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This story is a sequel to Horde in Equestria

After the sudden Horde attack on Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle visits the injured Princess Celestia in hospital where she, and the other Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, are given a mission.

To travel to the world the Horde came from and learn all about the way they use magic, so that better defenses against it can be developed.

Arriving at their destination, the six friends find themselves caught in a twisted web of deceit and betrayal. And soon, the drums of war are sounding ominously close to home...


Rated Teen for violence.

Comments contain spoilers.

This is the sequel to Horde in Equestria, so I suggest you read that first. The third and final part of this trilogy can be found here.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 136 )

This sounds nice, please more ganking xD Mane6 should totally get their asses kicked by some ganker :d


Thank you!


There will be blood, but I don't think I'll go that far ... or will I? :trollestia:

either way I'm sticking around for this.

Me 2, when can we expect new updates ?

Started reading you WoW blog. Being a vivid wow player myself, I started reading it. And so far I'm up to page 8. Your realm seems to be filled with some 'interesting' characters from what i've seen.


I often write several pages at a time, so updates shouldn't be too infrequent.


I've been on many WoW realms in the five years I've been playing. I hope that reading my blog doesn't make you think of me as a bad person.

not a bad person just a logical one. As for all your 'stories' I think they are hilarious, coming from someone who started the randomist trade talks. I once got a 2 day long argument started on cloning in my realm. I do believe I counted 90+ ignores in one day.

This is why i'm an alliance player. I hate Garrosh with passion.

I, Heavy Weapons Guy, Play on the Alliance's side.
And I dont like Garrosh...Or Rogues.
Just when I thought Garrosh was actually being nice, he sends the assassins,

At first I was like "Oh look they made Garrosh nice for once"

But then I was like, "Oh wait, there we go. There's the guy I dislike..." :pinkiecrazy:


Garrosh can never be portrayed out of character. NEVER.


You flatter me, kind sir. :rainbowkiss:

wow just wow in didnt think there be a sequal but damn this is getting good

this is why we Horde players dont like Garrosh that much he is paraniod beyond belief

yeah that wont end well, and did Twilight speak Orcish? when did she learn that?


No, she was speaking Equestrian/English, or Common if you'd prefer. Zorann and Luxxoria were speaking Orcish, hence the use of italicised text for their conversation. I figured that since the Alliance and Horde have worked together in the past, its only natural they'd know each others languages, which is how our intrepid Horde duo can speak Common.

"If you two are quite finished talking," she said bluntly, "then we need to find a place to rest for the night."
That was Twilight, wasn't it?


Yes, but she coughed to get their attention first, then addressed them in Equestrian/English/Common.


It was? *checks the chapter* Oh shit, so it is. I never even noticed.

It's fixed now.

Hmm me thinks it is the calm before the shitstorm. Garrosh does not take kindly to failure.

yeah well the assassins are already dead so they wont be punished unless they are rezerected then they might be punished, depends on how pissed Garrosh is about it

1094023 I was referring to when he finds out they killed his best assassins. Two traitors at that.:fluttershyouch:

true yeah they are scrwed for sure, but my first response still holds true Garrosh is nuts he would rezerect a fallen solder just to punish them for failure so yeah, so the assassins and the traitors are in for it trust me i play Horde so i know how crazy Garrosh is

1094053 what server? I play horde as well

Foolish ponies would'nt they end up in the middle of Org? May has well give the spell to Thall and Garmoish Have the Forsaken go in a Plague The land

Foolish Ponies. They must speak with the True Warchief Thrall

Dont be Foolish my Hordies. Retreat back to your Own Race they will keep you safe

We must inform Thrall asap of what Garrosh is planning!:pinkiegasp:

yeah Equestria is screwed.... well the carnage thats goign to ensue should be cool but yeah the ponies are screwed

would Thrall even do anything now what he is the Earth Warden or what ever he is know ...oh wait he is the World Shaman, yeah he could do something but will he is the better question

1098038 Thrall would not allow slaughtering of the innocent and he would not allow Garrosh to start war with the new species when he has been working so hard to obtain peace for his ancestor's mistakes.

true, well i play blood elf so my orc history is a bit rusty

1098068 I play blood elf as well but I have also played since Warcraft humans vs orcs. Plus some of the books give great detail of world of Warcraft's history.

clearly your more of a fanatic about WoW than i am, and will drop this arguement becuase i am clearly out matched

1098286 I won't say fanatic.:fluttershysad:
I just love a good storyline and it has a great story.

Sorry, but I don't have any plans to introduce Thrall to the story.

However, I will add that idea to the list of bonus chapters I'll be doing once the story is complete.

Im pretty sure Garrosh himself would go to Equestira Or send the forsaken


He would send the Forsaken, if he could only trust them not to use their Blight.

Yes the Forsaken is untrustworthy. Dark lady watch over you

Twas expecting the Alliance to aid them in the battle to be honest. I could just imagine a giant battle between the factions in the plains of Equestria, aided by the ponies. Alas, we shall see :trixieshiftright:

yeah Varrion is a dick at times, but in this story you have truely captured the all mighty Garrosh in his true nature: A BLOOD CRAZED ORC WITH A NAPOLIAN COMPLEX

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