• Published 28th Jul 2019
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Romantic Mischief - TheHardie-Boy

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Super cuddles! Starring: Starlight Glimmer (warning: excess amounts of cute)

I was in the library, looking through an old photo album that Twilight had somehow managed to salvage from the remains of Golden Oaks Library.

Some of these pictures, I could recognize instantly. Others, I had no idea where they came from. Either way, the trip down memory lane was just glorious.

I stopped at a particular picture, where Twilight and I were leaning our backs against each other and crossing our arms, trying to look cool for some reason.

It was too bad Twilight wasn’t actually here with me. She and Spike were off in Canterlot, visiting old friends of theirs. This time definitely would’ve been nicer with her here to reminisce with me. Maybe we could when she got back. Probably.

I flipped the page when I suddenly felt something weighing down on my back and a pair of hooves wrap around me.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?” asked the unmistakable, melodic voice of Starlight Glimmer.

“A few old pictures of me and Twilight, from before she became an alicorn,” I answered.

Starlight slid off my back to sit next me. “Mind if I look with you? I mean, I know I wasn’t there, but it’d still be nice to talk about fun memories.”

I leaned in and gave her a little kiss on her forehead. “Of course.”

We looked at a few pictures, a few of which I explained in detail to Starlight.

“Wow, Twilight was a lot...smaller as a unicorn,” Starlight giggled.

“I know. That difference isn’t huge, but it’s still noticeable,” I agreed.

Starlight suddenly looked at me. “Do you think I’d be any bigger as an alicorn?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. You’re definitely...larger than Twilight was when she was a unicorn...but I guess you could always be bigger. But then you probably wouldn’t be as cute.”

Starlight giggled cutely when I called her cute, and I gave her mane a little rub. In return, she gave my arm a playful nuzzle.

We turned our attention back to the album until we came across a picture I remembered all too well. Twilight and I were in a rather...comfortable embrace, and we both wore uncontrollable smiles. What kind of surprised me was that there was a large heart drawn around the picture.

I chuckled a little, remembering that day. “I guess that was when she fell in love with me.”

Starlight rested her head on my shoulder. “Why would that be? What happened?”

“This was a day after I moved out of Golden Oaks Library. Twilight was sad about the whole thing, said she missed me. So...I came by one day, and gave her...let’s just say, it was a friendly experience.”

Starlight smirked at me. I knew that look; that was the look that meant she wasn’t gonna let me drop something embarrassing.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a voice that sounded innocent at first, but slowly morphed into one of mocking the more I thought about it.

“I showed a few displays of what was then, just platonic affection, but judging by the heart around us here, I’m gonna guess she took it a little more seriously than it was meant to be,” I said, chuckling.

“Displays of platonic affection? Such as?” Starlight asked.

“It just started with a little scratching behind the ear, but I kinda got carried away and started stroking her chin and rubbing her belly like one would a...dog, as well as a few other things. At first, I thought she would be upset, since she’d seen me do the same to Winona, Applejack’s dog, but she said she really enjoyed it and that it was very relaxing,” I explained.

Starlight’s face scrunched up. “Ear scratches and belly rubs? It doesn’t sound that relaxing.”

I looked down at her. “Are you saying that you are resistant to ear scratches and belly rubs?”

She looked up at me and smirked. “What if I am?”

“I’d say you’re in desperate need of my super cuddles,” I said, returning her smirk.

She snorted. “S-Super cuddles?”

“That’s what I called it,” I admitted.

“You are such a doofus,” Starlight said, giving my shoulder a small shove.

“Oh yeah? How about a little wager?” I tempted.

She stopped giggling. “I’m listening.”

“If I give you super cuddles, and you even show the slightest hint that you’re relaxed, you have to...go a whole week without nighttime cuddles from me,” I said.

Her eyes became wide with surprise. “R-Really? A whole w-week?”

I had her right where I wanted her. Every week, for four days, Starlight and Twilight chose two nights to cuddle with me, and Starlight had admitted that she absolutely loved it every single time.

“Yep, a whole week, and Twilight would even get twice the amount of cuddles with me,” I added.

