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After Timber had dumped Twilight and she cried at the alley. She was about to get kidnap by three college students and a mysterious girl saved her and both of them became friends.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 35 )

Yes, reminds me of a dog romance story that i can't remember

This is really good. Good job

Not a bad start.

I really like this! I wonder where it will go :D

Street rat... I would brag for the rest of my life if I had that nickname.

Sunset is so sweet & lovely to Twilight & I love it!

I need to write some of this down, Sunset is a flirting Pro!

Interesting to see that human Sunset actually knows about Sonata, even though this was the siren version. Question Artist, are the Dazzlings (either the humans or the sirens) gonna play a factor in Sunset & Twilight's relationship or was this is a one time appearance?

Damn your cliffhanger answers :twilightangry2:

Right?? I can't even lie, the Christmas one shocked me. I'm writing that one down XD

Uh oh, Twilight's friends found out about her relationship with human Sunset, but Sugarcoat is now gunning for her (Twilight) out of jealousy!

Is it Lady and the Tramp?

This was funny because Shining and Cadence about to kill Timber.

Now I want to see the Main 7 reactions of the story

Rainbow & Sonata are dating!? :pinkiegasp:

Interesting... So Human Sunset does indeed know all the Human Dazzlings, now that we met Human Adagio.

Finally, they're officially a couple!

Why isn't there a Dazzlings tag?

There not mostly important in the story

This is good sunset better not take twi's magic

Well holy shit, this is a shocking turn of events, I did not see coming! Hopefully, Sunset tells Twilight about this and not keep it a secret, considering she is planning to double-cross that jackass Timber!

I don’t like how Pinkie & Rarity drag her into those situations, but at least Sunset has a new name (kinda) & she just roasted that idiot Flash. Now, she just needs to tell Twilight about Timber’s plan.

Interesting, so Midnight is still alive inside Twilight, huh?

Oh Sunset.... she just lost everything and now, Chrysalis and Timber are going to take what's left....

That's real harsh for Sunset/Light, and now she just lost practically everything all thanks to that stupid Timber

"Ah see it in her eyes that she's telling the truth... We didn't let er' explain. We were so angry that we didn't face the fact the she was a good person. Now ah know y'all are still angry but would ah ever lie to ya?" Applejack asked.

I fucking swear, AJ's ability to sense lies is so useless most of the time.

It’s gonna be one hell of a fight in the next chapter

I wonder who Light's mom? Maybe it's either Celestia or Luna

I'm gonna have to guess that it's Chrissy (just my theory tho)

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