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A man from our world dies and is reincarnated in the world of My Little Pony with three gifts, these gifts can be blessings or curses is a matter of perspective, the first gift will be obvious to him, the second gift only time will reveal it, and the last one must be found by our protagonist.

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I'm just waiting for quotes like "you should apologize to me, for being born into MY world" and "I don't hate you, all I feel is pity".

I plan to use those heheh

This is good

(Reads description)
Sounds intriguing.

Why is he being a jerk

because lions are jerks

I see what his first power is, he is like superman toned down, the more sunlight the more power

Sunshine is a magic Power that makes the wielder arrogant and proud , all he feels is pride and arrogance right now, like escanor of the seven deadly sins

Sunshine , from the seven deadly sins

Is this a Lion King crossover?

The seven deadly sin crossover - only power though

this is the best please make more

I feel like the writing changed a little near the end. Could have used a little more editing.

Author's Note:

Old English is a pain in the flank to write

Informative: Actually that's early modern English, this is frôd Englisc.

Well too bad Celestia but no one cares

Also what other powers does he have?

Gotta ask, is Fer a Spanish?

Fer felt like he was thrown out of a building, His body was in great pain, when he finally opened my eyes I found myself in a forest at night, he could hear the animals moving, the owls in the shadows, the night was particularly beautiful here, every star was clearly unobstructed for everyone to see, it was beautiful, he tried to get up from the ground, but ended up falling to the ground, I notice my body was different, under the moonlight he could see it clearly, he had no hands, he had hooves, and a light brown coat all over my body, “I'm a pony!? Don't tell me this is the world of My Little Pony!”

It's either "i" or "he" make up your mind

I was fixing that yesterday but I fall asleep

I was changing the POV yesterday im gonna finish today .

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