Her face suddenly turned into a smirk. “Fine then. If I feel relaxed by the end of your ‘super cuddles’ I’ll go a week without your regular nighttime cuddles. But if I’m not relaxed by the end, you have to spend every night of the week with me, and let me cuddle you any way I want.”

“I’ll tell you what. You’ve got yourself a deal,” I said.

“Alright then. Start when ready,” she said.

I started by wrapping my arm around her. “This super cuddle stuff isn’t too hard. All it really takes is to be a little playful.” I exaggerated my point by firmly giving her nose a little *boop*. Her muzzle scrunched up adorably, and she gave a cute snort. I repeated the action, and the snort turned into a giggle.

“You think that feels good, you should try...this,” I said, bringing my other hand up to her ear and giving it a light scratch at the base. At first, she tried to resist it, but she slowly leaned into me, her eyes becoming half-lidded...until I leaned back just enough for her to fall onto my lap. She giggled adorably, looking up at me, also adorably, with her hooves curled over her chest.

“This is just too easy,” I humbly bragged as I continued scratching her ear. With the same hand, I rubbed her cheek with my thumb and gave it a little squeeze. It was soft, and quite frankly, squishy. With my other hand, I rubbed her belly in a circular motion, noticing she has a little bulge where her tummy was, probably from eating so many sweets.

Meanwhile, Starlight’s smile was beginning to imitate Twilight’s in the picture, and her eyes were closed. I could tell she was trying to fight it, but it was a battle she would sorely lose. She was undoubtedly enjoying this.

I got an idea and stopped rubbing her belly to softly poke it with my index finger. It sinked in a few inches before I felt any resistance. I was right; she had a cute bit of tummy pudge there. I gave it another poke, squeezing it with my thumb as well. Starlight giggled and hummed in pure content. If she had the ability to purr, I’m sure she would have.

Suddenly, I got an even better idea. I poked her belly again, but this time, much more firmly. Starlight’s mouth tightened as she tried to hold in a giggle. I repeated the action a few times, even getting a few twitches from her forelegs and hind legs as well as another cute snort.

“Gotcha,” I whispered as I stopped poking her belly and squeezing her cheek, much to her dismay. I put my hands on either side of Starlight, who still lay on her back in my lap, and put both my thumbs back on her belly. As soon as she opened her eyes in curiosity, I quickly unleashed my attack. I repeatedly buried my fingers into her sides, and poked my thumbs back into her belly. She was wiggling and kicking her hind legs, all while laughing like a child. I heightened my tickles just a bit, and her laugh became much louder, occasionally turning into squeals of joy. My mind nearly drifted to focusing on how cute she was being, but I had to stay focused.

“Ja-ha-ha-ake, s-stop, i-it’s too much- AH!” she squealed. She shot her hooves up to try to stop me, but that was a big mistake. I shot my hands up, right to where her forelegs met her chest, and continued my assault. She was now screaming in pure joy, and her eyes began to water up.

“You’re just a little filly, aren’t you?” I teased, holding her down with my body.

“P-Please, sto-ha-ha-op, I can’t t-take anymore!” she screamed in reply.

“Say it! Say you’re just a cute, little filly!” I said, starting to laugh myself.

“AH! Never!” she yelled.

I tackled her to the ground and pinned her, doubling my efforts. She tried to get free, but she couldn’t move. “Say you’re just a cute, little filly, and I’ll stop!”

“AH ha, ha! Fi-hine, y-you win! I’m just a cute, little filly!” she screamed in submission.

I let up my tickles, but still held her down. “Yeah, but you’re my cute, little filly, and I love you.” I pushed my head down and held her against the floor with a kiss. I could still feel her giggling under me.

When we broke apart, Starlight had the exact same smile as Twilight did in the picture. “You win, that was great. At least, your cuddles won’t go to waste.”

I rolled onto my back, holding Starlight on top of me. “Hey, I was just kidding. I would never take away your nighttime cuddles. I love them just as much as you.”

“G-Good, because to be honest, I only teased you, so you’d do that with me like you did with Twilight,” Starlight admitted, still giggling from my tickle assault.

I kissed her again. “All you had to do was ask.”

Author's Note:

Here’s a bit of cute fluff for you guys, since none of you want to contribute. Thanks to ThePinkedWonder (and his new creepy profile pic) for proofreading