Chapter 1

The defeat of King Sombra was a success. Everypony was happy. Well, minus Twilight Sparkle. She was in her Friendship castle. She was looking at the stars. Just looking at the stars only reminded her of Luna. Luna… Since she helped Luna on Nightmare Night, she has developed feelings for the night princess. Just silly her. She had no courage to admit before, and now Celestia and especially Luna would retire when she is ready. She knew she has time to confess to Luna about how she feels. And who knows, if she confesses, Luna decides to stay with her in Equestria. She knew it was selfish of her. But she couldn’t deny those feelings of love she felt. She began to cry softly. Twilight knew she should have told Luna before they spoke of they retirement. Twilight Sparkle thought she had all lifetime to confess to Luna. But she was wrong, “Twilight, is everything okay?”

Twilight Sparkle heard Spike’s voice, “oh, yes. Don’t worry”, she wiped her tears with a hoof.

“Are you sure?” asked Spike.

“I said yes, Spike. Thanks for the concern”, smiled Twilight Sparkle.

“OK. If you need me, I’m always here”, said Spike, before leaving.

When Spike was out of sight, Twilight Sparkle closed her eyes and started crying again. She no longer wanted to look at the night sky. At least not today. It just reminded her of Luna. She decided to go to sleep.

When Twilight Sparkle woke up, she saw that it was still night. And for a strange reason she was at Canterlot Castle. That’s weird. Wasn’t she in her bedroom before? She started to walk. Until she entered the throne room and saw Luna and Celestia talking to Sunset Shimmer.

“So will you give me the power to raise and lower the sun?” asked Sunset Shimmer.

“Yes. And Twilight the power to raise and lower the moon”, replied Celestia.

Twilight Sparkle couldn’t believe it. Not long ago the princesses told her that she would only rule Equestria when she was ready. Did they lie to her?

Celestia realized that Twilight Sparkle was at the door, “ah. Hi Twilight. We need to talk”

Twilight Sparkle knew she would never do that. But she did. She ran away, “Twilight! Wait!”

But Twilight Sparkle didn’t listen, she kept running. She didn’t want to be without Luna by her side. But did she know it was possibly for the greater good? Tears came from her eyes.

Luna…. Why?

That’s enough!!

Suddenly, Dream Celestia, Dream Luna and Dream Sunset Shimmer disappeared. Luna appeared with a benevolent smile.

Luna… No… She can’t see me like this…

“Twilight? Why are you crying?” asked Luna worried.

Twilight Sparkle tried to smile, though she still had tears, “It’s nothing. It’s just dirt in the eyes”

Luna didn’t seem to believe, “Is something bothering you?”

“No, Luna. Why do you think that?” said Twilight Sparkle. She didn’t like to lie. But she didn’t want to confess to Luna how she felt. If she did that, she would break even more emotionally.

“You're crying. Come on, Twilight. You can trust me”, said Luna with a smile.

Sure. Until she leaves me and goes to a land far away from Equestria...

“Twilight, are you alright?”

“Yes. Why?”

“You made an angry face”, replied Luna.

“It’s just that I remembered something that happened before I went to sleep. That’s all”, said Twilight Sparkle.

Luna didn’t know if she believed it. Why did she feel that Twilight Sparkle was hiding something? Was it something she did? Suddenly she felt that Twilight Sparkle would wake up. She started to get out of the dream.

When Twilight Sparkle woke up, she couldn’t help noticing that her cheeks were wet. She knew she was crying. But She didn’t believe she would cry while sleep.

“Twilight! Breakfast!”

Twilight Sparkle was worried. How she would hide her tears. She grabbed some tissues and wiped it off. Now Twilight just hoped she didn’t cry again.

Celestia was eating the pancakes until she saw Luna, “Good morning, Luna. How did it go with your work?”

“Good”, answered Luna, a little sad and worried about the state of Twilight Sparkle in the dream.

“Luna? What happened?”

Luna sat at the table, “Twilight Sparkle was crying when we visited her in her dream”

“Do you know what she dreamed?” asked Celestia.

“I would ask her. But seeing her crying made me worried”, replied Luna.

Spike noted that Twilight Sparkle was eating fast, “No need to eat fast, Twilight”

Twilight Sparkle swallowed the pancake, “sorry, Spike. But I am in a hurry”

“To read books?”

“No. To stay in my bedroom”

Spike was worried about Twilight Sparkle. She wasn’t like that, “Is something bothering you?”

“I told you, Spike. No”, answered Twilight Sparkle.

“Then why are you gonna stay in your bedroom? Do you plan on reading in the bedroom?” asked Spike.

“Yes ... Yes. I plan to read in the bedroom”, replied Twilight Sparkle.

Spike didn’t know if he should worry about Twilight Sparkle. Twilight usually stayed outside with her friends. Did Twilight Sparkle go into depression?

When Twilight Sparkle and Spike were done eating, Twilight Sparkle grabbed some books from the shelf and ran into the bedroom. Spike was worried about Twilight Sparkle. Why did he feel that Twilight was lying to her?

Twilight, you’re not like that… Why are you hiding something from me?

Luna went to her bed to sleep. But she couldn’t sleep. She was worried about Twilight Sparkle. She wanted to help Twilight Sparkle. But how? She also wanted to know why Twilight Sparkle was crying. She had to find out. But how? Twilight Sparkle refuses to talk to her.

It was already dark, and Twilight Sparkle didn’t leave her room. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to confess to Luna that she loved her. But she was afraid of rejection. She was afraid that even if she confessed to Luna, Luna would decide to abandon her. She started to cry.