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This story is a sequel to Rules of Etiquette

In the City of Canterlot there is a bar, a very singular bar, that is tended by a singular bartender. The Bar of the Last Note Lounge is a place where a person can order any drink and get exactly what they wanted and needed, in exactly the right way, and the ability to do so is something that Sonata Dusk prizes.

Twilight Sparkle is trying to mend a friendship broken by rash words and a terrible argument, and she has come to the Last Note on more than one occasion hoping to find the courage to do so.

Predictably, that hasn't really worked out.

Maybe she just needs a good drink.

Cover Art is a WIP by Rhealm.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 26 )

wow, i did not expect to see fluttershy as a Dom.
no sex tag, so i guess Twi and Sonata won't be hooking up like Aria and Sunset, or Adagio and Tav?

“Time to mix drinks and change lives.”

The Three-quel has finally arrived!

I'm so very happy you're giving this to us.
Looking forward to another fine story.

Here we go, the the third and final story in the Rules series! This is off to a great start, because we're finally going to get to see Twilight try to make amends from her outburst against Sunset, back in book 1.

You didn’t think I’d leave that little plot thread unexplored, did you? :twilightsmile:

Of course not I know you too well :pinkiehappy:

Three things.

First, yay, it's here!.

Second, your perpetuation of the abuse of nonplussed makes me sad. Damn people making it the next moot.

Third, trying to figure out the drink. I'm guessing a Boulevardier, but the multiple C options are bugging me.

Firstly, not to you but to the site, WHY WASN'T THIS IN MY NOTIFICATIONS?!?!?!!?

Secondly, so happy to have this up, I absolutely love these series of stories, and honestly I was looking forward to this one the most.

Thirdly, Twilight and Sonata is a rare ship indeed. Very intrigued to see how their relationship develops in the coming chapters.

And lastly, if you didn't see it on your announcement, I want these (and Featherfall) in book form so bad. When/where can I throw my money at you?

Maybe it's my imagination but this chapter reminds me of the manga Bartender by Araki Joh. Now you have my attention.

Great chapter. Cant wait for more.

So it is not your imagination, Bartender!Sonata is dressed exactly like Ryu from the Manga as a nod to it, because it's one of my favorite manga ever. :twilightsmile:

Its been years since I read that Manga. Good to know someone who has read it and enjoyed it as much as I do.:twilightsmile:

The softest of openings for the softest of gals~

I can already tell this is gonna be exactly as sweet as I want it to be and I am here for the diabetus!

Bartender Sonata is something I needed in my life, this story is looking up. Keep it up man :heart:

And here comes the meat of it. The Twilight/Sunset/Aria dynamic is certainly promising as a conflict point.

Also, enjoying the reminder that asexual and aromantic are two very separate things.

oh, shit. i did not see that coming.
i see sunset used the past tense of being friends, does she no longer want to be friends with Twilight now.

Oof, been there Twilight. Where no matter how much the other party was in the wrong, that desired to be the one punished so that it would just solve the problem? Never a fun feeling to have, at all.

Twilight's also not familiar with just how much a Siren kiss means to them, so she's gotten herself all nice and wrapped up with Sonata before even properly finishing off the whole drama with Sunset and Aria. And Aria definitely was asking for a beating with how she treated Twi there, but Sunset doesn't know that. Aria just went up to Sunset and told her her psycho friend tried to hit her, and Sunset is nothing if not an emotional creature.

Big heavy sadness leftover on this one, but makes me more eager to see it resolved for sure. I know it's not gonna be an easy process, but definitely looking forward to the next chapter~

Yeah, this chapter was a rough one, but it also displays some of the less healthy aspects of Aria and Sunset's relationship. Sunset and Aria are literally crazy for each other, but Sonata isn't taking any of their shit when it comes to Twilight.

For the record: Sonata with Twilight is that feeling you get when you meet someone and go - "you must be protected."

Gotta say I’m still pretty with Sunset and Aria on this one, though Sunset’s reaction was a little much.

It was extreme, but I'll address that through the context of the story :twilightsmile:

Haha I have no doubt, I’m just surprised Twi is struggling to see what a bitch she’s being! Like she kinda gets it, but at the beginning of the chapter Aria was pretty much being nice to her...I mean, in an Aria sorta way :rainbowlaugh:

Aria... Aria doesn't do nice very well, and Sunset is a lot more of the type not to take things personally, but Twilight is kinda raw from the past events lately, and especially about anything to do with Sunset, and definitely overreacted.

Oh boy, seeing Twilight struggling & losing her emotions, when she saw & reacted to Aria like that, isn't going to help her win back Sunset's trust, especially after Sunset delivered a well-deserved punch since Twilight attacked Aria first.

Also, that was a very emotional and depressing time for Sonata to relive and recount all those lives that were lost during her travels...

97837Sci Twi did not deserve that punch.

Sci twi did not deserve that punch!

Thing is, you're right. SciTwi probably didn't deserve that punch, what you have to account for is two things.

1. Sunset is kind of literally crazy for Aria, rationality doesn't really calculate into the equation with those two when it comes to one another.
2. Honestly, if someone grabbed and dragged my girlfriend by her hair and took a swing at her, even if she won that fight, I would still be throwing hands no matter who it was.

I don't know if Twilight deserved that punch, maybe she did. When you're pushed to the limit, in this case years of bullying, you tend to see red and act without thinking. I've had that happened to me and I punch a guy in the jaw. Although the guy was more impressed I punched him and just smiled and left me alone after that.

Point is Twilight reacted like expected, she was pushed one too many times and fought back. Aria is not innocent, in fact, she was prepared to really hurt Twilight. Would Sunset say Twilight deserved it in that case? If Aria told Sunset only part of the story then Sunset hit Twilight without solid reason. Like when a kid tells their parent someone hit them, but doesn't say he took that someone's toy.

The real question is, how will Sonata react when she finds out. Something tells me she is the silent fury in all this.

Either way, I'm excited for the next chapter.

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