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Pinkie becomes an Eevee in the world of a game she likes, and forms a team with a Cyndaquil with the name of her friend Rainbow Dash. Will she discover why she's here?
Follows the plot of Red Rescue Team somewhat. Spoilers for said game.

Author's Note:
Cover art would be liked, as would be proofreaders.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

The highlight of the chapter was this:

Her cutie mark was game cartridges for the current “in” console, the Gamecolt Advanced. Which was a better version of the previous “in” console, the Gamecolt, which was “in” a few years ago. Without the Advanced.

It conveys Pinkie’s personality in third-person narration.

As for the rest of the chapter, it’s really rushed, and you’re inconsistent with double linebreaks. People usually put double linebreaks after each paragraph in online stories because it makes it easier to read.

Yeah sorry. I can be bad at writing sometimes. And I was doing this on word and then copy-pasting it to here because yesterday my Internet was being stupid. Next chapter will hopefully be better, I'll try to write it on here.

This is based on a game, not the anime, and linking to a group called "bad art" looks like a stealth insult.

Sorry, that's all the Art bast group I had

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