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Nightmare Moon is defeated, and peace has once more returned to Equestria. For Twilight Sparkle, she now awakens to her second day in the quiet town of Ponyville, and her first morning as a resident here. Happy and content with this new home, she thinks on the recent changes she's been through.

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Comments ( 6 )

Lovely story. Nice nod to one of the official art of the Mane Six posing together

Nice slice of life story here, also good callback to the first Mane Six posing photo! :pinkiehappy:

Ha! Rainbow Dash can't do bunny ears.

A diegetic take on the first theme song. Nice. A lovely little slice of early Ponyville life. Thank you for it.

Excellent work on the exchanges, characterizations and wrap-up to this one-shot midquel set after the pilot but before "the Ticket Master". Indeed, I could see Twilight and Spike reacting this way to this then-very recent series of events. And, as was aforementioned by other reviewers, really good reference to the first group picture seen in the opening credits.

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