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Im like a Baby Discord with a crazy imagination


Discord fed up of losing in O & O sets up a padded board game against those who mocked him (including Twilight). The game is set up like Mario Party and the ponies can't escape until one wins. The worst part is that the losers of the game will be diaper dependent for a month!

This is a commison from: Muffin Mare

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It's a good story, but there are a few errors.

This made them all gulp and paid attention to the draconequus who snapped a claw revealing a giant chalkboard as he explained. "Now, let me continue, so…there are also shops along the road and they have baby bottles filled with different things, breast milk will give you the power to take twenty blocks from any opponent randomly and costs five blocks. Cow's milk will make you gain three extra blocks for every successful roll of the dice, which costs five blocks. The chocolate milk will make you gain three extra dice to roll and costs twenty blocks. While strawberry gives you three times the number of blocks for a roll. The formula will bloat you, and after rolling the dice every pony, you pass you'll take half their blocks and costs ten blocks. Now that we have that settled every time after everypony takes a turn a mini-game will appear, and the winner gets ten blocks, while second place gets five and third gets three and forth gates one and an embarrassing punishment. There are three special blocks one has a Fluttershy space she'll come down and will roll the dice, and you'll get two times the amount of blocks it lands on if you can beat her mini-game. However there are also baby Discord spaces who will give you a mini-game and if you win you'll also get to roll the dice for a chance to get three times the amount of blocks for the number it lands on or if you lose you'll lose all the blocks you had in your pool up to this point!"

Instead of gets you accidentally put gates

Discord, Princess Celestia, Big Mac, and Spike were all in one of the towers in Canterlot palace sitting around playing O & O together on a giant roundtable with a playing field designed with little figurines and pieces of paper with their stats of each of their characters...They all seemed to be having a good time together each with a big smile on their faces and were all watching Spike, the dungeon master who was hiding behind a three-fold piece of cardboard where he had an open book of O & O out as well where was able to narrate the adventure. Everyone watched with anticipation along with Discord, who was sitting in his seat with a nervous expression printed on his face while biting his claws. Spike was telling the group about something happening in the game in a sinister tone. "So…you're all in the dark dungeons of the evil necromancer. Your party is surrounded by thirteen ghouls wielding all sorts of deadly weapons all ready to tear your flesh apart. One of the ghouls lurches at Discord the grand wizard. What is your next move."

Put he between where and was

Big Mac plopped onto his padded rump in a cacophony of crinkles with a pout on his face as the three blocks appeared over his head. Spike smirked seeing the die coming behind his backside, and the baby dragon flicked his tail and slammed the die with it as the cube flew across the game board and ended up on a one as well. The ponies burst into laughter as he rolled his eyes and waddled to the first space, just like Celestia. But just as he came on the space, another diaper with cute purple gems printed on the padding wrapped itself around his rump and sealed itself creating a symphony of crinkles as it pressed itself into his other diaper with an added poof of foal powder to billow out. The little baby drake whined as he flapped his wings and slammed his claws over his double padding making it crinkle and bulge out even more. Celestia dawwed and ruffled the dragon's spine and cooed, "oh don't be embarrassed Spike your double diapered like me!"

Might want to word it as "waddled to the first space joining Celestia

But in all sincerity it's a good story

It looks cute amazing story. Hope. your could write. Mord of this story because it looks amazing

That stuff with Fluttershy and Baby Discord? Is that a Mario Party reference? :trixieshiftright:

By the end of all this I'm just hoping they're all stuck padded up for a month.

Comment posted by Yeah_Im_A_Gamer deleted September 8th

This story is amazingly and cute cute a s well too. And are t they going to be more of it

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