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My attempts at comedy are more depressing than my depressing stories.


Starlight likes Sunburst. Sunburst likes Trixie. Trixie likes Starlight. Hilarity ensues. 'Nuff said.

A/N: This is PURE crack shipping, intended for comedic purposes. Please don’t take seriously. TBH, I literally wrote the first chapter in no more than 2 hours on an impluse. :twilightsheepish:

Contains SPOILERS for Season 9 episode 20 (A Horse-Shoe In). You have been warned.

This is a multiple POV story.

Inspired by this fanfic over on FFN: [...]/s/9799512/1/Serious-Love-Triangle

Chapters (2)
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2 hours of time and you can't even break 2k? Weakling! :twilightsmile:

Yes, I'm guilty, I am unfortunately a very slow writer. :pinkiesad2: Also when I rush things they tend to turn out like crap.

9758576 I'm the complete opposite then. I need to mash out the whole thing/chapter/story out in one go and publish it, or I'll start to doubt the quality and enter an endless cycle of re-writes and hesitations until I hate all of it. I mean, I proofread once but that's it.

To each their own, right? :raritydespair:

This has potential.


Oh god, these idiots.

Is vice headmare the right term if Sunburst is a guy?

Ah yes, the joys of fan fiction: where everypony, big or small, underage or overage, male or female or neither are all horny as horses. :duck:

About the "headmare" thing. Yes, that's what I thought, but in the episode Big Mac was a candidate for "vice headmare," and Sunburst was called "vice headmare."

I guess you could say that there's a double standard: if you call a female filmer a "cameraman," most people won't bat an eye. Call a male police a "policewoman" and everyone will think you're strange. :rainbowhuh:


That's a good point.

I wanna see how this goes

This is PURE crack shipping,

Really? I thought the Trixie/Starlight and Starlight/Sunburst pairings were very common.

Yes I suppose. The only reason why I said that was because I didn't want people to say that they're being OOC, or that the shipping isn't feasible. Really, I just arranged the pairings so that there'd be a nice and neat love triangle.

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